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7 ways to read so many books
7 ways to read so many books

You know that reading is the key to success, relieves stress and improves memory. And you still can't find time for books. These tips will help you.

7 ways to read so many books
7 ways to read so many books

1. Stop reading if you don't like the book

You also do not want to seem like a person who gives in to difficulties, and therefore you force yourself to finish reading the book, even if you do not like it? If so, you are wrong. This approach should not be applied to reading, says Gretchen Rubin, author of the bestselling Project Happiness.

Reading shouldn't be a duty. Stop reading if you don't like the book. Then you will have more time to read what gives you pleasure.

Gretchen Rubin

And stop blaming yourself if the book is unreadable.

2. Use every free minute

Stephen King credits reading with his success as an author and advises everyone to read five hours a day. Especially if you want to be a writer. He himself does not leave the house without a book and reads everywhere. Try it yourself.

During the day, there are a lot of free minutes that can be spent on reading. Of course, you shouldn't delve into the book when meeting with friends. But why not read in line or in traffic?

3. Keep your plans to yourself

According to researchers, when we talk about our intention to achieve some big goal, we are less likely to achieve success. The very fact that we have shared information, the brain perceives as an achievement of the goal, and motivation falls.

Therefore, if you want to read more, set yourself this goal, maybe even write down the necessary steps, but do not tell others about it.

4. Limit distractions

If you are usually distracted by the TV or computer, sit down to read in another room, away from it. Otherwise, you will spend all your efforts not to turn on the TV or go to the Internet, and you will no longer have energy for reading.

This is confirmed by an experiment by psychologist Roy Baumeister. Hungry subjects were asked to solve a difficult puzzle. One group of participants was given cookies and told not to eat them; the other was not given anything. The participants who received the cookies gave up much earlier.

5. Read paper books

This will also help you not to be distracted and not waste your willpower. After all, when reading on electronic devices, we often go to the Internet and abandon reading.

Well, the paper book is just nice to hold in your hands.

6. Change your attitude towards reading

Writer Ryan Holiday sees this as a prerequisite for reading more.

Stop thinking about reading as something you have to do. Reading should become as natural as breathing or eating.

Ryan Holiday

First, try reading a certain number of pages per day. Over time, you will get used to reading.

7. Look for lists of recommendations

Decision fatigue is real. In order not to waste energy on choosing the next book, browse through the book selections. Look for references from your idols, lists from reputable publications, or well-known writers.

Of course, not everyone can read 500 pages a day, like Warren Buffett, or 50 books a year, like Bill Gates. But if you follow these tips, you will read more this year than last.