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10 reasons not to wear a bra
10 reasons not to wear a bra

Anna Gorodetskaya, founder of a subscription service for panties and a lingerie brand, reflects on the drawbacks of bras and gives 10 reasons to ditch the garment.

10 reasons not to wear a bra
10 reasons not to wear a bra

A bra is a common thing. If you are a girl, he appears in your life, barely grows a breast. And that's it, you fall into lace bondage for the next 50+ years. You have probably thought more than once that wearing a bra is inconvenient, ugly and tiring. But you consoled yourself with the fact that "so it is accepted" and "still wear." You suffer, but you continue to wear bras. Familiar situation?

Why do you even need to do something that causes such discomfort? We counted ten reasons not to wear a bra. Here they are.

1. Does not protect the chest from sagging

French scientists have proven Michelle Castillo. … that in fact, wearing a bra not only does not protect the chest from heartless gravity, but can even do harm. The pectoral muscles, without regular exercise, atrophy just like any other. And constant support from the outside deprives the breast of the necessary load.

2. It constrains and makes breathing difficult

If the bra is chosen incorrectly, then it will squeeze the chest, thereby making it difficult to breathe deeply (in every sense). If the shoulder straps and bra belt press, rub or leave red marks and dents, throw it away immediately.

3. It hurts

Those with large breasts often experience shoulder and neck pain that goes away if the bra is removed. Experiments have shown that when switching to strapless bras or completely abandoning this item of clothing, women cease to experience pain. Down with suffering!

4. Difficult to find, not easy to pick up

Finding the right bra is a science. In pursuit of the ideal, you can go dozens of stores and still not find anything suitable. And then spend a few more hours online shopping, finally order … and realize that it is not suitable. And you cannot exchange and return. Sadness.

5. Expensive

Underwear made from quality materials is expensive. No, EXPENSIVE. Why are these expenses? Better to buy theater tickets or new lipstick.

6. Limits in the choice of clothing

Have you had to give up a plunging back dress or off-the-shoulder top because you can see your underwear? Enough tolerating this! Just don't wear that damn bra! And if protruding nipples are embarrassing, you can glue them with special stickers or a soft plaster.

7. Takes up space in the closet

Black, white, gray, beige, colored, silk and lace for a special occasion, cozy cotton for every day … This linen disgrace has already captured a separate drawer and runs the risk of creeping into the territory of innocent panties. Well, I do not!

8. Ruins the romantic moment

By the way, about special cases. Men hate fiddling with bra clasps. Rid both sides of this unnecessary part of the perky foreplay. In addition, you no longer need to feverishly remember whether the lace monster matches the color of the panties.

9. Destroys things when washing

These malicious hooks treacherously dig into anything they can reach during the washing machine. Yes, bras can be washed separately in special bags. Or you can just stop wearing!

10. Infringes upon rights

The bra is a relic of the patriarchal sanctimonious past, in which a woman was deprived of her physical body. Everyone has a chest. Why are we required to somehow additionally cover it with thick layers of foam rubber? It doesn't matter if she is big or small, young or old. It's just another part of the body. It's not a shame to have it. And there is nothing terrible in the fact that others will see that it is, no.

Trust me, if you stop wearing a bra, the world will not collapse. The planets will continue to revolve around the Sun, with a new iPhone coming out in September. The main thing is that you feel comfortable, convenient and easy. And if a bra is uncomfortable for you, then there is no real reason to keep wearing it.

In the end, whether you have a bra or not is only your own business.