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Where does nail fungus come from and what remedies get rid of it
Where does nail fungus come from and what remedies get rid of it

People with weakened immunity and diabetes should be especially careful.

Where does nail fungus come from and how to get rid of it
Where does nail fungus come from and how to get rid of it

Nail fungus, or onychomycosis, is an infectious disease caused by the Nail fungus / Mayo Clinic microscopic fungi. They are capable of damaging the nail plate and spreading to the skin.

Why does nail fungus appear

The disease can develop in people of any age, but is more common in the elderly. Their nails become dry and brittle, making it easier for the fungus to penetrate the cracks. Reduced immunity and poor blood flow in the legs further contribute to the development of infection.

There are also risk factors that make Nail fungus / Mayo Clinic more likely to develop a fungus:

  • Heavy sweating.
  • Weakened immunity.
  • Injuries to the skin or nails, other conditions such as psoriasis.
  • Athlete's Foot / U. S. National Library of Medicine. This is a fungal infection between the toes.
  • Violation of blood circulation in the limbs. Primarily due to diabetes.

How to understand if it is nail fungus

The nail fungus / Mayo Clinic is most commonly affected, although occasionally on the hands. Onychomycosis can be suspected by the following symptoms:

  • Change in nail color. It ranges from whitish to yellow-brown.
  • Change of shape. The nail grows in the wrong way, in the wrong direction, waves appear on the plate, and it itself becomes thicker.
  • Fragility. The nail begins to flake, crumble.
  • Darkening of the nail due to the accumulation of debris under the plate.
  • Bad smell.

Why is nail fungus dangerous if it is not treated?

It can cause Nail fungus / Mayo Clinic to permanently damage the nails, making them sore. And the injuries themselves will increase the risk of other infections that can spread beyond the legs. It is especially dangerous not to treat the fungus if the person has diabetes, weakened immunity, or impaired blood flow. The likelihood of contracting another disease in these cases is higher.

How to treat nail fungus

If symptoms appear, it is best to see a doctor. He will prescribe Nail Infection, Fungal (Onychomycosis) / Skinsight's antifungal drugs:

  • Varnish. It is applied once a day for 9-12 months.
  • Cream. It is rubbed with Nail fungus / Mayo Clinic into the nails, fingers and the spaces between them. Sometimes, before applying the cream, the nail plate is cut off.
  • Pills. They help with common fungal infections, but they are used with caution and blood tests are done periodically, as antifungal agents can damage the liver. It is necessary to use medicines from several months to six months.

All shoes that have come into contact with the affected areas must be changed or at least disinfected from the inside.

If the fungus has already strongly deformed the nail, then it is worth visiting a podiatrist. This specialist deals with the health of the feet and will be able to treat the infected area so that it does not interfere with life.

In rare cases, Nail fungus / Mayo Clinic has to completely remove the nail, and apply an antifungal cream to the skin to destroy the microorganisms.

How not to pick up nail fungus

The Mayo Clinic specialists give Nail fungus / Mayo Clinic the following recommendations:

  • Observe hygiene. Especially if there is already fungus on the nails, after touching them, you need to thoroughly wash your hands.
  • Trim your nails correctly. It is better to make an even edge and round it a little with a file. And nippers and scissors need to be disinfected after use.
  • Wear socks. Better made of cotton, but they need to be changed daily.
  • Choose shoes made from breathable materials. This will prevent the fungus from multiplying.
  • Throw away old shoes. Or treat it with antifungal agents.
  • Wear shoes in the pool and public locker room. So there is less chance of picking up the fungus.
  • Choose your nail salon carefully. You should only trust those where the instruments are sterilized.
  • Give up nail polish or artificial nails. This will improve the condition of the nail plate.