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8 simple and effective ways to humidify the air in your apartment
8 simple and effective ways to humidify the air in your apartment

Heating devices dry out the air greatly in winter. And this has a bad effect on you and on plants, books, furniture. But do not rush to the store for a humidifier. You can solve the problem with the help of available tools.

8 simple and effective ways to humidify the air in your apartment
8 simple and effective ways to humidify the air in your apartment

In winter, the humidity level in the apartment drops to 15–20%. And that's bad. Why?

Firstly, because dehydrated air dries out the skin and mucous membranes, contributes to a decrease in immunity and the development of diseases such as sinusitis and sinusitis. By the way, young children are especially sensitive to its effects.

The second reason is that insufficient moisture damages plants, books, wooden furniture and musical instruments.

The optimum level of humidity in an apartment is about 40-60%.

You can measure air humidity using a special device - a hygrometer. If you don't have one, use the next method. Fill a glass with cold water and leave it in the refrigerator until the liquid temperature drops to 3-5 ° C. Then remove the glass and place it in the room away from the batteries. Observe the glass surface for five minutes. Evaluate the result in this way:

  • If the walls of the glass are first fogged up and dry after five minutes, the air in the room is dry.
  • If the glass is still fogged up after five minutes, the humidity is medium.
  • If streams of water appear on the glass, the humidity is increased.

Is the air dry? Then use one of the following tricks to restore normal moisture levels.

1. Use the bathroom

Probably one of the easiest ways. Leave the door to the room open every time you shower or bathe. Vapors will penetrate into the apartment and humidify the air.

You can also not immediately drain the water from the bath, but let it cool first: this will increase the amount of steam.

2. Dry things in the room

Another way that does not require any effort from you. Just place the dryer with the washed items next to the radiator: clothes will dry faster and the air will be saturated with moisture.

The main thing is that there are no cleaning agents left on the things. Otherwise, you will breathe chemistry.

A similar way to humidify the air is to hang wet towels over the radiator. You can extend the life of such a humidifier by using a water bottle.

How to humidify the air in an apartment
How to humidify the air in an apartment

How to build such a structure is described in detail here.

3. Boil

All you need is a stove and a saucepan or kettle.

  • Option 1. Bring water in a saucepan to a boil and place it on a table or windowsill so that the steam will humidify the apartment.
  • Option 2. Boil the kettle and leave it on low heat for a longer evaporation. This technique can be used when you are preparing food (the air often gets dry at this time).

You can also add a few drops of tea tree oil or eucalyptus oil to the water. Their scent is soothing and the vapors kill germs and reduce the risk of colds and flu. You can also throw cinnamon sticks, herbs, or other spices into the water to create a fragrant air.

4. Place the containers with water around the apartment

You can do without boiling. Just fill vases, bottles and other vessels with water and place near heat sources. If you add stones and flowers, you get a beautiful composition - the guests, most likely, will not even guess that these are not decorative elements, but homemade humidifiers. Just do not forget to periodically wash the containers and change the water.



5. Get indoor plants

House flowers not only humidify the air, but also ionize it. Some are also excellent at cleaning and disinfecting.

The following plants give off a lot of moisture:

  • nephrolepis (home fern);
  • fatsia;
  • cyperus;
  • sparmania (indoor linden);
  • ficus;
  • dracaena;
  • hibiscus.

6. Set up an aquarium or fountain

Both of these decorative elements also moisturize the air. Of course, buying them specifically for this purpose is irrational. But if you want to have fish or decorate your house with a small fountain, you should not forget about this additional property.

7. Ventilate and do wet cleaning

Even in winter, it is not superfluous to ventilate the apartment 2-3 times a day in order to maintain a comfortable level of humidity. Well, you probably know yourself that from time to time you need to dust off and wash the floors.

8. Build an electric humidifier

Option for owners of crazy pens. This humidifier cost Lifehacker about 300 rubles. An ultrasonic steam generator can be ordered on AliExpress for 180 rubles, a fan for 50.

Important to remember

High humidity in an apartment (more than 70%) is no better than dry air. It promotes mold and allergies. And it just creates an unpleasant feeling of dampness. So don't overdo it with hydration - and the strength will be with you!