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8 ways to boost immunity This is the only thing that works
8 ways to boost immunity This is the only thing that works

Scientists do not believe in miracle elixirs and offer rather boring things.

8 ways to boost immunity This is the only thing that works
8 ways to boost immunity This is the only thing that works

Immunity is an amazing thing. Everyone knows that we have him and that he is terribly important. Someone is sure that he is hiding in the intestines (thanks to the advertisement). Someone remembers something about the lymph nodes. Someone with honest eyes may say that the immune system is a stronger thing than Goethe's "Faust", and they will be right.

But no matter how anyone thinks about immunity, most are sure that it needs to be strengthened or increased. In general, to do something so that he would protect us from everything in the world: from the flu and from fatigue. Some people remember that something helps with cancer.

How to boost immunity

The main secret of immunity is that it is not a single organ, but a whole system. And not even an organ system. Immunity is much more complex than, say, the cardiovascular system. It even works at the cellular level.

And there are no studies that would somehow prove that this or that pill, this or that herb, this or that habit will definitely strengthen your immunity.

And yet, over the years of research, scientists have accumulated a lot of data that say: yes, a healthy lifestyle helps the immune system to resist disease. But what exactly do they mean by a healthy lifestyle? Only eight boring rules.

1. No smoking

A real focus of inflammation is created in the smoker's mouth, which distracts the immune system. It is easier for smokers to get illnesses, even such serious ones as tuberculosis.

I don't even want to think about other horrors, but I have to: smoking causes cancer. And all because it works against immunity. If you want to boost your immunity, quit smoking.

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2. Do not drink (at least do not drink too much)

How to boost immunity: Don't drink (at least don't drink too much)
How to boost immunity: Don't drink (at least don't drink too much)

Experiments have shown that alcohol can suppress the activity of anti-tumor immunity, increase the risk of colon cancer and liver disease.

In general, if you do not want cancer, do not drink, otherwise you will turn off the antitumor immunity.

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3. There are many vegetables and fruits

If you already don't smoke or drink, eat vegetables and fruits. Sounds deadly boring. Moreover, you don't need to eat any special goji berries or tapioca, but whatever comes along.

And you can garlic, and ginger, and lemons. All this will help, but only if you eat them a normal dinner of white meat and a bunch of vegetables.

Fruits and vegetables even help to better respond to certain vaccinations Effect of fruit and vegetable consumption on immune function in older people: a randomized controlled trial.

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4. Sleep

Probably the simplest and most obvious way to boost immunity is to get enough sleep. If you are often sick, then your throat will pick up, then the snot will flow - you probably do not sleep much.

Studies have shown that people who got enough sleep even to the flu shot responded better than those who did not get enough sleep.

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5. Go in for sports

Sport helps in several ways at once. First, athletes really get sick less. Secondly, sport regulates sleep patterns (and we have already said about it). Thirdly, sports help fight obesity. What does obesity have to do with it? Given that this is another factor.

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6. Keep weight within normal limits

The fact is that adipose tissue does not just lie on the stomach and internal organs, and sometimes it sways. She produces hormones. Some hormones. But it is they that contribute to the inflammatory processes in the body.

That is, excess weight creates an invisible but tangible burden on the immune system. And resources are spent on the fight not only with external invaders, but also with their own organism.

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7. Don't be nervous

How to boost immunity: Don't get nervous
How to boost immunity: Don't get nervous

There are hundreds of materials on Lifehacker about how not to be nervous and stay calm in any situation, even if the world is crumbling around. So when disturbing thoughts creep in, read the new article, calm down and think about the fact that you just strengthened your immune system a little.

But seriously, stress hormones really disrupt the functioning of the immune system, so don't give them a chance - learn to relax and sometimes say, "Fuck it all." This is not the worst way to maintain immunity.

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8. Do not run into infections

This will help, if not increase immunity, then at least take care of it. It is enough, for example, to get flu shots, wash your hands, avoid buying suspicious products, ventilate rooms and treat teeth and other problem areas in time.

In general, cope with what you can, remove the bacterial and viral load from the immune system.