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Financial literacy for dummies: how to heal so as not to go broke
Financial literacy for dummies: how to heal so as not to go broke

A selection of effective tips to help you save on invaluable health.

Financial literacy for dummies: how to heal so as not to go broke
Financial literacy for dummies: how to heal so as not to go broke

1. What can be cured for free under the compulsory medical insurance policy

This nondescript piece of paper (or card, if you received it) may be more than it seems. The compulsory medical insurance policy is needed not only for visits to a therapist for obtaining a sick leave. Thanks to him, you can undergo prophylaxis, receive high-tech assistance, and even do in vitro fertilization.

2. Do you need a VHI policy

A supplementary health insurance policy opens the doors of a paid clinic for you - the one where you bought it. The advantages are obvious: comfort, modern equipment, no queues, high-quality service. But voluntary health insurance also has a lot of disadvantages, and the price is one of them.

3. How to avoid imposed services in a paid clinic

You can go to a paid clinic without applying for a VHI policy. True, in this case, you will have to pay for each service separately. And at the same time, doubts remain: is this expensive analysis really necessary, or is the doctor just trying to earn a bonus?

It is not always easy for a person without medical education to get to the bottom of the truth. But there are signs that directly indicate that you are being deceived.

4. How not to splurge on dental services

Dental services are a separate item in treatment costs. Prices in clinics scare more drills, and this makes some people postpone a visit to the doctor until better times. But it is better not to delay the treatment. Just do a little research so you don't pay too much.

5. How to save money on medications

You can't save on health - at least that's what they think in pharmacies, because the prices of medicines are sometimes shocking. Buying drugs can make a significant dent in your budget. But if you prepare properly, you can achieve a balance between price and quality.

6. How not to waste money on pacifiers

People are greedy for the eloquent promises of marketers that promise to save from all diseases and cure a cold in "just seven days" instead of the usual week. As a result, queues line up for a drug whose effectiveness has not been proven. During epidemics, the price of pills can jump several times.

For those who do not want to waste money, there is a list of non-working funds. Check your medicine before you buy it.


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7. How to cure a cold with budget funds

A cold is not a disease with which people run to the doctor. You will most likely go to the pharmacy and buy a mountain of products there that promise to quickly relieve you of swelling, stop this annoying runny nose and relieve other unpleasant symptoms. However, expensive drugs can be replaced with more budgetary drugs.


That will ease the suffering

8. Why you don't need to spend a lot of money on vitamins

A jar of vitamins takes pride of place in first-aid kits, because these pills should make us more cheerful, more beautiful, younger and healthier. Do not be surprised when the expected effect will not be achieved.

The list of vitamins you really need to take when needed is short. It is not necessary to spend money on the rest.


What is not worth spending money on

9. How not to go broke if you get sick while traveling

Medical services abroad are not cheap. Making a simple cut can run out of money that you expected to spend on souvenirs, and a more serious illness can drive you into debt.

Travel insurance will protect you. You just need to arrange it correctly so that it works as it should.

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10. How to get back part of the money spent on treatment

If you have not managed to save, you can partially offset the costs. Collect checks and take advantage of the tax deduction for treatment and drug purchases.


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