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5 easy ways to find out your ring size
5 easy ways to find out your ring size

If you need to determine the size of the ring, but there is no special device at hand, do not despair. Paper, thread and a ruler will help you.

5 easy ways to find out your ring size
5 easy ways to find out your ring size

Method 1

The size of the ring corresponds to its inner diameter. Therefore, if you have a ring and you just do not know its size, it is enough to measure the diameter with a ruler.

Method 2

Another option is to find out the size using the existing ring. Save and print the picture and attach the decoration to the circles. The one that matches the inner diameter and tells the size.


Important: print all pictures in their original size (do not fit them into the paper size).

Method 3

Take a thin strip of paper or regular thread. Wrap around the lower phalanx of the toe, closer to the joint. Operate lightly, without pressure, so that the paper or thread can slide over your finger.

For paper, mark the joint with a pen. Then cut the strip along the mark.

If using thread, wind it several times and then cut the resulting thread ring.

Print the picture below and attach the blank to the control ruler. The length of the paper or thread should match the length of the colored strip.

How to determine the size of your ring
How to determine the size of your ring

Method 4

The case when knowledge of mathematics is useful to you. As you remember, to find the diameter (ring size), you need to divide the circumference by π.

How to apply this knowledge in life

Repeat the first tip from the previous method, then use a ruler to measure the length of the paper strip or thread in millimeters. Divide the resulting number by 3, 14. The result or the closest value to it (in accordance with the Russian measurement system) will be the desired ring size.

If division is difficult, just check the table. On the left is the length of the thread or strip, on the right is the corresponding size. Remember to round your result to the nearest value.

Length, mm

Ring size

47, 12 15
48, 69 15, 5
50, 27 16
51, 84 16, 5
53, 41 17
54, 98 17, 5
56, 55 18
58, 12 18, 5
59, 69 19
61, 26 19, 5
62, 83 20
64, 4 20, 5
65, 97 21

Method 5

Print the picture, cut out the workpiece, make a cut on it and insert the end of the ruler into it. You should get a paper ring. By adjusting it on your finger, you can find out the size.

How to determine the size of your ring
How to determine the size of your ring


  1. If you determine the size for a narrow ring (up to 5 mm wide), then the result obtained during the measurement can be rounded to the nearest value. For a wide ring (from 6 mm) round up or add half a size.
  2. Finger thickness may vary throughout the day. Therefore, it is better to take several measurements at different times of the day. Or once in the middle of the day: as a rule, at this time a person is at the peak of activity and the balance of fluid in the body is optimal.
  3. Do not take measurements after drinking a lot of fluids, exercising, or being ill. Also, do not do this if the room is very hot or cold.

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