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How to give neck massage to another person and yourself
How to give neck massage to another person and yourself

Just 10 minutes will help relieve you of pain and tension.

How to give neck massage to another person and yourself
How to give neck massage to another person and yourself

When you can and can not do neck massage

A neck massage will help relieve pain from muscle strain, which occurs, for example, if you sit at the computer all day, stretching your neck forward. However, if you are not sure if your neck hurts from clogged muscles, and you suspect that there are other problems, such as osteochondrosis, it is best to consult a specialist first.

Neck massage should not be performed under the following conditions:

  • blood pressure problems: hypertension or hypotension;
  • osteochondrosis, displacement of the vertebral discs, intervertebral hernia;
  • damage to the skin in the massage area;
  • tumors and bumps of unknown origin in the area of massage;
  • acute infectious processes;
  • heat;
  • external and internal bleeding;
  • exacerbation of any disease requiring immediate intervention.

How to prepare for a neck massage

During the neck massage, you can lie on your stomach or sit with your head in your hands. For the prone position, it is worth choosing a surface that is sufficiently solid so that the body does not fall through. And to keep the neck straight, you need to put your forehead on your hands.

If you have chosen a massage while sitting, it is worth doing it next to the table so that you can put your hands on the tabletop and lower your head on them. The neck should be in a relaxed position, so you need to adjust the height of the chair so that the person does not have to bend.

Self-massage can be done while standing or sitting with a straight back - whatever is more convenient for you.

How to choose oil or cream

To make your hands glide well over the skin, you need to lubricate them with cream or oil. For massage, classic moisturizers are suitable. You can also use any unscented vegetable oil you can find. Pour it into your hand, warm it in your palms, and then apply it to the massage area.

What rules of neck massage should be remembered

  • The neck is a delicate area with small muscles, so you need to massage it more gently and gently than your back or legs.
  • Do not touch the area above the spine during the massage. All movements are performed next to him - in the paravertebral region.
  • Make sure the person is relaxed and does not hold their breath. If your actions cause discomfort and pain, change the technique or bypass the painful area.
  • Don't work for long. The massage time for the neck-collar zone is 5-10 minutes.

How to massage another person's neck

Perform each technique for 15-30 seconds, monitor the condition of the person and his reaction.

1. Plane stroking

Move both palms up from the middle of the back to the base of the skull, then down the shoulder girdles and back to the starting point. Do not press on the body with your hands, do light stroking.

2. Squeezing

Press lightly on the body with your hands and follow the movements along the same lines as last time. The main difference is the formation of a skin fold under the fingers.

3. Plane stroking

Repeat the first step.

4. Squeezing from top to bottom

Connect four fingers, and swing your thumb at a 90 ° angle. Alternately slide your hands from top to bottom from the base of the skull to the beginning of the back.

5. Rubbing with your knuckles

Bend four fingers and place the phalanges around your neck. Rub the skin from bottom to top on either side of the spine. Alternate simultaneous and alternating arm movements. You can also work this area in a circular motion.

6. Rubbing with thumbs

Place your thumbs at the base of your neck and rub the skin in spiral movements, gradually lifting up to the base of the skull. Don't touch your spine - work on the areas on either side of it.

7. Alternate kneading of the trapezoid

Place your hands with four fingers to your head just below the neck, on the shoulder girdle. Grab a muscle so that a roller appears between your fingers, and knead it, gradually moving your hands closer to your shoulders and returning them back.

You can stay longer on this technique, especially if the muscles are heavily clogged and stiff. Work each side of the trapezoid for 30-60 seconds, alternating kneading with alternating stroking from the neck to the shoulder blade.

8. Cross kneading

Put your thumb to the side and place your hand across your neck. In a circular motion, knead your neck from top to bottom. Move your arms alternately.

9. Superficial stroking

End where you started.

How to give yourself a neck massage

You don't even need cream or oil for this massage. You can do it both on bare skin and through clothing, for example, in the middle of a working day. Perform each movement for 10-15 seconds.

Stroking from top to bottom

Connect four fingers and stroke your neck with both hands from top to bottom.


Rub your neck on either side of your spine in a circular motion.


Wrap your hand around your neck and use four fingers to stretch the muscles on one side of your spine. Then change your hand and do the same on the other side. You can also knead with both hands, working your neck from the spine to the lateral surface.

Working out the shoulder girdle

Grab a muscle with four folded fingers on one side and a thumb on the other, knead it as if trying to pull it off the spine. Do this on both sides.

Massage can help relax clogged muscles, but if you want to protect yourself from pain and stiffness after a long day at work, then stretch and strengthen your neck as well. And take care of your workplace so that you don't have to sit for hours with your neck pushed forward or down.