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13 myths about life that need to be destroyed
13 myths about life that need to be destroyed

Every day we make decisions, guided by some well-known truths and facts. Some of them are completely wrong. The life hacker shattered these myths, armed with the results of scientific research.

13 myths about life that need to be destroyed
13 myths about life that need to be destroyed

1. Money is the best way to reward an employee

It can be assumed that the best way to reward a subordinate at work is a cash bonus or a salary increase. However, recent research has shown that people will not appreciate such a move.

Many have confessed that there is nothing better than praise from the boss or free pizza for the entire office. It is surprising, but true: these "bonuses" were preferred by the employees. a one-off payment or a small salary increase. The feeling that your work is appreciated is more important than money.

2. A calm person is a pleasant person

Being calm is a bad way to earn the respect of others. If you think that a calm person looks balanced, competent and strong, you are wrong.

Emotions (even the brightest) are a way to build relationships with other people. When you don't show any feelings, people lose touch with you. … To those around you, you seem to be an insensitive, stubborn and difficult person. So it's better to show emotions.

3. Good grades at school - good grades at university

High school performance does not in any way affect the way you will study at the university. A school report card with good grades, most likely, will not help in any way at the university. After all, studying at an institute or university is much more difficult and responsible than at school. There is no external control, and the objects are complex. Therefore, it is not worth hoping that the former high school student will become the pride of the faculty. …

4. Polite people are good people

Overly polite people can be very dangerous. You should take a closer look at the employee who constantly compliments your work, although you are simply performing routine tasks.

Studies have shown that people who constantly smile, speak politely and are very helpful are much more likely to betray their acquaintances and easily overstep their own moral convictions. …

5. Better to build a career than change jobs

Our parents spent their lives building careers. It was common for them not to change jobs over the years. Modern trends are changing this state of affairs, turning the concept of a career into a myth.

Today, jobs are changed quite often, turning this area of their life into a long-term experiment. Work becomes a way of self-expression, and the profession can be adjusted or changed if you really want to.

6. Appearance is not important

Despite the fact that today the movement of positive perception of one's own body (body positive) is becoming more and more popular, "realistic" parameters of beauty are being promoted, the present state of affairs is not so rosy.

The life of beautiful people is different from the life of those who are not so lucky with their appearance. Research is breaking the myth that looks don't matter. According to scientific papers, beautiful people get higher wages, move up the career ladder faster, and are more loved at work.

7. Decisions need to be made quickly

If you thought that decisions should be made quickly and confidently, we hasten to disappoint you. Research confirms that such decisions will be wrong and bad. Therefore, do not fall for the common myth and try to make all decisions thoughtfully and carefully. …

8. Brainstorming Increases Creativity

In fact, the benefits of brainstorming are exaggerated. This myth is easy to destroy on your own. You’ve definitely noticed that the most ingenious plans to enslave the world come to mind when you shower, go out for a snack, or meditate over your morning cup of coffee. This is because the brain is most creative when it is not overloaded with extra work. Want to come up with a cool idea? Stop thinking about it.

9. Passive rest is the best rest

Do you like passive relaxation, for example, watching TV shows and not removing the blanket from your knees? Many people believe that this is the best way to relax. The author of The Stream, Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, thinks differently. He is in a hurry to destroy the myth and says that passive rest is the worst way to spend time outside of work.

Passive rest is a waste of time. You simply absorb information without gaining any new skills or abilities. Sooner or later, passive rest will bring not pleasure, but disappointment from the mediocre lost time.

10. Parents always know when their kids are lying

A common myth sometimes takes on a different formulation. It is believed that those specialists who often and for a long time work with children (educators, teachers, nannies) are able to recognize children's lies unmistakably.

Research. they destroy this myth. Even the most experienced parents or professionals are unable to understand if the child in front of them is lying. Oh, if only the children knew about it!

11. To look professional at work, you need to adhere to the dress code

It is believed that adherence to the dress code in the office is a sign of professionalism and responsibility. But the existence of the red sneaker effect destroys this myth.

Small deviations from the rules are regarded by others as something that emphasizes the originality and exclusivity of a person. For example, if you do your job well and complement a formal suit with bright sneakers, then others will consider you a genius person.

12. You should ask teenagers how their day went

Remember this feeling: you come home from school, throw your backpack on the floor, and all your dreams are only about changing into comfortable clothes as soon as possible, hiding in your room and recovering? This is why parents shouldn't rush in with questions like, "How was your day?" …

Parents believe that this is how they can control the lives of their children. But in most cases, the honest answer to the question "How was your day?" sounds something like this:

  • Geography is boring.
  • The mathematics is incomprehensible.
  • Vasya is a fool, and Lena spreads gossip.
  • The teacher is annoying.

When you're a teenager, every day is hard. And I don't want to worry about it again, answering questions from parents.

13. Introverts and extroverts are completely different

The two types of people described in many works on psychology are not all that different. Despite the fact that psychologists like to divide us into introverts and extroverts, this clear division is more like a myth than a reality.

Introverts and extroverts are very similar in what kind of vacation they prefer. Both those and others sooner or later get tired of the company of other people. And then they need to be alone with themselves. It turned out that introverts and extroverts prefer to spend this time in the same way. Both of them love to read. …

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