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How much is life in New York
How much is life in New York

The topic of money in America is very delicate. It is not customary to ask about income and expenses here, but we will tear down this veil of tact for you.

How much is life in New York
How much is life in New York

According to the Cost of Living City Ranking statistics, New York is one of the 15 most expensive cities in the world. I often hear about how great it is to live in the United States, because salaries are high here.

First, let's define the concepts:

  • low income in the USA - below $ 3,000 per month (~ 200,000 rubles).
  • the average income is about $ 5,000 (~ 340,000 rubles).
  • high income - from 10,000 dollars (~ 670,000 rubles).

The prices are average, the amounts in rubles are rounded.


life in new york
life in new york

Doctors, dentists, lawyers are among the top paid professions in the United States.

As in the rest of the world, low wages go to service personnel, where tips are saved. Students and immigrants mostly fall into this category.

It is difficult to remain unemployed in this city, everyone gets a job, even those who do not speak English. I asked around and found out that the administrator of the medical center earns $ 15 (1,000 rubles) per hour, the Uber driver - on average $ 2,000 (136,000 rubles) per week, the cashier in the store - $ 2,500 (170,000 rubles) per hour a month (if you work seven days a week), and the driver of a heavy truck - 5,000 dollars (340,000 rubles) per month. Still, the trucker's job is tough given the irregular schedules, traffic hazards and different laws in each state.

In general, the salary is announced either in hourly wages or in the amount paid for the year. Keep in mind that in New York, 30% of taxes will be deducted from it.


Renting a one-room apartment in Manhattan starts at $ 3,000 (204,000 rubles) per month.

A lot of Russians go to live in Brooklyn, Brighton Beach, where you can find housing from 1,000 dollars (68,000 rubles).

We rent a room in central Brooklyn for $ 1,500 (102,000 rubles) per month, plus electricity bills that run up to $ 200 (13,600 rubles) during the winter season. They paid a deposit of $ 1,500 (102,000 rubles) and bought furniture for $ 1,200 (81,600 rubles). In New York, finding a furnished apartment is a rarity.

Why is it so expensive for the room? We have a new house, open roof with barbecue, free parking, gym, dishwasher, washing machine, air conditioning, metro nearby and all the comforts of life.

Buying a home is made easy by a low interest rate, but prices are biting. The spread is large: from 400,000 dollars (27 million rubles) for a studio in Brooklyn to 1.5 million dollars (102 million rubles) for a house on Rockaway Beach in Queens, because this is a prestigious area. With great opportunities, you can purchase a penthouse in Manhattan for $ 50 million (about 3.5 billion rubles).


life in new york
life in new york

I use the subway. An unlimited card costs 121 dollars (8,000 rubles) per month.

Taking into account paid parking, insurance, technical inspections, gasoline and traffic jams, car maintenance is not a cheap pleasure.

The last taxi ride cost $ 35 (RUR 2,400) for 30 minutes.

Until the snow falls, you can use city bicycles, the annual subscription costs 120 dollars (8,000 rubles).

Communication and media services

We use a family plan, that is, the more family members are connected, the lower the payment. The monthly subscription fee for cellular communication with unlimited internet is $ 40 (2,700 rubles), with free Netflix as a bonus. Full rate without discount - $ 70 (RUB 4,700).

Internet - $ 55 (RUB 3,750) per month.

Spotify app - $ 6 (RUB 400) for family plan.


There are different types of insurance with different conditions. Basic insurance - $ 380 (25,800 rubles), dental insurance - $ 40 (2,700 rubles) for two, the rest is covered by the employer.

The cost of an appointment with a doctor is fixed - $ 30 (2,000 rubles).

To put a seal - $ 50 (3,400 rubles).

No one will sell you medicines without a prescription. Their prices are 3-4 times higher than in Russia, even with insurance.


I spend from 50 to 100 dollars a week for food (3,400–6,800 rubles). I go grocery shopping at a regular convenience store.

Here is the approximate cost of the products:

  • tea - 4 dollars (300 rubles);
  • pasta - 2-3 dollars per 400 g (120-200 rubles);
  • quinoa - $ 10 for 400 g (700 rubles);
  • strawberries - $ 4 per 500 g (280 rubles);
  • vegetarian sausages - $ 5 for 350 g (350 rubles);
  • tomatoes - $ 1.5 per 500 g (100 rubles);
  • avocado - 2 dollars per 1 piece (140 rubles);
  • a bunch of greens - $ 1.5 (100 rubles);
  • a bar of chocolate - $ 1.5 (100 rubles);
  • ground coffee - $ 8 for 350 g (560 rubles);
  • milk - from $ 2 per 1 liter (140 rubles);
  • kefir - $ 8 for 1.5 liters (560 rubles);
  • cookies - from $ 2 per 200 g (140 rubles);
  • condensed milk - 4 dollars per 400 g (280 rubles);
  • almond milk - $ 4 per liter (280 rubles);
  • blueberries - 4 dollars per 1 kg (280 rubles);
  • flour - 2 dollars per 1 kg (140 rubles).

Sometimes I visit the Korean store H-mart, where you can find curd cheeses for 3 dollars (200 rubles) apiece and various interesting products like smoked tofu, candies from matcha - 7 dollars (480 rubles) for a pack of 100 g - or a set for an Asian soup for 10 dollars (680 rubles).

Fruits and vegetables in any shop are cheap, usually everything is ripe and fresh.

life in new york
life in new york

True, once they sold me a pound of cherries for 13 dollars (880 rubles) instead of three. It was already too lazy to come back and argue, so check the check, do not hope that everyone in the United States is extremely honest.

For my birthday, I faced the problem of buying a cake: cheaper than $ 100 (6,800 rubles), you cannot find a high-quality large cake in pastry shops.

Buckwheat can be ordered through iHerb or found in supermarkets on Brighton Beach - 4-7 dollars (280-480 rubles). There is everything from kvass to dumplings. True, my friend, who worked in such a place, strongly discouraged buying food in the Russian region.

I do not suffer from a lack of domestic products. There is too much choice in New York.

life in new york
life in new york

Lunch at a simple Asian cafe will cost you $ 10 (680 rubles) for a large portion.

Dinner for two in a good restaurant - about $ 300 (20,400 rubles).

McDonald's in New York is a haven for tourists and homeless people, because it's cheap and on every corner. Starbucks is a higher level. A glass of coffee costs 3–7 dollars (200–470 rubles).


The bulk of the Big Apple population works hard. Weekends - at home with family and friends, trips out of town, going to bars, exhibitions or sporting events.

Movie ticket - $ 16 (1,000 rubles).

Entry to city museums, zoos, botanical gardens is free, since I am officially a New Yorker.

For the rest, the entrance to the Metropolitan Museum from May 1, 2018 became paid - $ 25 (1,750 rubles). Previously, the Pay What You Wish (PWYW) system operated, that is, “pay as much as you want”.

A ticket to the zoo - from $ 10 (700 rubles). To the Brooklyn Botanical Garden - 15 dollars (1,000 rubles). Sometimes there is free admission - on Fridays in the morning.

The Museum of Modern Art (MOMA) can be visited free of charge every Friday from 16:00 to 20:00. Admission on other days is $ 25.

Renting a yacht for six people - from $ 500 for two hours (35,300 rubles). A helicopter ride costs $ 350 for 30 minutes (24,500 rubles).

The beaches are free.

Personal care

Washing your hair, trimming your hair and styling using professional products costs from $ 100 (6,800 rubles) in a good salon. Recently I found a chain of Japanese hairdressing salons where a haircut costs $ 20 (1,360 rubles), but the difference is obvious. You can go through dry hair with scissors on your own at home.

The cost of a manicure starts at $ 50 (3,500 rubles), if you wish, you can find a Russian master who will do it for $ 25 (1,750 rubles).

An hour of massage - $ 150-200 (10,300-14,000 rubles).


Shopping is a tedious task. There are no shopping malls within the city, which include everything. We use online retailers like Amazon for an add-on Prime service that costs $ 15 (RUB 1,000) a month and includes fast shipping, free movies, audiobooks, and music.

You can often get on sales, the discounts are really good, up to 80%. Gradually, I came to the conclusion that buying cosmetics and clothes is cheaper than in Moscow.

Total monthly expenses for a family of two are at least $ 3,500 (238,000 rubles), if this modest budget does not include large purchases, mortgage payments, renting an expensive apartment, expensive entertainment and travel outside the United States. Here, as in any country in the world, costs depend on your needs and capabilities.

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