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Asahi massage: 10-minute complex for a youthful face
Asahi massage: 10-minute complex for a youthful face

Asahi massage, or Zogan, as it is more correct to call it, is a simple set of exercises that helps to restore youth to the face. The life hacker talks in detail about this technique and the basic rules that must be followed in order for the effect to be extremely positive.

Asahi massage: 10-minute complex for a youthful face
Asahi massage: 10-minute complex for a youthful face

What is Asahi massage

Asahi massage, or Zogan, which means "face creation", became famous thanks to the beauty expert Yukuko Tanaka. She studied ancient Japanese facial massage techniques and based on them she created her own simple technique.

The main differences between this massage and others are in a stronger physical effect on the skin and a partial deviation from traditional massage lines. Also, in the process, not only superficial facial expressions, but also deeply located muscles and even bones are affected. In addition, much attention is paid to the lymphatic vessels, which improves the nutrition of all facial tissues, accelerates the removal of toxins and excess fluid.

Who can and cannot do massage

Since asahi affects different tissues, improves lymph flow and blood circulation, it allows you to achieve several effects at once:

  • smooth out wrinkles and slow down aging;
  • increase the elasticity and smoothness of the skin and generally improve its condition;
  • tighten the oval of the face;
  • relieve puffiness.

Therefore, it can be performed not only by those who have serious age-related changes, but also by those in their twenties.

However, there are contraindications:

  • skin diseases, including inflammation;
  • ENT diseases;
  • pathology of the lymphatic system;
  • malignant neoplasms;
  • feeling unwell.

Asahi is also not recommended to practice with rosacea. In any case, in this regard, it is better to consult a doctor and not do exercises with pressure in the cheek area and in other places where dilated vessels are visible.

What you need to remember

1. Before and after the massage, the skin of the face must be cleansed.

2. During the exercise, you need to use massage products. Natural oils, oat milk, cosmetic cream are suitable.

3. Massage movements are performed with pressure, but should not cause pain. In places where the lymph nodes are located, light stroking is enough.

Lymph node location diagram
Lymph node location diagram

4. The massage is performed while sitting or standing, with an upright posture.

5. Almost all exercises end with a final movement along the contours of the face and along the neck, from the parotid lymph nodes to the collarbones. It is this that promotes the outflow of lymph.

Asahi Massage: Finishing Movement
Asahi Massage: Finishing Movement

The massage begins in the same way. The movement must be repeated three times.

6. To achieve visible results, massage is performed daily. Its average duration is about 10 minutes.

How to massage asahi

All exercises are repeated three times. Full video instructions are at the end of the article.

1. Strengthening the forehead

Press the index, middle and ring fingers of both hands firmly to the middle of the forehead so that the palms are in a horizontal position. After three seconds, take them with pressure to the temples. Then rotate your palms 90 degrees and, with less pressure, move towards your ears. Make a finishing move.

2. Lifting the area around the eyes

Use your middle fingertips to touch the skin at the outer corners of your eyes. Without using force and moving to the inner corners, bring your eyes from below. Then, with pressure, go along the upper orbital edge. Stop for three seconds at your temples.

Then again, slide your fingers along the bottom edge of the eyes from the outer corners to the inner corners. Then come back with pressure. Hold at the outer corners of your eyes for three seconds and move towards your ears. Make a finishing move.

Asahi massage: lifting the eye area
Asahi massage: lifting the eye area

3. Strengthening the area around the mouth and chin

Press the ring and middle fingers of both hands into the chin fossa. After three seconds, circle your mouth with pressure, fingers joining in the fossa above the upper lip. For another three seconds, press on this point, trying to raise the septum of the nose, as it were. Then abruptly remove your fingers and bring them to the starting position.

This is the only exercise after which the finishing move is not performed.

4. Elimination of nasolabial folds

Immediately after the previous exercise, move to the wings of the nose and massage them with pressure, and then the nose itself on the sides. Next, move your fingers with pressure along the cheekbones to the ears and perform the final action.

5. Cheek lift

Place your index fingers, middle fingers, and ring fingers in the hollow of your chin. With maximum pressure, push them around the lips to the nostrils and maxillary bone. Then move higher to the inner corners of the eyes. Hold there for three seconds and move to the temples. Decreasing pressure, move to your ears and make the final move.

Asahi Massage: Cheek Lift
Asahi Massage: Cheek Lift

6. Strengthening the lower part of the face

With one palm, fix the lower jaw, with the other, move along the cheek with pressure from the place where the chewing muscle begins to the inner corner of the eye. Hold for three seconds and move to your ears. Take the final action. Do the same exercise on the other side of your face.

7. Strengthening the middle part of the face

Place your index, middle, and ring fingers horizontally on your cheekbones. Press your fingers firmly to your nostrils, then take them to your ears and do the finishing move.

8. Face lifting

Bring your arms together in front of you at chest level and open your palms at a 90-degree angle. Press the bases of your palms to your chin and hold in this position for three seconds. Next, bring your palms up to the nose, then along the cheekbones to the temples, then to the ears. Make a finishing move.

Asahi Massage: Facial Lifting Exercise
Asahi Massage: Facial Lifting Exercise

9. Correction of facial contours

Place your chin on the base of your palm with your fingers pointing towards your ear. Firmly move your palm to your ear and make the final movement. Repeat on the other side of your face.

10. Elimination of double chin

Put your palms together in a triangle so that your chin rests on your thumbs, and the indexes are connected in the area of \ u200b \ u200bthe bridge of the nose. Fix the thumbs, and spread the rest with effort to the temples (the index fingers should move along the lower orbital edge). Then move to your ears and take the final action.

11. Zigzag forehead smoothing

Press your index, middle, and ring fingers to your forehead (they should be horizontal). Then begin to move from temple to temple and back with soft zigzag movements. Finally, repeat the first exercise.

And here is a video instruction for massage.

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