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How to disinfect a smartphone and not harm the screen
How to disinfect a smartphone and not harm the screen

Safe ways for humans and devices to get rid of dirt and bacteria.

How to disinfect a smartphone and not harm the screen
How to disinfect a smartphone and not harm the screen

We do not let the smartphone out of our hands during the day, we visit places of different degrees of pollution with it, we bring the device to our face. To make using your phone more enjoyable and safer, start disinfecting it.

What do you need

To clean your smartphone, prepare:

  • A soft, lint-free cloth or microfiber cloth. Handkerchiefs that come with optics, monitors and the same phones are also great for cleaning.
  • Cotton swabs and toothpicks for removing dirt from hard-to-reach places.
  • Cleaning agent.

Old phones without a sensor and oleophobic coating can be wiped with alcohol or white vinegar - nothing will happen to the screen. Modern smartphones have slightly more delicate displays, so you have to buy special tools for them. Fortunately, their consumption is small and the price is low. Do not use household cleaners, aerosols or window cleaners. Only products designed for electronics will work.

How to clean the screen
How to clean the screen

Each cleaning agent has instructions for use, but in general, the order will be something like this:

  1. Wipe the screen with a soft cloth to remove small particles (these can scratch).
  2. Apply a drop of cleaning agent to the edge of the napkin.
  3. Gently wipe the display and case.
  4. Buff the screen with a dry cloth edge.

Disconnect your smartphone from the charger before disinfecting it. For safety, you can tape all connectors with tape. But there is hardly a big risk of flooding the case: very little cleaning agent is needed.

How often to wipe

It is necessary to disinfect a smartphone much more often than to clean its memory from unnecessary data. It is advisable to wipe the screen at least once a day. For example, in the evening, before going to bed (before going to bed with the phone). After visiting the toilet with your smartphone, train yourself not only to wash your hands, but also to disinfect the device. This will take a few seconds.

Even with minimal hygiene measures, try not to touch your face and mucous membranes after using the phone. Rubbing your eyes and lips, or nibbling on a case or pad is a bad idea.