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55 habits that prevent you from living a better life
55 habits that prevent you from living a better life

Among the obstacles to a brighter future are a lack of ambition and a love of cute trinkets.

55 habits that prevent you from living a better life
55 habits that prevent you from living a better life

The American writer, historian and philosopher William Durant once said: "We are what we do all the time." Habits - both good and bad - determine the results of our actions and the trajectory of our entire life. If a person does not like his present, most likely it is a matter of negative behavior patterns, which he cannot get rid of in any way.

Successful people to look up to pick up good habits and build whole systems that lead to victory. While unwanted actions (or inaction) waste our time, resources and energy.

What habits should be eliminated from your life

If you want a change for the better, try to find an alternative to each item on this list in the form of some good and useful habit:

  1. Ignore stress and burnout.
  2. Waking up without a plan for the day.
  3. Focus on the results, not the process itself.
  4. Say yes when you don't want to.
  5. Pick up the phone immediately after waking up.
  6. Work harder but get the same results.
  7. Spending time with people who bring out the worst in you.
  8. Too many goals.
  9. Blame others for your failures.
  10. Refuse to change yourself and your life.
  11. Getting too attached to past successes and failures.
  12. Wait for a good result without doing anything.
  13. Look for a short and painless path to success.
  14. Wait for other people to change your life.
  15. Risk avoidance instead of doing what you want to do.
  16. Trying to control what you cannot influence.
  17. Leave everything as it is because of the unwillingness to deal with difficulties.
  18. Do not analyze where your actions are leading - to progress or failure.
  19. Never reconsider your habits, attitudes and opinions.
  20. Make decisions to win the favor of people you don't like.
  21. Do not play sports for a long time.
  22. Don't develop your skills or learn new things.
  23. Worry about the future instead of preparing for it.
  24. Buy unnecessary things.
  25. Don't try to get off the ground.
  26. Waste time on something that is unlikely to lead to a good result.
  27. Cut corners instead of setting ambitious goals and achieving success.
  28. Prefer consistency over important life changes.
  29. Putting things off for later.
  30. Surrender to the hardships of modern life.
  31. Do the same thing, but wait for different results.
  32. Refuse to take responsibility for the consequences of your actions.
  33. Don't set aside time for rest and reboot.
  34. Attach to intermediate results.
  35. Do not take breaks during prolonged work.
  36. Don't look for answers to intellectual questions that interest you.
  37. Pounce on the phone after every notification.
  38. Don't read important and useful books.
  39. Don't try to figure out what time of day you are most productive.
  40. Diffuse too many tasks instead of focusing on one.
  41. Live in the past or the future, not the present.
  42. Seek permission from others to be yourself.
  43. React to everything that happens around, instead of acting on your own.
  44. Perform complex and energy-intensive work in one sitting, not allowing yourself to rest and switch.
  45. Complaining about everything, even to yourself.
  46. Read a book you don't like just to finish reading.
  47. Cheat yourself that something might go wrong.
  48. Drink coffee instead of water immediately after waking up.
  49. Sitting on the phone late at night.
  50. Do not appreciate what you have, and in particular those close to you.
  51. Worry about important things, but do nothing.
  52. Celebrate a good workout with fast food.
  53. Spending too much time with people who like to judge others.
  54. Spend time with someone who makes you angry or annoying.
  55. Do not try to apply useful information from the books you have read.

How to introduce new habits into your life

Habits are fickle. This means you can change and improve your own behaviors if you don't like them. It is not easy, but necessary.

One way to beat bad habits is to actively implement good equivalents. Try to focus not on how to get rid of old behaviors, but on gradually introducing new ones that are beneficial.

You should start with the essentials or with what you have long wanted to make part of your life, but have constantly put off, for example, drinking a glass of warm water before breakfast or putting your phone away from yourself after nine in the evening.

Bad habits won't go away overnight, but over time, you will notice a change for the better.

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