15 life hacks to make your travel around the USA even more enjoyable
15 life hacks to make your travel around the USA even more enjoyable

Where in America you can ride the subway for free, how to get inexpensive tickets for a Broadway musical, from which observation deck it is more convenient to enjoy the views of New York - little tricks from the traveler Nadezhda Vasilyeva, which will not be written about in guidebooks.

15 life hacks to make your travel around the USA even more enjoyable
15 life hacks to make your travel around the USA even more enjoyable

If you are going to go on an unforgettable trip across the ocean to the United States of America, then be prepared for the fact that it will not do without problems. The United States is a country for which you cannot be fully prepared. You will remember the first trip there forever. As well as all subsequent ones.

There are two main rules that will prevent you from wasting your savings and, possibly, save you from unwanted adventures: you need to be cunning and sociable! In the States, you will have to learn to find a common language with any person (fans of racist jokes and ardent patriots of the Motherland will have a hard time), because even electronic gadgets sometimes fail, and the locals always know the right way. In the United States, there are great lovers of chatting and helping you in a difficult situation. But nevertheless, you must always be on your guard!

There are general tips that will be useful to any tourist conquering the United States:

  • If you are going to visit an amusement park or famous landmarks (Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Rockefeller Center), then it is more convenient and cheaper to buy entrance tickets online.
  • Don't forget to check out such a great resource as CouchSurfing. In the United States, this is a chance to save on accommodation, meet and chat with interesting people, get to know the city from a side that is inaccessible to an ordinary tourist staying at a hotel. Anything can happen when traveling, including the possibility of being left homeless. In this case, you can use emergency couchsurfing.
  • If you are traveling by regular buses (such as Greyhound), use night flights: save valuable time and a little money.
  • Beware of the pesky seagulls circling the coastline. They are not just accustomed to people, but literally attacking visitors basking in the sun, stealing food, things from their bags and everything that was left unattended from them.

These are more or less well-known and obvious things. I would also like to share some life hacks, very useful and acquired through experience. Keep in mind, however, that some of them take a bit of courage.

1 -

On any trip, you need to know where you can buy groceries, some medicines or other necessary things (for example, an umbrella). Remember: a pharmacy in the States has absolutely everything! This is the most needed and important store, where you will find a bottle of water, a set of plasters, a guidebook or a city map, and in the sunny states you will also need a hat.

2 -

Travel across America
Travel across America

Be careful with the US underground. Each city has its own rules and difficulties. For example, in the New York subway, many people manage to get through with a hare. There are no controllers on the trains. If you slip through without payment, it is unlikely that someone will run after you.

In Washington, on the other hand, everything is very strict. The capital, after all. When you enter the metro, you buy a ticket from station to station, its cost depends on the destination. The ticket must be kept before exiting the metro, otherwise you will not be able to pass through the turnstile.

Things are much simpler in Baltimore, Maryland. Nobody checks the tickets, there are often no controllers in the booths at the turnstiles, so you don't even have to buy a ticket.

3 -

New York and the capital Washington are must-see cities for everyone who comes to the United States for the first time. And for those who like to go to museums, there is very good news! In Washington, all museums are free, and in New York you can get to many of them, for example, the Metropolitan Museum or MOMA, for mere pennies: at the checkout, say that you want to make a donation as a foreigner (donation), and you can pay at least 1 dollar!

4 -

If you have arrived in the capital of the United States and want to admire the beautiful views of the city, but there are no tickets left for the observation tower at the Washington Monument - do not despair! On the territory of Arlington Cemetery, from the hill near the mansion of Robert Lee, you will have an incredible panorama of the whole of Washington, and completely free of charge!

5 -

Broadway musical
Broadway musical

For fans of musicals, there is a great life hack on how to get tickets for expensive performances at a reasonable price. Every day, early in the morning, starting at seven o'clock, at the doors of famous theaters on Broadway, a huge queue of people wishing to buy tickets for any performance for some $ 30 is lining up! Believe me, this is an adequate price, considering that a ticket usually starts at $ 80. The only drawback: you need to arrive as early as possible in order to take a seat in front of the line, since the number of tickets is limited.

6 -

Any guide to New York will strongly recommend that you visit the observation deck. And this is truly an unforgettable sight. The view of the city from the 100th floor of the building is breathtaking and your knees begin to tremble. But don't rush to the Empire State Building, New York's most popular observation deck. The view from the rooftop of Rockefeller Center will be a hundred times more incredible!

Firstly, Rockefeller Center has two observation decks, and one of them has an exit to the very roof of the building. Secondly, there is no grid or any obstacles that interfere with viewing. Unfortunately, the Empire State Building has a high grid that will spoil your impressions and beautiful photos.

Both buildings are the same in height. But in Rockefeller Center there is a little less queue and a slightly cheaper ticket. And watching the Empire State Building glowing with lights is much more pleasant, since the top of Rockefeller Center is not particularly highlighted.

7 -

Arriving in New York, everyone immediately rushes to Times Square. For city residents, this is the main square, in terms of importance as Palace Square in St. Petersburg or Red Square in Moscow. But not in beauty, of course. Be aware that Times Square is not open 24/7! It is closed for several hours, approximately from four to seven in the morning. And yes, there is Wi-Fi.

8 -

If you don't want to be limited to just the eastern part of the United States and plan to head west, then adventure is invariably waiting for you there. Las Vegas - a never sleeping city where life is in full swing at night - is not as simple as it seems. The casino is very strict with the rules: they will only be allowed to the gambling tables if they have a passport and reach the age of 21. And nothing else. And any attempts at fraud can be rather harshly suppressed.

9 -

Remember: the Bellagio fountains are not open all the time. Just imagine how much electricity would be spent! Check the internet for the timetable when the fountains turn on for this beautiful sight.

10 -

You don't need a car to visit the Grand Canyon. Tours are organized there every day from Las Vegas. You will also visit the Hoover Dam, drive along the mysterious Highway 66, and, of course, a delicious lunch will be included in the price! But it is better to book the tour in advance online, otherwise there may not be places.

11 -

If fate has brought you to Los Angeles, keep in mind that often for guests of hostels and hotels, tickets to amusement parks (and there are many of them there) and to various tours can cost much less than if you purchase them locally at the box office. Be sure to ask the reception.

12 -

Los Angeles is a city for people with a car. And nothing else! If you cannot rent a car, then most of the attractions will be difficult for you to access: they are all very far from each other.

For example, Mulholland Drive will definitely not be available to you, as it is a long serpentine, stuffed with celebrity houses, where there is no hiking trail. So either rent a car or meet one of the tour guides. With a good set of circumstances, you can arrange private excursions for a small fee, and in some cases it is completely free. Believe me, there are many former compatriots or people who simply sympathize with Russia.

13 -

For those who like to visit places familiar from famous TV series or films, it will be useful to know that the house of the sisters from the TV series "Charmed" is not at all in San Francisco, but in Los Angeles! Like many other sets for famous Hollywood films.

14 -

Cable car in the USA
Cable car in the USA

San Francisco is a city that simply cannot be missed if you are exploring America's west coast. And one of the main attractions (and quite exotic) is the cable car that walks around the central part of the city. I must say that the cost of a trip on it is rather big, but there is one trick. It has seating and standing areas. Even standing areas will provide you with incredible emotions and unforgettable views. Don't be like the locals, for whom San Francisco is just the city where they live.

The tram has a controller who checks the availability of tickets or collects "tribute" for a ticket from careless tourists. But after all, tourists are tourists because they are allowed to pretend to be silly. Therefore, you can safely jump into the tram at a stop, while standing to enjoy the views, and when the controller approaches, jump off and change to another (their speed is low). Or explain to the controller that you did not know about the toll and you should get off at the next stop. He will not hold you back by force and force you to pay. The main thing is to be bolder and lighter.

15 -

Many travel to California for the breathtaking view of the Golden Gate Bridge. And, unfortunately, not everyone realizes that the climate in San Francisco is almost the same as in St. Petersburg. And thick fog is an integral part of the life of this city. Be sure to check the weather, catch the happy moment when sharp climatic changes are not expected, and run to enjoy the magnificent sight. It's worth it.

Traveling in America will undoubtedly change you and leave many impressions. Perhaps you will find your favorite place in New York or be fascinated by one of the cozy cafes in San Francisco, meet amazing people or meet old friends. Take your time for this. If you decide to visit the United States, then go for at least a month. Take a lot of batteries for your camera and get ready for some amazing twists of fate. Traveling around the USA is always interesting and unpredictable.

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