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How to join the labor exchange and why do it
How to join the labor exchange and why do it

The unemployed status will allow you to receive various assistance from the state.

How to join the labor exchange and why do it
How to join the labor exchange and why do it

What is a labor exchange and why to get up on it

Employment Centers (CPC) are called the Labor Exchange in the old fashioned way. It is necessary to apply to this institution in order to obtain the official status of the unemployed. And this gives access to some bonuses.

Unemployment benefits

Its size depends on the reasons for dismissal and other factors. Basically, the scheme is as follows: in the first three months after registration with the CPC, an unemployed person is paid 75% of the average earnings for three months at the last job - but not less than the minimum amount of the benefit (now 1,500 rubles) and not more than the maximum (now 12,130 rubles) … From the third to the sixth months - 60%, but not more than 5 thousand and not less than 1, 5. Then the grant will cease to be given. You can apply for it again in another six months.

For pre-retirees, that is, those who are less than five years old before a well-deserved rest, the situation is different. The first three months they are paid 75% of the average earnings, the second - 60%, then 45%. They can receive benefits for up to two years. The maximum is 12 130 rubles for the entire period.

But there are those who will be given only the minimum wage and only for three months:

  • those who have not worked for more than a year or never at all;
  • dismissed "under the article" or expelled from the courses to which they were sent by the CPC;
  • those who worked less than 26 weeks in the last calendar year;
  • closed individual entrepreneurs or left the peasant farm;
  • those who received a salary in an envelope and now cannot confirm income at their previous job.

The minimum and maximum in the regions can be increased by the decision of the local authorities. Upon termination of payments, the unemployed person is not removed from registration at the CPC. He stays on the account and uses the rest of the bonuses.

Help in finding a new job

This option will not be useful for everyone. In general, employers are obliged to inform the job center about vacancies on a monthly basis. So there may be very attractive positions in the lists of the labor exchange. But let's be realistic: if the place is tasty, the chance to get to it through the CPN is small.

But this is a good opportunity to find out about vacancies for representatives of blue-collar professions or public sector employees - doctors, teachers, kindergarten teachers, and so on.

Training in a new profession with a scholarship

The applicant can be sent for training free of charge. The courses are different in different areas. They teach both a boiler operator and an elevator operator, as well as a marketer or a florist. Depends on who the officials have concluded agreements with and what is, in principle, available in the city. In some places, you can get a really promising profession for free. The student will continue to be registered with the CPC and receive benefits, if assigned to him.

Assistance in opening an IP

In bureaucratic terms, this is called promoting self-employment of unemployed citizens. The bottom line is that you register with the sales center and declare your desire to open a business. Experts will help you to bring the idea to mind, draw up a business plan, send you to courses, if necessary. But the main thing is that you can get a subsidy to start your own business. The amount depends on the region.

Who can get unemployed status

In principle, it is not necessary to do this. No one will come to punish an unemployed person for not being at the labor exchange - at least not yet. But not everyone will be registered at the employment center. Several conditions must be met:

  • Have no job or income. And the second is especially important. If you are an entrepreneur, albeit with zero income, a member of a farm, a founder of a commercial organization, do something to order, the state is not ready to consider you unemployed and pay benefits. Even if a person earns unofficially, this can be revealed later. And then he risks becoming a defendant in a criminal fraud case. Already received benefits, of course, will also have to be returned.
  • Not receive a seniority pension.
  • Be over 16 years old.
  • Do not study in person.
  • Do not perform military or equivalent service.
  • Be able to work, that is, have no contraindications to work and not receive a disability pension. Disabled people of able-bodied groups can register with the CPC.
  • Not be sentenced to imprisonment or correctional labor.

In general, in order to apply to the CPC, you have to be really not busy and not receive money.

What documents are needed to enter the labor exchange

  • Application - filled out on the spot if you submit it directly at the Employment Center, or online - if remotely. You can see how it will look approximately at.
  • Identity card - a passport or a document that temporarily replaces it.
  • Labor book - if you have previously worked. However, after switching to electronic labor, you may not have it. The data is requested in the personal account of the Pension Fund, when ordering a certificate of employment. Although the employees of the CPC may well get this information on their own. Therefore, check if you need to bother with this.
  • Professional education documents - diplomas, certificates and all that.
  • A certificate of average income for the last three months is needed for those who have just quit their jobs or were laid off. It is given in the accounting department of the previous place of work. Also find out about the need to provide it, because the data on this is in the FIU.

It is better to call the SPC before submitting the documents and ask what they want to see, taking into account their personal characteristics. For example, able-bodied people with disabilities may need an individualized rehabilitation plan.

How to join the labor exchange

First you need to decide which employment center you should contact. And here it is worth answering to yourself why you are doing this. To obtain unemployed status, benefits and all the possibilities of the exchange, you must contact the institution at the place of registration.

You can find the required CPC on "Work of Russia". In order not to go once more, it is better to call in advance and find out whether you really should go there, and at the same time - what to bring with you.

Now it is possible to submit documents and online. It appeared in 2020 due to the pandemic as temporary, with a specific duration. But it has already been extended several times. So far, it is allowed to contact the CPC remotely until the end of 2021. But this may not be the final decision.

You can apply for documents online through the special website "Work of Russia". For authorization, you will need a username and password from "Gosuslug".

Click on the "Apply" icon. You will be taken to a short instruction explaining the main points of obtaining unemployed status. And also to the button "Apply for a benefit".


If you are not yet authorized on the portal, enter the data from "Gosuslug". And then click the "Apply" button again.


Then fill out the document. Personal data is pulled from "Gosuslug". But you will need to attach a resume, tell about the last place of work, indicate contacts for communication.

How to join the labor exchange: fill out the document
How to join the labor exchange: fill out the document

Then it remains to send the application and wait for the result.

How much will be registered at the labor exchange

The employment center has no more than 11 days. During this period, the employee of the Center of Service Centers must offer you two suitable vacancies, but only if they exist. If you refused both, you will not be registered. A similar outcome awaits if you do not contact the labor exchange and do not even consider their options.

Suitable jobs are those that match education and health. The place of work should be located so that it can be reached by city public transport. And the salary is not lower than the subsistence level, or at least the income in the previous place, if it was less than this level.

True, there are categories of people for whom any position would be considered suitable. This applies to those who:

  • has never worked before and has no qualifications or is employed after a break of more than a year;
  • applied to the CPC after seasonal work;
  • closed the individual entrepreneur or left the farm;
  • refused to study, improve their qualifications or was expelled from the courses;
  • within a year he was dismissed "under the article."

If there are no vacancies or the employer chose another candidate after the interview, on the eleventh day or earlier (but not later) you must receive unemployed status or a refusal with an explanation why this is so. In case of a positive answer, the allowance, if any, is assigned from the day of application, and not from the eleventh day.

Why can they refuse at the labor exchange?

You are not legally unemployed

For example, they did not close the sole proprietor, although you do not continue your activity. Or you have a civil contract with someone, but its term has not expired or it is unlimited. You have not cooperated for a long time and have not received money from this company. But at any time you can, because there is a contract - that's how the CPC will judge. Therefore, it is necessary to settle the formalities with the papers.

You are not considered to be able to work

A child under 16 years old will not be able to enter the labor exchange, even if he wants to. They will also refuse a mother with a child up to 1, 5 years old.

You broke the rules

For example, you refused to go for an interview for the position that the inspector offered you.

What to do when registered at the employment center

It is better to check with the employee with whom you interact. Usually, you need to get in touch every two months or less. From time to time, the inspector will offer you vacancies, and you will have to go for an interview within three days. As a result, you will receive either a job offer or a refusal. Moreover, the latter must be issued in the form of a certificate that must be brought to the CPC. It is better to follow the rules, otherwise you may lose your benefits or registration on the exchange, but more on that later.

Why can they be removed from the register at the Employment Center

There are several reasons for this. A person will be removed from registration at the labor exchange if he:

  • is no longer considered unemployed, that is, he began to receive income or a pension, was drafted into the army, sentenced to a real term, and so on;
  • for a long time does not come to the inspector for re-registration without good reason;
  • was registered with the Center for Sale by deception, although he had no right to do so;
  • moved - in this case, you will need to register at a new place;
  • he himself renounced the status of unemployed;
  • died.

In addition, benefits may be suspended for a month. This happens if you violate the rules of interaction with the CPC. For example, come to the inspector drunk or skip classes in vocational training courses to which the exchange sent.