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What is petting and why it should be done
What is petting and why it should be done

Practice for those who lack sensuality in sex.

What is petting and why you should do it regularly
What is petting and why you should do it regularly

What is petting

This is sex of a sexual nature, but without penetration. Passionate hugs, kisses, erotic massage, light playful touches and even mutual masturbation - all this refers to petting. Although the word is rarely used in everyday life, most people have done it at least once.

Many couples forget about this pleasant practice over time. And in vain, because it brings no less pleasure than sexual intercourse. Orgasm is more difficult to get here, but it is possible. It all depends on your sexuality and knowledge of erogenous zones - yours and your partner.

What is petting

Scientists distinguish three types of The Encyclopedia of Sexual Behavior, Volume 2.

1. Necking

Any caress above the waist belongs to this species, it doesn't matter - in clothes or without. At the same time, the genitals are not touched.

Necking will be especially pleasurable for those with erogenous zones in the upper body: neck, shoulders, chest, abdomen.

2. Superficial

This is caressing through the clothes of any part of the body, including below the waist. This option is ideal if you and your partner are in a public place. Although at home, this practice can be great exciting.

3. Deep

Deep petting
Deep petting

Partners can caress each other naked, go down below the waist, masturbate and use sex toys.

Why petting

1. Can be practiced anywhere

Unlike penetration fondling, petting is easy to try anywhere. In a cafe, cinema, a dark corner of a park, or a fitting room.

One might argue that people engage in sex in public places for the sake of thrill. But if they see you during intercourse, it will be at least unpleasant, and at the most, they will be attracted by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation for lecherous actions Resolution of the Plenum of the Supreme Court of the Russian Federation of December 4, 2014 N 16 On judicial practice and sexual freedom of the individual”, for example, if children notice you. But kisses and hugs are unlikely to embarrass someone as much.

2. Petting is very diverse

Petting is very diverse
Petting is very diverse

There are tons of options you can try:

  • light stroking on the back, arms, hips, buttocks;
  • flip flops;
  • pinching of nipples, hands, thighs;
  • bites (just don't overdo it);
  • passionate hugs and kisses;
  • kisses of the neck, face, chest;
  • sucking on the earlobe;
  • partial undressing of a partner;
  • heating erogenous zones by breathing and soft touching them;
  • scratching of the skin;
  • licking;
  • massage.

There may be other caresses, it all depends on the fantasy of the partners.

3. Petting is safer than sex

Without penetration, the chance of contracting STIs or getting pregnant is much lower. Only those who are deeply petting and touching their partner's genitals are at risk. Microbes that cause sexually transmitted diseases hide in semen, blood and vaginal secretions, very rarely in saliva.

To make sure you are fully armed, here are some simple guidelines:

  • Wash your hands before petting.
  • If you touch your partner's genitals, then do not climb to yours and do not lick your fingers. After petting, wash your hands with soap and water.
  • It is better to caress the penis in a condom, and the vagina through a latex napkin or a cut condom.
  • For deep petting, use a lubricant to avoid chafing and micro cracks.

4. It helps to recognize the erogenous zones of the partner

It helps to recognize the erogenous zones of the partner
It helps to recognize the erogenous zones of the partner

Many do not even think that caressing fingers, earlobes, abdomen or inner thighs can bring unreal pleasure.

Erogenous zones are different for everyone. To make your partner really enjoyable, you need to know them. It is realistic to find them only in a practical way, because sometimes even the owner himself does not know about some of them.

Note that the same area of the body reacts differently to stimulation. For example, biting the nipples can cause discomfort, but light touching them with the lips and heating with the breath - on the contrary.

5. Suitable for those who are not yet ready for sex

If you are not confident in your partner or for some reason do not want to have sex with him yet, give preference to petting. This is a self-guided practice Petting: what is it and what does it involve, and does not have to end with infiltration.

Plus, petting will help you get to know the person better. If, in response to caresses, he immediately puts his hands in your pants, and you do not want this, think about whether you need to continue such a relationship.

6. This is a great reason to try sex toys

Their choice is huge, and it certainly does not end with dildos and vibrators. Of course, they can also be used, but pay attention to less hackneyed options for stimulating not only the genitals, but also other erogenous zones.

For example, nipple pads or clamps, massage oils, handcuffs, satin ribbons, feathers.

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