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15 podcasts you need to listen to at least once in your life
15 podcasts you need to listen to at least once in your life

The life hacker has chosen the most useful, exciting and simply cool projects, which are not a pity to spend time on.

15 podcasts you need to listen to at least once in your life
15 podcasts you need to listen to at least once in your life

1. Lifehacker's podcast

The most popular Russian podcast based on Tiburon Research. And this is not surprising: short lectures cover a wide range of topics and will appeal to completely different audiences. Most of the issues are about health, productivity and relationships. In 5-15 minutes, you can learn how to restore sleep patterns, improve memory and learn to praise yourself even for small victories. According to the listeners, it is especially convenient to turn on the podcast during jogging and trips in transport: the road flies unnoticed behind fascinating lectures.

2.10 stupid questions

A podcast from the creative agency "Zhiza" about professions and the seamy side of work in various fields. The authors invite doctors, builders, designers, teachers, trainers and other professionals to the studio to answer simple but important questions about their craft. Issues last from 10 minutes to an hour, depending on the complexity of the topic. "10 stupid questions" will be interesting both for young people who are just choosing a profession, and for older listeners.

3. The most honest news

A podcast by designer Artemy Lebedev, in which he shares his views on events in the country and the world. For 30-60 minutes, the author retells the news in his usual manner, pays a lot of attention to politics and does not at all limit the vocabulary to literary words. "Honest News" is entirely based on the host's charisma, so if you like Artemy, turn on the podcast.

4. In previous episodes

The KinoPoisk podcast, in which the editor-in-chief of the portal Liza Surganova and the author of the Telegram channel “Stocking up on popcorn” Ivan Filippov discuss significant serial novelties and old cult projects. The conversation between the two facilitators allows you to show different opinions, and sometimes even create a conflict around an issue. Among the themes of the latest releases are the acclaimed "Darkness", the black comedy "The Great" and the universe of the animated series "Rick and Morty".

By the way, the editorial staff of KinoPoisk is making another podcast - Noise and Brightness. In it, the music journalist Lev Gankin talks about the sound design of cinema. Listen if you're wondering how the soundtrack for Brother-2 was made or why the music in Shrek is turning the canon around.

5. Without a soul

The project of the blogger and stand-up comedian Danila Poperechny, in which he invites media people to the microphone. The guests of the podcast have already become Yura Muzychenko from The Hatters, stand-up comedian Ilya Sobolev, actress Irina Gorbacheva, model Masha Minogarova, artist Gennady Khazanov and other famous people. These are rather long conversations - mostly more than an hour, and sometimes even two. They are not like a classic interview, where the host asks questions to the guest, and he answers. This is a conversation on an equal footing, and with an adult vocabulary.

In the service "" you will find hundreds of podcasts on any topic: self-development, business, art, science, technology, psychology, content for children. Mark your favorite podcasts with likes, and the system will select new items that may interest you. By subscribing, you can listen to them in excellent quality and without ads.

6. The money came

The presenters Sasha Polivanov and Ilya Krasilshchik discuss how to spend money correctly, although, as they say, they themselves do not know how to do it at all - this is such a paradox. It may seem that this podcast is about what the salary is spent on. But in fact, in the issues, the authors strive to answer the question of how we live. The main task of the project is not to teach students how to spend or save, but to understand how everything works. Guests help dive deeper into the topic, each of whom has an example of an amazing relationship with money. Useful conversations from the studio "Either / Either" fit into 40-65 minutes.

7. Disgusting men

In this show, purely masculine and absolutely hilarious conversations about cinema, music, social life, travel and video games. At the microphone - Viktor Zuev, Andrei Zagudaev and Pyotr Salnikov. Now the podcast has gone on vacation at least until the end of the summer. But if you like the format, then you will definitely not feel a lack of content: there are 169 episodes available on Yandex. Music, each of which lasts more than an hour.

8. Arzamas lectures

Here you will find lectures by the best Russian scientists on history, literature, art, anthropology and philosophy, which are published as part of the Arzamas courses. Since July 1, most of the audio materials of the project are available only in the Arzamas Radio application, and recordings of the latest courses will appear on Yandex. Music. For example, right now you can listen to a series of lectures “Why do people keep diaries, but historians read them?” And an episode about “The Divine Comedy” by Dante Alighieri.

9. NewWhat

"NewWhat" is an audio version of the most interesting articles from foreign media. Most of the episodes last 20–35 minutes, which allows you to assimilate the necessary information without getting tired. The authors of the podcast talk about science, philosophy, history, technology and psychology in a simple and understandable way. There are episodes on the functioning of the human brain, the COVID-19 pandemic, ecology and important social issues - a total of more than 300 episodes.

10. Planetronics

This podcast isn't about space at all, as one might think. It is about electronic music, its genres, history and personalities. If you hear the words "base", "city-pop", "glitch", "electroclash" and "breakbeat" for the first time, although you are not indifferent to music, "Planetronics" will be a pleasant discovery for you. The host - musician Nick Zavriev - travels in the podcast not only by genres, but also by cities. So if you want to literally feel the music, you can find out where to go for this after opening the borders.

11. Stories of Russian sex

Podcast studio "Either / Either" for those over 18 years old. In its editions, Ekaterina Krongauz talks with people of different generations, sexual preferences and interests about how they make or have made love. From the interview, you will learn how conversations and knowledge affect intimacy, who can help or hinder having fun, and whether there is sex in retirement.

This project is a kind of attempt to look at the history of Russia from a sexual, erotic and romantic point of view. The musical arrangement deserves special attention: it goes well with the voice of the presenter and creates a special atmosphere. "Stories of Russian Sex" includes 10 episodes that are already available for listening.

12. Life after

Fresh podcast from the creative agency "Zhiza" and "Yandex. Music", in which the characters discuss work and life in general after the pandemic.

What will happen to the business? Will there be a new advertising crisis? How will cities change? Play the episode you like and find out. The episodes are 35–45 minutes long.

13. One disorder

This Either / Either studio podcast focuses on the lives of people with mental disabilities. Thanks to it, you can find out how claustrophobic sufferers feel or what bipolar disorder pushes. The presenter Alina Belyat does not ask her guests questions, but helps them tell a story, building the material like a story. Additional sound effects also create the mood.

It may seem that One Disorder is a project for a very narrow audience, but it is not. After all, we do not always know about the diseases of the people who surround us, and we ourselves can face a mental disorder at any time.

14. Meditation

Five meditation courses from FITMOST and Yandex. Music will help you tune in for a productive day, focus on a task, or relax while working. Play podcasts when you want to relieve anxiety, anger, rage, or panic. By practicing meditation, you can also learn mindfulness, observing your emotions, focusing on the right thoughts, and getting rid of obsessions. And also the audio of "Meditations" will help relieve tension before going to bed and immerse yourself in a nap.

15. Final whistle

New podcast for football fans from and Yandex. Music. Vanya Kalashnikov and Sasha Polivanov recall each of the finals of the main club tournament of our time - the Champions League, and also talk about life in general. So far, only five episodes are available, but the authors are encouraging: a separate issue will be devoted to each League final. This means that about 60 half-hour conversations about matches, players and everything connected with them await the audience.

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