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The service you finally get to speak a foreign language: 6 reasons to use italki
The service you finally get to speak a foreign language: 6 reasons to use italki


The start of the school year is a great time to check the box next to "Pull up a foreign language" on your to-do list. We will tell you how the service will help those who want to finally overcome the language barrier and reach the level of native speakers.

The service you finally get to speak a foreign language: 6 reasons to use italki
The service you finally get to speak a foreign language: 6 reasons to use italki

1. Teachers from all over the world

is a platform where teachers from all over the world deliver online lessons. You can be anywhere in the world and learn, for example, German, studying with teachers from Germany, Belgium, Austria or Switzerland. Each teacher on the site has a detailed card with basic information: rating, prices for lessons, video presentation and professional biography. In addition, the profile contains a status that makes it easy to understand who is in front of you - a practicing linguist teacher or a native speaker with whom you can practice speaking.

The checkbox under the avatar will tell you which country your mentor is from. This is worth paying attention to those who want to go beyond the academic language and get acquainted with the cultural characteristics of a particular region. For example, the same English on italki is presented in many dialectical shades - from royal British to American slang, Australian mate or South African variant.

In addition, many teachers have scientific degrees and work experience in industries such as management, business administration, journalism, PR, marketing, and public administration. Therefore, studying at italki can be an excellent platform for international exchange of professional knowledge.

2. Large selection of languages

Italki language learning service offers a wide range of lessons
Italki language learning service offers a wide range of lessons

You can learn over 150 languages. In addition to the most popular European and Asian variants, the service helps to find native speakers of unique dialects and dialects. Today, teachers of Hindi, Ghanian Akan-Chvi, Chukchi, Farsi and even Brazilian Sign Language Libras are registered on the platform. The ability to organize such lessons offline or find courses in your city tends to zero.

Advanced polyglots can set up filters and search for teachers with a specific set of different languages to study in parallel.

3. Intuitive interface

The service is intuitive. The most simple and convenient registration system allows you to start learning in just a couple of clicks. You can log in with a standard email and password, or log in through a convenient social network. At the start, the platform asks which language you speak, which one you came to study, and specifies your current level of proficiency in a foreign language. Based on this information, the algorithms form the initial feed of the teachers. Then you can play with filters and optimize the results for a specific request: by price, teacher status, region, working hours, and so on. To sign up for a lesson, just press the big red button "Assign", select free time and get confirmation from the mentor.

All important information is stored in your personal account. There you can see a list of completed lessons, account balance, check the calendar, or read a helpful FAQ about the service. And if you don't know what your level of foreign language proficiency is, you can take an internal test on italki.

4. Real trial lessons

To make it clear to the student how the classes are structured, the platform offers each beginner three trial lessons. When meeting with the teacher, tell a little about yourself and your goals. So it will be easier for him to compose a personal program for your needs: taking into account the need to improve grammar, start speaking, master business or professional vocabulary, prepare for an international exam. The practice of test sessions helps new users of the service to look closely at several mentors at once and understand with whom it is more comfortable to study. The demos last the same as the standard ones, but are cheaper.

By the way, studying will not cost an insane amount. Prices for classes in the most popular and demanded languages generally start at $ 5 per hour. In addition, the platform allows you to significantly save money due to the referral program. For each new user registered using your link, you can get up to $ 30 for your own lessons.

5. Convenient schedule

Italki language learning service is a convenient schedule
Italki language learning service is a convenient schedule

All lessons are held in the format of video conferencing, so you can easily build an individual training schedule. Unlike courses and even private lessons with a tutor, studying in does not require you to reshape plans and make compromises with your own schedule. All you need is a gadget and a fast internet.

When getting to know the platform, it is more convenient to search for the time you need through filters. When the ideal teacher is finally found - through his personal calendar. The service takes into account time zones and shows the intervals available to both, so you don't have to think about what time it is on the other side of the planet.

6. Free practice in the community

Everyone who enrolls in is a student. It is both a self-education platform and a hobby forum. You can post to discussion threads, comment on other users' posts, join conversations, and meet people from all over the world. Based on your preferences, the service will suggest popular publications in the Editor's Choice section, and a convenient hashtag system will help you navigate the community pages. And also in the "Exercises" tab, tasks for self-education and training are collected so that the learning process does not stop while you are waiting for the next lesson.