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10 mystery films for those who like to break their heads
10 mystery films for those who like to break their heads

Intricate and fascinating plots, non-linear narration, a kaleidoscope of life stories, mysteries, puzzles, secrets - if all this takes your breath away, then you will definitely like the riddle films from this collection.

10 mystery films for those who like to break their heads
10 mystery films for those who like to break their heads


  • Action, thriller, fantasy.
  • USA, UK, 2010.
  • Duration: 148 minutes
  • IMDb: 8, 8.

Industrial spy Dominic Cobb is famous for stealing corporate secrets using shared dreaming technology. In order to return to his children, he agrees to an almost impossible job.

Mind games

  • Drama, biography.
  • USA, 2001.
  • Duration: 135 minutes
  • IMDb: 8, 2.

After the talented but extremely uncommunicative mathematician John Nash agrees to work for a special department of the CIA, his life changes dramatically not for the better.


  • Drama, thriller, crime.
  • USA, 2014.
  • Duration: 149 minutes
  • IMDb: 8, 1.

The intricate story of the relationship between a married couple, Nick and Amy Dunn, for a while becomes the real property of the public. Where has Amy gone? Who kidnapped her? Is this Nick's fault? There seem to be more questions than answers here.

12 monkeys

  • Science fiction, thriller, detective.
  • USA, 1995.
  • Duration: 129 minutes
  • IMDb: 8, 0.

The film is set in the world of the future, in 2035. The planet is on the verge of extinction due to deadly diseases. The criminal James Cole is sent back in time to gather information about a man-made virus that has killed so many people.


  • Drama.
  • USA, 1999.
  • Duration: 189 minutes
  • IMDb: 8, 0.

An epic mosaic of interconnected signs, coincidences and coincidences that happened simultaneously in the San Fernando Valley and changed the lives of many people.

Mr. Nobody

  • Science fiction, drama.
  • Belgium, Germany, 2009.
  • Duration: 138 minutes
  • IMDb: 7, 9.

A little boy stands on a railway platform and tries to choose with whom to stay: with dad or with mom. Until he makes a decision, his possibilities are endless. But once you make a choice, nothing can be changed. How will his fate turn out?

Best offer

  • Melodrama, thriller.
  • Italy, 2013.
  • Duration: 131 minutes
  • IMDb: 7, 8.

An elderly and highly respected collector of antiques receives an extremely mysterious order for the assessment of antiques from a young heiress, who for some reason has long been unwilling to show herself to anyone and leave her mansion.

Highway to nowhere

  • Thriller, detective.
  • USA, France, 1996.
  • Duration: 134 minutes
  • IMDb: 7, 6.

The life of saxophonist Fred Madison is turned upside down after meeting a mysterious stranger at a noisy party. Fred is sent to prison for murder, his wife is found dead, and for some reason he himself begins to consider himself a completely different person.

Cloud Atlas

  • Science fiction, drama.
  • USA, Germany, 2012.
  • Duration: 172 minutes
  • IMDb: 7, 5.

Six separate stories are intricately intertwined, influencing each other in the past, present and future and proving that everything in the world is closely interconnected.

The fountain

  • Science fiction, drama.
  • USA, Canada, 2006.
  • Duration: 96 minutes
  • IMDb: 7, 3.

An oncologist is trying to find a cure that would cure his terminally ill wife, but suddenly discovers that first he has to deal with his own fears.

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