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What consultants usually keep silent about in lingerie stores
What consultants usually keep silent about in lingerie stores

Tired of uncomfortable underwear? Forget the help of consultants. It is simply unprofitable for them to talk about a number of things. It's time to figure out how to choose the right bra yourself!

What consultants usually keep silent about in lingerie stores
What consultants usually keep silent about in lingerie stores

Most of the consultants in lingerie stores do not know the things that help you choose a quality and comfortable bra.

  • These lovely girls do not help with the choice of a style that suits the condition and characteristics of your particular breast.
  • They sometimes do not know what adjacent sizes are, and simply bring different color options to the customer.
  • They will not tell you about the quality of the fittings and construction, which can, for example, really support large breasts.

The consultants are focused on selling what is in their store. It is not in their rules and interests to criticize your product.

A simple example: if you ask the average lingerie store in Russia to determine your size, they will most likely look at you as an inadequate person. The phrase "Why don't you know this yet?" will be read in the eyes of the consultant.

Learn to choose your own underwear. And then the bones and straps cutting into the skin will disappear from your life forever.

Key recommendations

1. Take 2 measurements and get your size

You can do this using our infographic.

2. Don't limit yourself to one chain of stores

Arrange once a shopping raid on several shops in your city. Remember the brands, styles and sizes that suit you (yes, they can be different sizes).

On the next level, when you already understand what you and your body need, you can order things online and save your own time, and often your budget. After all, online stores do not need to pay for the rent of space, and their prices are often lower.

Personal example: in one very popular network of lingerie stores in Russia, almost no style suits me. All their patterns were not for me.

That happens. Takeaway: Explore other brands and stores.

How to choose a bra
How to choose a bra

3. Try different bras

In I told the readers about what makes a balconette with a breast, in particular with a small one. The girls began to try, and this model suited many.

Conclusion: don't be afraid of new models. This is not about design, but about the shape and cut of the product. It is he who affects the convenience and appearance of the breast.

Different cuts have different tasks. For example, a demi bra preserves the natural position of the breasts and lifts them up slightly, adding fullness to the cleavage. But it does not center the chest and requires correct posture.

How to choose a bra: basic models
How to choose a bra: basic models

If you want your chest to rise and center slightly, then you need a balconette. If you strive for strong centering - push-up.

The word "push-up" in the name indicates that the bra has pads that will increase the breasts. It's also a definite cut that creates a sexy cleavage.

4. Learn about adjacent dimensions and apply knowledge in practice

Many factors affect the size of the bra: the girth under the bust, its fullness. By the way, it changes during life, and these fluctuations can be very large. For example, hormones can affect them. The girth under the bust is also inconsistent.

I, for example, have always had a fairly stable 75B. But when I started to exercise regularly, the width of the chest increased. Now the girth of 75 is already close to me, I will soon switch to 80. The fullness of the chest also jumps, and depending on the cycle. Sometimes B is B and sometimes B is B aiming for A.

Your body changes over time, don't get hung up on one size. Try adjacent ones if the current one suddenly becomes uncomfortable. Here we have already written a little about adjacent sizes.

5. Get rid of stubborn straps and bones

I often see a picture when girls, especially those with large breasts, tighten their straps so that eerie red stripes form on their shoulders.

Not only is it painful and uncomfortable, it is also unhealthy. And the straps themselves will stretch quickly with this use.

Remember: the straps should only support the chest by 10-20%. Everything else is the task of the corsage.

The bodice is the part of the bra that completely encloses the chest and back. It is sometimes called a belt.

So, if you need good bust support, it is better to choose a wider bodice and wider straps.

If the bra has a wide bodice, and the straps still have to be tightened, then, most likely, you simply need a model with a smaller girth under the bust.

How to choose a bra: corsage
How to choose a bra: corsage

The bones shouldn't be felt either. If they dig deep into the skin, then this model is not very suitable for you. Try others. Well, maybe you took a bra with cups one size smaller than you need.

6. Do not chase cheapness, look at quality

Protruding threads will not add to your pleasant moments. Check the quality of the seams and the entire garment before buying so that after the third machine wash, all seams do not come apart.

If we are talking about fittings, then metal is more reliable and durable. Plastic breaks down more often.

Pay attention to the straps. If they stretch very easily, they will quickly deteriorate.

7. Don't cover your bras

If you wear the same bra every day with breaks only for washing, then you should not count on its long service.

Rotate at least 3-4 pieces so that what you were wearing today will calmly regain its shape.

8. Take care of your laundry correctly

Mankind has not yet invented anything better than hand washing bras with soft detergents.

But who has time for this now? If you decide to entrust the laundry to the machine, do not forget about a special washing bag and fasten all the fasteners on the product.

And in no case use built-in dryers. They will quickly ruin at least the straps. Make it a rule to at least dry your bras naturally. It is best to do this on a flat surface. The cups should not be deformed, straighten them.

Read the labels, of course. Some laundry can only be washed by hand.

Signs of a proper bra fit

  1. The straps and underwire do not cut into the skin.
  2. The center section of the underwire bra is close to the body.
  3. You don't look like a tied sausage. The chest does not roll out in a second layer over the cup and is not pushed out towards the armpits (and this happens). There are no huge waves on the back in the area of the bodice.
  4. The bra line is almost parallel to the floor. It does not creep up and does not form folds on the back.
How to choose a bra: signs of a correct and incorrect fit
How to choose a bra: signs of a correct and incorrect fit

But this, of course, is not all the problems that girls face.

What to do if you have …

One breast is larger than the other

Use bras with removable push-up pads. Remove one tab and leave the other to visually look the same breast.

Rare size

For example, large chest and small girth or large girth and small chest. Cup size - AA.

It is more difficult to find such underwear offline. But there are several brands online that release what you need. And then there are designers who offer custom tailoring.

  1. Bras with cups from D can be found on the brands Panache, Freya, Bravissimo, Curvy Kate, Natori, Chantelle, Ewa Michalak and others.
  2. If the cup size less than A, you will be rescued by Lula Lu, Little Women, Itti Bitti Bra and others.
  3. If you have large chest and small girth, the brands Elomi, Panache, Fantasie, Freya, ASOS (Fuller Bust series), Gossard, Lepel, Love Claudette, Mimi Holliday and others can help you.

High aesthetic demands

If you do not like the models presented in stores in your city, go online shopping: there is much more choice on the Internet.

We will talk about how to minimize the risks when buying lingerie in online stores in a separate article.

If you have any questions on the topic, please ask them in the comments.

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