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What digital specialty to master in order to make good money
What digital specialty to master in order to make good money

If you understand that your profession is becoming obsolete, it is worth learning a new one. One that will ensure constant demand and growth of wages. For example, one of these.

What digital specialty to master in order to make good money
What digital specialty to master in order to make good money

At the beginning of the year, banks announced large-scale staff cuts due to automation. Operators, cashiers, couriers and even lawyers are being replaced by robots. Therefore, everyone should seriously consider how reliable the current profession is.

In addition to the labor market, technologies are also changing our reality: smart household items appear, new platforms for advertising, such as virtual and augmented reality devices.

An area in which the need for specialists is not only not decreasing, but also growing is digital. Often, digital means the field of Internet marketing, which is not true. The Internet is just one of the digital channels for the distribution of products and services. Also channels are: digital television, interactive screens for outdoor advertising, smartphones, tablets and other gadgets.

Digital is the creation of applications, specific content and services for users of each of these channels.

For example, if you advertise in a newspaper, this is marketing. When you come up with content for smartwatches, it's digital.

Why you should master a digital specialty:

  • This will open up career prospects for you in a developing and growing field.
  • You will have a pretty creative job: employees in digital are not office clerks, but product creators.
  • Your salary will grow steadily as you become a valuable specialist.

So who can you become in digital?

Data scientist

The salary:90-140 thousand rubles a month.

Data scientist is a hybrid of an analyst and a programmer. Companies today receive and process a huge amount of information. Data needs to be collected, interpreted and used to make business decisions. Big data, or big data sets, helps companies develop, so the profession is now at its peak.


Anastasia Ovcharenko Head of the IT Market Recruitment Department, Agency Contact

A young specialist who is guided in mathematical algorithms, knows Python or R, immediately after graduation from the university can apply for a salary of 90-100 thousand rubles. If he went through the Yandex data school - plus 30 thousand rubles.

A data scientist must know how to solve problems using mathematical statistics and machine learning, and understand how complex analytics and marketing algorithms work.

Employers are especially glad to specialists who know how to represent the received data in the form of models - association rules, clusters or mathematical functions.

Frontend developer

The salary: 140-160 thousand rubles a month.

Today, almost anyone can write their own application and put it in the public domain. Despite this, the market requires professional developers, which is confirmed by recruiters.

Frontend (external interface) is everything that the user sees: pages, menus, registration forms on the site or in the application.

A frontend developer is responsible for making them look beautiful: designs and layouts pages (or assigns tasks to a layout designer), develops services, tests them (for example, how they look on a smartphone or desktop in different browsers).

Employers literally fight for frontend developers of large projects or applications. A specialist will most likely have several proposals, and companies will try to interrupt someone else's. Often it is not money that wins, but an attractive project.

Anastasia Ovcharenko

Backend developer

The salary: 150-200 thousand rubles a month.

The backend programmer deals with the server side of projects and integrates them with layout and external systems. According to the experts themselves, professional growth is unlimited: the more projects implemented, the greater the demand for the developer.

Key knowledge and skills of a backend developer: all the same HTML, CSS, JS (to understand the basics of the frontend), familiarity with UNIX-like operating systems, working with the PHP programming language and its frameworks, MySQL database management system, version control system VCS.

UX specialist

The salary: 110-160 thousand rubles a month.

Usability professionals come from web design. Their task is to create a beautiful and functional interface, taking into account the peculiarities of user interaction. Often, these pros also have to do analytics, design user interactions, and create wireframes.

The level of salary also depends on the requirements. As a rule, these specialists have practically no upper limit of earnings.

There are very few UX specialists on the market today, so each company sets its own requirements for skills and knowledge. Most often, employers are interested in specialists with a portfolio, knowledge of design methodology, who own prototyping programs (knowledge of Axure, InVision will be a plus). It is also important for many companies that the UX specialist knows English well.

Programmatic Advertising Specialist

The salary: 100-150 thousand rubles a month.

Programmatic is an automated system for purchasing advertisements on the Internet. Purchases take place in real time in an auction format: advertisers set a price for showing the ad to the right user. The magic of this technology lies in the fact that at the moment when the user is loading the page of the site, several companies can fight for the right to show him advertisements at once.

A programmatic advertising specialist is engaged in the creation and configuration of advertising campaigns: he selects the target audience, generates ads, analyzes the effectiveness of placements.

Programmatic advertising appeared in Russia less than five years ago. Then platforms were created, today we need professionals who know how to work with them.

Programmatic specialist is one of the most demanded specialties in the digital advertising market. This is due to the multiple growth of the segment and the lack of specialists.

There is practically no professional training in programmatic procurement. Most often, the employer raises programmatic people within the company and then does not let them go anywhere. Rather, it will agree to raise wages or adjust the work schedule. This is a promising direction for starting a career.


Valentin Yeltsov teacher of the course "Specialist in programmatic advertising", Programmatic Lead in the agency ROSST

A young specialist will be able to quickly find a job in programmatic purchases and in 1–1, 5 years he will qualify for a salary comparable to those to which employees of advertising agencies in other positions have been growing for 5–6 years.

Programmatic is at the intersection of mathematics and media solutions, so the profession is suitable for different types of people. Young people with higher mathematical education and analytical skills can also choose such a profession. As a rule, a former media planner or account manager applies for the position of a programmatic advertising specialist.

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