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Cool Workout That Will Make Your Hips Burn
Cool Workout That Will Make Your Hips Burn

A killer foot day for advanced athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Cool Workout That Will Make Your Hips Burn
Cool Workout That Will Make Your Hips Burn

Why you should try this workout

This workout consists of five supersets - combinations of exercises that are performed one after the other without rest. They will help:

  • Pump up the entire lower body … Exercises will strengthen the front, back and inner thighs, work out the gluteal muscles and properly load the calves.
  • Strengthen your core muscles … During training, the extensors of the back, the rectus and oblique abdominal muscles and the gluteus medius will work well.
  • Improve endurance and speed … Superset plyometric movements will help develop power and explosive strength, and minimal rest between exercises will increase overall and strength endurance.
  • Improve coordination and balance … Exercises include a variety of movements: up-down, forward-backward and side-to-side, jumping and fast movement. This will increase your speed and accuracy and help you feel more confident in performing any motor tasks.
  • Spend a lot of calories … With minimal rest, your heart rate will remain high throughout your workout. This will help you spend much more energy than during quieter power loads.

What you need for the lesson

First of all, for training, you need good physical shape and an understanding of the technique of basic strength movements. So, if this is your first time going to the gym and don't know how to work with a barbell yet, consider simpler complexes.

From the equipment you will need the following:

  • barbell and pancakes;
  • shop;
  • weights or dumbbells;
  • medball;
  • TRX ‑ loops;
  • plyometric box (box) or other stable elevation;
  • cones for plyometric training.

If a piece of equipment is not available, an alternative can be found. For example, do without cones or use a barbell pancake instead of a medball.

How to do a workout

First of all, you need to warm up. Do some light cardiovascular exercise for 5-7 minutes, such as walking or jogging on a treadmill, pedaling on a stationary bike, or jumping rope.

Then do a joint warm-up: twist your shoulders, elbows and wrists, hips and knees, perform bends and turns of the body.

After that, you can start training. It consists of five supersets.

Superset 1

  • Squats with dumbbells - 7-10 times.
  • Good Morning - 10-12 times.
  • Step up the dais - 10 reps from each leg.

Superset 2

  • Bulgarian Kettlebell Split Squats - 7-10 reps per leg.
  • Sumo squats - 7-10 reps.
  • Jumping lunges - 12-20 reps.

Superset 3

  • Deadlift - 7-10 reps
  • Lunges with twisting of the body with a medicine ball - 7-10 turns in each direction.
  • Side jumps with advance - 30-60 seconds.

Superset 4

  • Squats with a barbell on the chest - 6-9 times.
  • Raising the pelvis with support on a bench with a barbell on the hips - 7-10 reps.
  • Running sideways - 30-60 seconds.

Superset 5

  • Squat and T-Bar Press - 7-10 reps.
  • Cross Lunge with TRX Loops - 7-10 reps.
  • Boxing jumps - 10-12 reps.

In a superset, there is no rest between exercises. You do the movements one after the other, then a break of 30-60 seconds and the transition to the next block. So make sure you have access to the equipment you need in advance. Otherwise, you will have to hurry to collect the barbell or wait for someone to release the dumbbells.

Select the weight of the shells in such a way that you can complete the approach with the feeling that you can do another 3-5 times. Do not overdo it with weight: due to fatigue, your technique can deteriorate, which increases the risk of injury.

Also, you can run not all supersets in a row, but only some of them. For example, choose the first and third and do each of them three times with a rest of 30-60 seconds.

How to do exercise

Dumbbell Squats

Take dumbbells or kettlebells and hold them over your shoulders in bent arms. Squat until your hips are parallel to the floor. Make sure that the heels do not come off the surface at the lowest point, after straightening, squeeze the buttocks to better load them.

Good Morning

Supersets on the legs: Good Morning Exercise
Supersets on the legs: Good Morning Exercise

Place the barbell on your back, place your feet hip-width apart, and straighten your back. Bend your knees slightly, take your pelvis back and tilt your body with a straight back to parallel with the floor. Return to starting position and repeat.

Stepping up the dais

Find a platform 40-50 cm high, take dumbbells in your hands. Place your foot on the edge of the chosen support, transfer your body weight to your working leg and rise. Straighten the support knee fully and then step back onto the floor. Do a full set with one leg and then the other.

Bulgarian Split Kettlebell Squats

Take a small kettlebell, dumbbell, or barbell pancake and hold it in front of your chest in bent arms. Stand with your back to a low support and put the toe of one foot on it. Squat down to the parallel of the supporting thigh with the floor, keeping the body straight, and return to the starting position. Perform the required number of times, first on the right and then on the left.

Sumo squats

Take a kettlebell or dumbbell and hold it in straight, lowered hands. Spread your legs twice as wide as your shoulders and turn the toes of your feet to the sides. Squat to parallel hips with the floor, spreading your knees to the sides and keeping your back straight.

Jumping lunges

Lunge forward, jump up and switch legs in the air. After landing, immediately lunge on the other leg and continue working this way. It is better to do this exercise on a soft surface, so as not to hit your knee with a swing on a hard floor.


Collect a barbell with a weight of about 65% of your 1RM. Bend your knees, lean towards the bar and grab the bar with a straight grip slightly wider than your shoulders. While holding it in your hands, fully straighten your knee and hip joints.

Keeping your body rigid and back straight, gently lower the barbell back to the floor and repeat. Keep your lower back neutral, press with your feet on the floor and guide the bar close to your shins.

Twisting lunges with a medicine ball

Take a medball or dumbbell, lunge forward with your right leg and extend your arms with a weight in front of your chest. Make sure your shoulders are over your hips and not tilted to the sides, and tighten your abs.

Rotate your torso and arms to the right, then return to a straight position and exit the lunge. Repeat the required number of times on one leg, and then do the same on the other.

Side jumping with advance

Line the cones or pancakes into a straight line approximately 5 meters long. If this is not possible, you can do without marking and just imagine a strip on the floor.

Stand sideways to your line, drop into a shallow squat and jump sharply up and diagonally to the other side of the mark. Bend your legs gently on landing and make the same jump to the other side of the mark.

Continue the exercise moving forward until you reach the end of your line. Then turn around and move back in the same way.

Barbell Chest Squat

Supersets for legs: squats with a barbell on the chest
Supersets for legs: squats with a barbell on the chest

As with the deadlift, use a weight around 65% of your 1RM.

Take the barbell off the racks, point your elbows forward, straighten your back and bend in the chest. Perform a squat with your back straight and your heels flat on the floor. Climb back up and repeat.

Raising the pelvis with support on a bench with a barbell on the hips

Supersets on the legs: lifting the pelvis with support on a bench with a barbell on the hips
Supersets on the legs: lifting the pelvis with support on a bench with a barbell on the hips

Sit on the floor with your back to the bench, put a barbell with a soft pad on your hips. Bend your knees and place your feet on the floor. Leaning on the bench with your back in the area of the shoulder blades, lift your butt off the floor and fully straighten at the hip joints.

Squeeze your buttocks at the highest point, and then lower yourself back to the starting position, but do not put your pelvis on the floor. Continue bending and unbending at the hip joints while holding the bar with your hands.

Running sideways

Mark a distance of 3-5 meters, depending on the width of your room. You can use cones, pancakes as extreme points - or just remember the length of the segment.

Stand with your right side to your mark, bend your knees and tilt your body slightly with a straight back. Touch the floor with your right hand, and then move quickly towards the second mark.

Touch it and run back again. Continue to move left and right, trying to move your legs as quickly as possible.

Squat and T-Bar Press

Take a regular bar from the bar, put the pancake on one end, and leave the other empty and rest it against a corner or wall. Holding the end of the bar in bent arms in front of your chest, do the squat. Then, in a continuous movement, straighten up and squeeze the bar up. Return your arms to your chest and repeat the exercise from the beginning.

Cross Lunge with TRX ‑ Loops

If your gym does not have training loops, you can use low-hanging rings. Grasp the loops and lower into a lunge, turning one leg after the other back and crosswise. Do not reach the knee to the floor, as in normal lunges - leave it on weight. Get up and repeat again on the same leg. Perform the required number of movements on one side and then on the other.

Boxing Jumping

Find a stable support 40-50 cm high. Jump onto the platform and step back down.

What to do for a hitch

If you are not in a hurry, after a workout, you should walk along the path or calmly pedal the exercise bike for 5-10 minutes. You can also roll out your hips and buttocks on a massage roller and do some stretching exercises for your working muscles.