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What is ricotta and why is it healthier than cottage cheese
What is ricotta and why is it healthier than cottage cheese

We will tell you what ricotta is good for and what delicious dishes you can cook with it.

What is ricotta and why is it healthier than cottage cheese
What is ricotta and why is it healthier than cottage cheese

Ricotta: what kind of cheese?

Ricotta is a traditional Italian white whey cheese, grainy in structure and delicate in consistency. Thanks to lactose, it has a bland, but slightly sweet taste. Ricotta is low in fat and high in protein, calcium, phosphorus and zinc. The calorie content of cheese is small - it varies from 100 to 170 kcal per 100 g - which allows us to call the product a dietary one.

Ricotta is made from warm whey - the liquid that remains after curdling milk, preparing mozzarella or other cheeses. As a result of heating, proteins coagulate: albumin and globulin. After that, the curd curd is placed in containers to remove excess moisture.

Historical reference

In the second millennium BC, mass cheese making from whole milk developed in Italy - this is evidenced by the found cheese graters, as well as boilers for curdling and heating milk. Ricotta production at that time was not mass - due to the short shelf life of the product. After opening the package, this cheese is recommended to be stored in the refrigerator for no more than three days.

The first written mention of the technology for preparing ricotta can be found in the medieval medical treatise on the healthy lifestyle of Tacuinum Sanitatis. Cheese is also mentioned in a number of 16th century art books.

Since May 13, 2005, Ricotta Romana has been classified as a Protected Designation of Origin cheese. The DOP standard (Denominazione di Origine Protetta - name with protected origin) guarantees the production of a product in a strictly specified place, where the combination of climate, environment and human factors make the product unique.

The Russian company Umalat produces over 40 different products under the brands of Italian cheeses. For example, gastronomic cheeses, including ricotta. "Umalat" works on modern European equipment and attracts specialists from the homeland of cheese so that the taste of the product retains its authenticity.

An Italian Antioco Pinna works as a production technologist. He has been involved in cheese making for 47 years, of which ten has been consulting for Umalat. The company adopts from a professional not only the original Italian cheese production technology, but also the attitude to work.

Who benefits from ricotta?

For children

The albumin protein (also contained in the hematogen) maintains normal osmotic pressure and strengthens the immune system. Cheese is useful for children, as it can rightfully be called a building material for the body.

For expectant mothers

Ricotta has a wide range of minerals (iron, manganese, sodium) and vitamins of groups C, D, E and K. This cheese is useful for expectant mothers, as it is able to replenish the reserves of nutrients in the body.

To old people

The product contains B vitamins and vitamin A, which is necessary for maintaining vision and stimulating brain activity, as well as minerals, including calcium and phosphorus, which are responsible for bone density. Cheese is recommended to include What is the best diet for osteoarthritis? in the diet of the elderly and those suffering from arthrosis and arthritis.


Ricotta contains many proteins and the essential amino acid leucine, which helps to build muscle mass and reduce fatigue. Cheese helps to restore physical strength for people leading an active lifestyle. Ricotta is also rich in selenium, which helps to strengthen muscle tissue and bones, and the formation of cartilage.

How to choose ricotta?

Be sure to pay attention to the composition. It should not contain any preservatives or artificial additives. In chocolate ricotta, the only addition should be 100% grated cocoa.

After tasting the cheese, evaluate the taste and texture, pay attention to the appearance. Ricotta should be snow-white, moist, plastic, without a dry crust and sour taste. Keep in mind: you can store this cheese no more than three days after opening the package.

ricotta, cheese, what to cook with ricotta
ricotta, cheese, what to cook with ricotta

Why ricotta is better than cottage cheese

Ricotta is very different from cottage cheese, not only in taste, but also in composition. This cheese contains more of the easily digestible water-soluble protein albumin. It is also present in plant seeds, egg white and human plasma (55% of its protein volume).

Umalat produces several types of ricotta: classic, chocolate creamy Unagrande and granular Pretto. The latter is a rare product for the Russian market. Low calorie content and dense consistency make it possible to use it instead of cottage cheese in recipes. Granular ricotta can be baked, and dishes with it can be served with various additives: spices, honey, nuts.

5 original recipes with ricotta

You can eat this cheese as a stand-alone dish or prepare something delicious with it according to the recipe. Together with the service for the search for proven recipes and unusual combinations "Combinator", we found dishes that would be healthier with ricotta.

Pepper stuffed with spinach and ricotta

Bell peppers, tart spinach, aromatic garlic and baked ricotta go well together. This option is suitable for a family dinner: preparation of the dish does not take much time.

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Ricotta and pear pie

Ricotta is ideal for pastries and desserts: you can make cookies, rolls, cheesecakes with it. A simple pie recipe with this cheese and seasonal fruit is perfect for get-togethers with loved ones.

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Lasagne with ricotta and mozzarella

An Italian-style dinner is when ingredients include tomato paste, ricotta and mozzarella, ground beef and lasagna sheets. You can add a glass of wine to your taste.

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Ricotta baked with figs

We have collected your favorite seasonal fruits in one recipe: here are both figs and oranges. We recommend serving the baked ricotta on a toasted ciabatta with fresh mint leaves and honey.

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Beef stroganoff with mushrooms in ricotta sauce

Ricotta is ideal for making creamy sauces. You can add mustard, as in the beef stroganoff recipe, or mix it with herbs - cilantro, mint, sorrel.

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You can find even more recipes with ricotta and other ingredients at the Combiner. The service offers many options: in the search, find the desired product and get a selection of dishes with it in the composition. It is convenient to search for recipes by taste preferences, calorie content, time and method of preparation at the "Combinator".