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How to make your foreplay perfect
How to make your foreplay perfect

Foreplay is not a whim, but a physiological necessity and a key to an unforgettable orgasm.

How to make your foreplay perfect
How to make your foreplay perfect

Sexologists have calculated that it takes about 10 minutes for both men and women to prepare for sexual intercourse. During this time, the body literally warms up: blood pressure rises, heart rate accelerates, blood rushes to all strategic places, and the temperature in the genital area rises by about 2 ° C.

In women, lubrication is released, the cervix rises slightly, lengthening the vaginal canal. In addition, the Elevation of pain threshold by vaginal stimulation in women increases the pain threshold by one and a half to two times, which means that the risk of discomfort is minimized.

Excitement is accompanied by a powerful release of the pleasure hormone dopamine and the attachment hormone oxytocin. The brain regions responsible for emotions and physical perception begin to work at increased speeds.

Conclusion: without competent foreplay, sex from pleasure can turn into boring and even painful mechanical movements. Of course, you don't need that. So here are a few tried-and-true warming up ideas. You can start right now.

Add an intimate date to your business calendar

9:00 - morning meeting. 12:00 - lunch with a business partner. 15:00 - negotiations with the client. 21:00 - sex. Passion, of course, loves spontaneity. But from time to time, it's worth planning a date and warming yourself up with thoughts of pleasure at the end of a busy day at work.

Flirt online throughout the day

How to make your foreplay perfect: Flirt online throughout the day
How to make your foreplay perfect: Flirt online throughout the day

Scientists believe that sexting - the exchange of intimate messages and photos - improves Most Adults Are Sexting and That May Not Be a Bad Thing sex life in stable couples. American sexologists even recommend 88% of the U. S. adults said they had sexted to engage in online flirting with spouses who complain about mutual cooling. Moreover, words in this case work better than images of a naked body.

Call suddenly and make an indecent offer

This technique is best used if you know your partner well and trust him. It's good if your verbal message contains intimate details that only you two know.

Touch each other casually

Accidental touching and surreptitious stroking in a public place can be a powerful trigger of arousal.

“We were in the museum at the official opening of the exhibition, when my friend imperceptibly ran her breast over my hand. She did it again as we stared at the next picture. And again - near the sculpture. We were surrounded by serious people who did not suspect anything about our game, and this turned on even more, "- shares his experience on one of the sex forums 41-year-old B.

By the way, he and his partner never made it home, retiring in the back room.

Connect your feet

For perfect foreplay, connect your feet
For perfect foreplay, connect your feet

He and she sit at a table in a restaurant, at a party or in their own kitchen. She quietly kicks off her shoes and gently runs her foot along his shin, first from the inside, then from the outside. You've probably seen what is called a footsie - a secret flirting with feet - in the movies. Believe me, under-table flirting is no less good in reality.

Wear super sexy lingerie under your regular clothes

And as if by chance, let your half know about it. A playful lace bra under a formal business blazer. Sheer negligee under a floral dressing gown. Thong under boyfriend jeans. The main thing is that the partner is aware of what to strive for.

Play Strangers

Yes, you have been together for many years and have three children. But imagine that you meet for the first time and do not know anything about each other. Ask frank questions, flirt, act as if tomorrow you will be apart forever.

A stormy night with a stranger or a stranger is one of the most popular sexual fantasies. And how many "dirty" stories were born from the children's fairy tale about Little Red Riding Hood! You can make this fairy tale come true without risking anything.

Talk about "this"

Much has been said about sexual conversations. Let's recall an important one. Tease each other with words, be frank, but do not turn the conversation into deep psychoanalysis with a mental striptease. So you will definitely kill desire in the bud.

Watch porn without undressing

For perfect foreplay, watch porn without undressing
For perfect foreplay, watch porn without undressing

Yes, yes, it was in clothes, accompanying the viewing with innocent hugs. Spoiler alert: almost no couple is able to endure the final shots.

Arrange a striptease

You don't have to be a pole dance champion to seduce a man and get horny yourself. There is nothing difficult in unhurriedly unbuttoning a blouse, flirtatiously raising a skirt, slowly, stroking your legs, remove transparent tights. Old trick, but works flawlessly.

Wash or shave each other

Joint bath and shower incredibly bring you closer and set you in an erotic mood. Wash each other slowly. Or even shave.

“She loves to shave my beard before making love, is another helpful revelation we found on the sex forum. “Our bodies are so close when she runs the blade over my face… I feel special care. And then we end up together very quickly."

Take a guided tour of the "minor" erogenous zones

Gently pinch your earlobes, press your lips against the back of your wrists, kiss your fingertips, and pat your buttocks. The main thing is to bypass the main erogenous zones. Their turn will come yet. In the meantime, explore non-obvious sensitive spots.


Here, as in the case of the game of strangers, there is an exciting effect of novelty, danger and uncertainty. In addition, by "turning off" your vision, you simultaneously sharpen the sensitivity of the rest of the senses. The result is increased tactility.

Show how you can handle sex toys

Foreplay: Show you how you can handle sex toys
Foreplay: Show you how you can handle sex toys

“I went into the bedroom and saw my wife playing with a vibrator …” - such confessions always hit the top of the “most exciting moments in life”. Master toys for adults to diversify your sex scenario.

Experiment with hot and cold

Another way to enhance the body's response is to play with temperature contrast. Walk through the hot spots with an ice cube, squeezing it with your lips. Cool the skin you just kissed with ice or just breathing. Then the next hot touch will be even more pleasant.

Masturbate together

First, it’s instructive: it’s how you’ll know what’s really pleasing to your partner. Second, it's incredibly exciting. Thirdly, at some point you will want to help each other to have fun. Do not deny yourself!

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