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How to become the best at what you do
How to become the best at what you do

To become the best at what you do is a serious goal that requires serious action. If you are determined, then we suggest not to postpone the changes on the back burner!

How to become the best at what you do
How to become the best at what you do

Think hard again. Perhaps you are not really interested in this. Indeed, in order to get on the list of the best, you need to radically change your measured life and, perhaps, even reconsider fundamental values.

This article is a detailed algorithm, following which you can fulfill your innermost dream. It has two parts.

The first goal is to cover basic needs

1. Start as a layman

Kenzie and Harris were recently married. They graduated from university and worked as consultants in a hardware store. In their free time, the newlyweds recorded cover versions of famous songs and published them on YouTube and Vine.

They managed to save enough money to quit the store and work on their music. They made new publications every day. For several months in a row, almost no one noticed their work. There were few subscribers - only a thousand people.

But that all changed when they published this video.

It instantly went viral, and the very next day, agents called the musicians and offered a contract. They can now cover their basic needs - paying bills and the simplest food - and keep working on their music careers.

Kenzie and Harris started out as amateurs. They had talent. But more importantly, they strived to create the best every day. Quantity always grows into quality.

Without professional education, few people are able to start their own business. People usually try to do only what they can, and then do it all over and over again. Such people are still very fond of calling it perfectionism. In fact, they are afraid that others will think badly of them.

If you think too long, you will not budge.

2. Get an education

Take your dreams seriously. Most people don't do that. And you start. Take care of your own education.

Trainings and educational courses are not the key to success. But they will definitely become a part of it, because they will help develop skills and discover talents in themselves.

After completing one course of study, start immediately looking for the next. Learn constantly. And you will know for sure that you are ready to move to the next level when you attract teachers who will help you reach the heights.

3. Stop following the rules that everyone else lives by

Remember: if something is popular, then you don't need it. Most people are mediocre in what they do, and for a reason. They use well-known ways to achieve the goal, and this is slow and ineffective.

When everyone is heading north, turn around and run south. And vice versa. You need to move away from the goal that everyone else is striving for. Otherwise, one cannot separate from the crowd.

If your ideas do not seem a little (or not a little) crazy to you and those around you, you are most likely taking the safe route. But for the world to play by your rules, you need to create them yourself. Ignore spiteful critics, tacit agreements and laws. Listen only to your heart and inner voice, trust your intuition. When you are honest with yourself, the world reciprocates and you only attract the best.

4. Be patient

To survive all of the above, please be patient. This is a fundamental trait without which you cannot become who you dream to be.

Everyone knows how to run. Almost no one can do this every morning for 10 years. You need patience, because life is a long marathon that tests us for strength every day.

If you honestly followed all of the above points and tried your best, you will soon notice something strange. Life will begin to change. You will want to spend less time with your friends, but you will be happy to complete difficult tasks, take risks, find a mentor, go to educational courses … and you will still feel a little silly. But be patient: after all this will come what you were striving for. You will finally achieve self-sufficiency.

The second goal is to do your job better than anyone else in the world

You can get into the list of the best if you carefully and thoroughly repeat what professionals and geniuses do. However, you can only become the best in the world if you leave all doubts behind. You need to walk along the edge and not fall down, using all the knowledge gained and destroying the existing foundations.

1. Optimize your life

Change your life so that every minute is well spent. Now every step you take matters a lot. You will either get closer to your goal or waste your time. What needs to be optimized?

  1. Diet.
  2. Hobbies.
  3. Time spent with friends.
  4. Morning and evening routines.

Most people follow their habits. They wake up, open social networks, check their mail. Maybe even reading a good book. But all this does not make any sense, since it does not serve a great purpose in any way.

You need to make the most of your subconscious mind. When you meet with friends, take a bath or sleep, your subconscious mind is actively working on the main tasks. Even when you are resting, it is still trying to solve problems.

The first thing to do after waking up is to let the subconscious mind speak up. Write down new ideas in your journal, make a note on your desktop. Start working on a project as soon as you get out of bed. Get your subconscious to tell you whatever it has come up with.

But it is important not only to think and reflect. You need to take care of your body, be healthy. Freedom from physical pain is critical to a good job.

When you have unresolved problems, physical illnesses arise. When you cleanse yourself of these problems, you are allowing your body to heal. If your body is healthy, it is easier to get inspired and start working.

2. Allow yourself to rest

To achieve maximum results, you need to do the following: when you work - give all your best; when you are not working, rest 100%. This will allow you to achieve more from yourself, and will also give you time for a good rest.

Working with high intensity is similar to muscle function. If you do not take a break between sets, then you will not see strength, endurance and progress. But remember that not every type of recreation is good for you. Here are some good activities for your break:

  • make an entry in your diary;
  • listen to music;
  • spend time with your family;
  • prepare and eat a delicious meal;
  • help another.

It's simple, distracted from work, and full of meaning.

3. Develop a ritual that creates a working mood

You need to find something to do that does not take much time and allows you to discard all bad thoughts, tune in to a working mood. This ritual should last no more than an hour, reduce stress levels and improve mood. If you do it daily, a small miracle will happen: just the thought of this ritual will set you up for work.

The meaning of such a ritual is to remove the block (the state in which you look at the work and cannot start doing it in any way), fear, insecurity. Such emotions only hinder productivity.

4. Fear and Suffer

When we say that fear and insecurity get in the way of your work, we only mean the moment you begin a task. And the rest of the time, these emotions are very good.

The idea of fearlessness is not only stupid but also useless. You need to be afraid. You need to worry and suffer. These feelings need to be experienced and muted, training and tempering your emotionality.

Psychological resilience is perhaps the most important trait of a high-class professional, and it needs to be constantly developed. I am always looking for ways to train my psychological stability, my intuition tells me that I do not need to seek calmness and avoid discomfort. I feel that it is necessary to constantly look for new challenges instead of avoiding them.

Joshua Waitzkin American chess player

If you are scared, uncomfortable and uncomfortable, then you are on the right track. You are growing as a professional. Now this is your comfort zone and there will be no other. This is the point where the vast majority of high-class professionals stop. But we need to climb even higher, right?

5. Do your thing with love

Everything that we talked about above develops only one person - you. However, it is important not only to take, but also to give, to be interested in the needs of other people, to love them and try to help them. This is the only way you can make your work meaningful.

There are four stages of motivation:

  1. Fear. You work to avoid punishment or negative consequences.
  2. Reward. You work to get what you want. Promotion, reward, money.
  3. Duty. You do what you believe in yourself. You would do it without reward. You are not afraid of punishment. This is a good type of motivation, but it has little passion.
  4. Love. You do what you do regardless of your needs. You just want to bring joy and happiness to as many people as possible. Your love for work is irrational and makes you do what others would think is crazy. This is the best motivation that will lead you to the top. Without love, there will be nothing.


You can quickly achieve the first goal: you do what you love, and you get money for it, which is enough to pay bills and food. If you want to go further, you have to streamline your life, change your daily schedule and the way you work as such. Despite the incredible reward that this path promises, it is difficult to go through it, and 99% of people cannot do it. Could you?

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