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What are podcasts and why you should listen to them
What are podcasts and why you should listen to them

An educational program for those who have not yet discovered this wonderful world.

What are podcasts and why you should listen to them
What are podcasts and why you should listen to them

What are podcasts

The term "podcasting" was coined by British journalist Ben Hammersley. This happened in 2004 when he combined the Audible revolution of the words broadcasting and the iPod. The author suggested calling this way a new technological trend in the delivery of audio files to Apple players. As a result, the whole sphere of content production and distribution was called podcasting, and the word "podcast" is a new format.

Podcasts are audio broadcasts that resemble classic radio programs. Most often these are conversations or monologues on a variety of topics: technology, cinema, fashion, sports, science, cars, humor, and so on.

You can surely find something to your liking, no matter what you are interested in.

The main difference from radio programming is that podcasts are distributed over the Internet. The author does not need a radio station or an expensive studio. It is enough to record on more or less normal microphones and send new episodes to listeners through special online services.

Therefore, podcasts are created not only by professional announcers and journalists, but also by ordinary people. Anyone who knows how to get the audience interested can become a successful presenter.

Another important feature of podcasts is availability on demand. On the radio, you listen to what is being broadcast at the moment. And in the case of podcasts, the user gets the recordings. He can select any scene and pause playback.

Why podcasts are useful

The biggest advantage of podcasts is that you can listen to them in the background during your main activity. This is especially true for matters that do not require much concentration. For example, you are driving a car or washing dishes and learn new facts about an area in which you would like to develop. Or just listen to stories from the lives of different people to relax and escape from everyday problems.

Podcasts allow you to make the most of your time spent on a routine.

And if these are records in a foreign language, you can learn it better, remember new expressions or unusual uses of familiar words.

Where to start podcasts

If you don't know what to choose, here are our subjective recommendations.

Russian-language podcasts

1. Lifehacker Podcasts:

  • Lifehacker's Podcast (, "",): Tips and tricks about relationships, health, and productivity.
  • "Lifehack" (, "",): also useful, but as short as possible.
  • "Spent" (, "",): how to shop with pleasure and intelligence.
  • "Who would say" (, "",): the Lifehacker team discusses important events in the world and the country, and also charges with a positive.
  • "Caretaker" (, "",): facts and opinions about cinema from our film critic Alexei Khromov.

2. « Book market"(," ",): A podcast from Meduza about books. Among the hosts is the well-known literary critic Galina Yuzefovich.

3. KuJi Podcast(, "",): Phenomena of mass culture, social agenda and a lot of jokes.

4. « Point »(,): Important events in the modern runet and the world of technology in general.

5. « Why did I see this?"(," "): A podcast of the art education project Arzamas.

6. Hobby Talks(, «»,) :an entertaining and educational program about history, popular and not so popular culture, as well as other equally interesting things.

7. The Big Beard Theory (, "",): In simple language about science and space.

8. « Terminal reading"(," ",): The focus is on self-development, technology, social problems and trends.

9. Zavtracast (, "",): Humorously about popular culture, technology and media.

10. « In previous episodes"(," ",): Kinopoisk podcast about TV shows.

English-language podcasts

1. Eat Sleep Work Repeat (,): about how to be more productive.

2. How Did This Get Made? (,): stories of making very bad films - with comments from actors and directors.

3. No Such Thing as a Fish (,): the most unexpected facts from history and science.

4. TED Talks Daily (,): Daily performances by talented scientists and artists talking about their work, hobbies, ideas and more.

5. How I Built This (,): owners of successful companies talk about how their business has developed.

How to listen to podcasts

There are hundreds of programs and services that let you find, subscribe, and listen to selected episodes across devices. Here are some of the popular ones. To add a podcast to your library, you just need to find it in the directory of the selected application or web service and subscribe.

iTunes and Apple Podcasts

Media platform iTunes, if not the main, then definitely one of the most important platforms for podcasting. Windows and macOS users up to Catalina can listen to the programs available in iTunes through the program of the same name. And for iOS and fresh macOS there is a separate application - Apple Podcasts (or "Podcasts"). In addition, the tracks are available on the iTunes site, but without the ability to subscribe to the authors.


A music player that allows you to listen not only to songs, but also to podcasts. MusicBee does not have a built-in program search function, unlike most similar applications. Therefore, podcasts must be added via an RSS link. It can usually be found on podcast sites or a service.


One of the best podcast apps for iOS. In addition to the classic functions, the program offers unusual things like smart voice volume increase and automatic silence removal.

Google Podcasts

A minimalistic podcast player from Google. Suitable for users who like simplicity and do not need numerous playback or interface settings.

Application not found

Pocket casts

The once paid application, which can now be downloaded free of charge - but only for mobile platforms. Web, Windows and macOS clients require a $ 1 / month subscription. Pocket Casts is distinguished by special filters, with the help of which it is very convenient to manage the episode feed.

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Player FM

Cross-platform player with numerous design options and a convenient podcast catalog.

In contact with

Many Russian-language podcasts can be found on VKontakte. There is a special section on the social network where the latest programs go. There you can both subscribe to new authors and see podcasts from communities you already follow.

VKontakte: music, video, chats


Yandex. Music and podcasts

Russian-language podcasts are also available on the Yandex audio service. A smart recommendation system will help you find interesting new authors.

Yandex. Music and podcasts Yandex LLC


Yandex. Music and Podcasts Yandex Apps



A convenient platform for listening to indie music and podcasts. A great option for those who love both.

SoundCloud - Music and Sound SoundCloud Global Limited & Co KG


SoundCloud - SoundCloud Music & Sound


This material was first published in May 2019. In June 2020, we updated the text.