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How to put together a basic wardrobe: a detailed checklist for women and men
How to put together a basic wardrobe: a detailed checklist for women and men

These things must be in your closet.

How to put together a basic wardrobe: a detailed checklist for women and men
How to put together a basic wardrobe: a detailed checklist for women and men

A basic wardrobe is one of the simplest and most ingenious ideas in the fashion world. It allows you to solve the problems "There is nothing to wear" and "I do not even want to think about what to wear" in one fell swoop.

In fact, this is a set of classic (and, as a rule, not at all expensive) things that go with each other and with any clothing.

5 important rules for choosing a basic wardrobe

They will allow you not to spend money on a beautiful slag that will settle on the shelves or hangers of your closet for years.

1. Things should fit your lifestyle

The basic wardrobe must first of all be psychologically comfortable. So that you can combine clothes and shoes almost without looking and get a stylish and comfortable look.

If you are an athlete or a young mother, a tight pencil skirt and stiletto heels are unlikely to be your basic items. If you are a business person, it is not at all a fact that you will be comfortable even in the most fashionable tattered jeans and sneakers.

In general, do not waste money on something that does not correspond to your attitude.

2. Things should be such that you can put them on right now

If you say to yourself: "What if I am invited to a business meeting and I need this suit?.." - you are deceiving yourself. If you think: "What if I lose five kilos and these trousers will sit on me magically?" - you are deceiving yourself again.

This is not that there will be no business meetings in your life or that you will never lose weight. Perhaps they will. Perhaps one day you will really equal the slimness with the Victoria's Secret “angels”.

The problem is that by then you will have changed. And it is not at all a fact that magically shrunken trousers will bring you joy.

3. Things should be a style that suits you, not fashionable

This is especially important for a basic wardrobe. Fashion passes, but classic universal things remain.

Buy what looks best on your figure: emphasizes what is needed, and hides what is unnecessary. You can always add a fashionable twist alongside with the help of accessories.

4. Things should be made of quality materials

A basic wardrobe is something that will last you at least a few seasons. Therefore, pay attention to the fabric: it should be such that it can withstand the most active wear.

5. Every new thing must be combined with at least three old ones

If you cannot imagine these combinations on the fly, it is better to refuse the purchase.

11 things for a basic wardrobe

You don't have to buy everything: follow the rules above and don't waste money on things that you don't need or won't suit.

Still, it is desirable that at least 7-8 of the items listed below are in your closet. Only in this case will you be able to construct images from them for every day so as not to repeat themselves at least for a week.

Naturally, the choice of options for women is somewhat wider. If you are a man, so be it, you can refuse a dress and a pencil skirt. Go.

1. Classic white shirt or blouse

Basic wardrobe: Classic white shirt or blouse
Basic wardrobe: Classic white shirt or blouse

It is unlikely that any other thing will be able to compete with it in the degree of universality. A white shirt will suit any bottom: even a relaxed denim shirt, even the strictest business one.

White has many shades: alabaster, milky, cream, pearl. There is no need to concentrate on snow-white. Match your shirt to the color of your tooth enamel and (optionally) the whites of your eyes. Clothing should not be much whiter, otherwise it will visually make your smile yellow and your eyes indistinct.

What to buy:

  • Women's shirt Villagi, 5 290 rubles →
  • Women's shirt from Stradivarius, 1 999 rubles →
  • Women's blouse from Shein, 830 rubles →
  • Men's shirt from Marks & Spencer, 2 999 rubles →
  • Men's shirt from Mavi, 2 299 rubles →
  • Men's shirt from Michael Kors, 10 600 rubles →

2. White T-shirt with short sleeves

Basic wardrobe: White T-shirt with short sleeves
Basic wardrobe: White T-shirt with short sleeves

Even a few! These T-shirts get dirty quickly, so it's good if you have a fresh replacement in your closet.

As for the choice of color, the same recommendation applies here as in the case of a shirt: it should match the color of the teeth and proteins.

What to buy:

  • Women's T-shirt from Lime, 1,599 rubles →
  • A set of two women's T-shirts from Stradivarius, 1 199 rubles →
  • Women's T-shirt from Levi’s, 2,499 rubles →
  • Men's T-shirt from Topman, 799 rubles →
  • Men's T-shirt from Nike, 2 690 rubles →
  • Men's T-shirt Gap, 999 rubles →

3. Turtleneck

Basic wardrobe: Turtleneck
Basic wardrobe: Turtleneck

The classic turtleneck is an alternative to a T-shirt on a chilly day. Choose natural, breathable materials and neutral colors.

It is important that it is not tight. A tight-fitting model, firstly, can emphasize too much not the most appetizing features of your shoulders and waist. Secondly, there will be no room for air under it, which means that on cool days a turtleneck will not be able to warm you.

What to buy:

  • Women's turtleneck from Ruxara, 2 200 rubles →
  • Women's turtleneck from Intimissimi, 3 999 rubles →
  • Women's turtleneck from La Redoute, 2,099 rubles →
  • Men's turtleneck from Oodji, 1 199 rubles →
  • Men's turtleneck from Tezenis, 1,400 rubles →
  • Men's turtleneck from Bershka, 1 999 rubles →

4. Jeans

Basic wardrobe: Jeans
Basic wardrobe: Jeans

Choose any model in which you feel comfortable. But keep in mind: basic jeans should have as simple cut as possible without pronounced abrasions, jewelry and accessories.

Ideal colors are classic indigo and blue, as well as any dark shades of blue.

What to buy:

  • Women's jeans from Pull & Bear, 2 199 rubles →
  • Women's jeans from Stradivarius, 2,999 rubles →
  • Women's jeans from Shein, 1 690 rubles →
  • Men's jeans from Levi’s, 8 700 rubles →
  • Men's jeans from Wrangler, 6 899 rubles →
  • Men's jeans from Colin's, 2,990 rubles →

5. Classic trousers

Basic wardrobe: Dress pants
Basic wardrobe: Dress pants

Ideal black or dark gray. They will allow you to create a strict look, even if you opt for a relaxed top.

Pants tend to stretch over the knees and buttocks. To prevent this from happening soon, choose quality materials with as little elastane as possible.

What to buy:

  • Women's trousers from Bad Queen, 5 999 rubles →
  • Women's trousers from Stradivarius, 1,799 rubles →
  • Women's trousers from Anchor, 3 300 rubles →
  • Men's trousers from Mango, 6 499 rubles →
  • Men's trousers from Topman, 2 390 rubles →
  • Men's trousers from French Connection, 6 790 rubles →

6. Pencil skirt

Basic wardrobe: Pencil skirt
Basic wardrobe: Pencil skirt

The pencil allows you to "draw" a feminine silhouette, emphasizing the bend of the waist and hips and stretching (due to the selection of the height of the landing) the figure.

Modern skirts of this cut, unlike their strict predecessors, are universal. They are often made from well-stretched materials. Therefore, even despite the firmness of the landing, they do not constrain movement.

In addition, there are two options to choose from: tapered from top to bottom and straight. The straight line is suitable for those who are accustomed to looser clothing.

For a basic pencil, cold dark shades are ideal: black, graphite, navi … They slim.

What to buy:

  • Skirt from Love Republic, 2 799 rubles →
  • Skirt from Shein, 540 rubles →

7. Black dress

Basic wardrobe: Black dress
Basic wardrobe: Black dress

The little black dress has long become a meme and even boring, but this does not negate its versatility. This model is suitable for both office and cocktail parties.

Small does not mean ultra-short. The optimal length of such an outfit is about knee length. Slightly higher or lower - choose based on the characteristics of your figure and personal preferences.

What to buy:

  • Dress from Concept Club, 1 999 rubles →
  • Dress from Shein, 870 rubles →
  • Dress from Mango, 3 299 rubles →

8. Wool cardigan

Basic wardrobe: Wool cardigan
Basic wardrobe: Wool cardigan

Ideal for relaxed cool days. However, even in the most tense, it is pleasant to wrap yourself in something soft and warm.

What to buy:

  • Women's cardigan from O'stin, 2 799 rubles →
  • Women's cardigan from Milanika, 3 990 rubles →
  • Women's cardigan from Oodji, 1 999 rubles →
  • Men's cardigan from MaryTes, 6 960 rubles →
  • Men's cardigan from Mango Man, 4 999 rubles →
  • Men's cardigan from Steam, 3,500 rubles →

9. Cashmere sweater

Basic wardrobe: Cashmere sweater
Basic wardrobe: Cashmere sweater

Another essential wardrobe item for the cool season. Choose a relaxed cut and neutral colors.

The disadvantage of things made of high-quality cashmere is the high cost. But in this case, it is better not to save money: models made of cheap materials will quickly go in spools and lose their appearance.

What to buy:

  • Women's sweater from Falconeri, 16 900 rubles →
  • Women's jumper from Tommy Hilfiger, 13 640 rubles →
  • Women's jumper from Vinnis, 16 971 rubles →
  • Men's jumper from Falconeri, 16 900 rubles →
  • Men's jumper from Mir cashmere, 15 550 rubles →
  • Men's jumper John Richmond, 18 599 rubles →

10. Jacket

Basic wardrobe: Jacket
Basic wardrobe: Jacket

An important feature of the basic jacket is soft flowing fabrics and a loose shape. Only in this case it will go well with jeans, a skirt, and a little black dress.

We remind you again: there should be no frills in the base like large gilded buttons, embroidery or bright accessories. But you can play with flowers. The most versatile options are black, dark blue, graphite, beige. However, red, green, yellow are also acceptable. True, on one condition: if these colors suit you.

What to buy:

  • Women's jacket from Stradivarius, 3 299 rubles →
  • Women's jacket from Lime, 6 599 rubles →
  • Women's jacket from Shein, 1 750 rubles →
  • Men's jacket from Berkytt, 6 590 rubles →
  • Men's jacket from Tom Tailor, 11 690 rubles →
  • Men's jacket from Asos Design, 4 790 rubles →

11. Light coat or trench coat

Basic wardrobe: Light coat or trench coat
Basic wardrobe: Light coat or trench coat

The top layer adds style and depth to the outfit. The ideal choice here would be a lightweight coat or raincoat.

Choose models of neutral colors (beige, mustard, light brown, gray, navi …) and classic lines (no frills and additional complex elements). The optimal length is just above the knee.

When shopping, make sure that the coat or trench coat fits well over the shoulders. This is an important moment to create a truly stylish look.

What to buy:

  • Women's coat from Stradivarius, 5 599 rubles →
  • Women's coat from Shein, 1 850 rubles →
  • Women's coat from Vivaldi, 15 900 rubles →
  • Men's coat from Berkytt, 18 200 rubles →
  • Men's coat from Misteks design, 12 490 rubles →
  • Men's coat from Absolutex, 19 890 rubles →