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How to eat an avocado
How to eat an avocado

We will tell you how to properly peel and cut an exotic fruit, as well as what to cook from it.

How to eat an avocado
How to eat an avocado

Ripe avocado is soft, often has a dark rind, and a light trail under the handle. We discussed in detail all the nuances of choosing a good fruit in this article.

How to cut an avocado and remove the pit

Gently cut the avocado in half lengthwise. In this case, the knife should reach the very bone.

Grasp both halves of the fruit with your hands, twist them slightly in different directions and separate.

Insert a half with a bone in one hand. Force the blade of a large knife into the bone and remove it by twisting the knife slightly.

How to get rid of the skin

This is an optional step as you can cut the flesh with or without the rind. Choose what is more convenient for you.

If you want to remove the skin first, here are the instructions.

How to peel an avocado with your hands or a knife

The cut fruit halves can simply be peeled off with your fingers by pulling on the skin. If it doesn’t give way, cut it off with a knife.

For convenience, before that, you can divide each half into two parts, and only then clean them.

How to take out the pulp with a spoon

Take half of the fruit in your hand. Stick a spoon into the edge of the pulp, walk it along the skin and remove the pulp.

If you wish, you can simply eat the avocado with a spoon, gradually pulling out the contents of the "boat".

How to peel an avocado with a glass

Bring the cut fruit to the edge of the glass, wide side down. Press down on the fruit to separate the flesh from the rind.

How to cut an avocado

The skinless pulp is cut without any special nuances, similar to other fruits: slices, large or small pieces, or something else.

So below we will explain in detail how to carve an avocado right in the skin.

How to cut fruit in the skin into slices

Make deep parallel cuts in the flesh along or across the fruit, all the way to the skin. Do not touch the skin. Gently remove the plates with a large spoon.

How to cut the skinned fruit into slices

Make parallel cuts in the flesh without penetrating the skin. Lines can be straight or angled.

Then make a few more perpendicular cuts. Remove the fruit pieces with a spoon.

How to eat an avocado

The fruit can be eaten just like that. It will be especially delicious if you season it with lemon juice and salt.

You can put the pulp on bread, make unusual sandwiches. Avocado goes well with red fish, eggs and cream cheese.

Delicious salads are made with this fruit. Add tomatoes, cucumbers, chicken, shrimp, tuna to it and enjoy hearty and delicious dishes.

You can also put avocados in smoothies, soups (for example, the fifth recipe from this collection) and prepare Mexican spicy guacamole with it.

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