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How to determine the size of gloves
How to determine the size of gloves

Simple instructions await you as well as tips for choosing the perfect gloves.

How to determine the size of gloves
How to determine the size of gloves

How to determine the size of gloves

Measure your arm

The size of a person's right and left hand may vary slightly. Measure the one you usually write. To do this, wrap a measuring tape around your palm at the widest point, along the bones of your fingers, without grabbing the large one. The tape should fit snugly. Bend your palm slightly. Remember what number you get.

If you don't have a tape measure, use a piece of rope instead. Wrap it around your arm, mark how long you get, and measure it with a ruler.

If you have very long fingers, then measure another distance from the tip of the middle finger to the first transverse line of the wrist. When buying gloves, check with the seller for this length.

Determine the size

Method 1

There are two common glove size systems: numeric and alphabetic. In the first, the size coincides with the girth of the brush. European manufacturers traditionally use inches to measure. According to the second system, a certain marking corresponds to the volume of the hand: S, M, L, and so on.

Use the chart to determine your size. Choose the number in centimeters that is closest to your measurements.

Arm circumference in centimeters Glove size in inches Letter size of women's gloves Letter size men's gloves
15, 2 6 XXS
16, 5 6, 5 XS XXS
17, 8 7 S XS
19, 1 7, 5 M XS / S
20, 3 8 L S
21, 6 8, 5 XL S / M
22, 9 9 XXL M
24, 2 9, 5 M / L
25, 4 10 L
26, 7 10, 5 L / XL
27, 9 11 XL
29, 2 11, 5 XL / XXL
30, 5 12 XXL

Method 2

If you don't have a table at hand, convert centimeters to inches and determine the size using the formula:

Size in inches = Arm circumference in centimeters ÷ 2.54

Round the resulting number down to 0.5. That is, if you have a palm circumference of 17 cm, divide it by 2, 54. It turns out 6, 69. When rounded, it comes out 6, 5 in the traditional marking.

Please note that the labeling may vary slightly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

How to find the perfect gloves

The safest way to choose gloves is to try them on, because even hands of the same size can be of different shapes.

  • The most important rule is that your hand should be comfortable. The correct glove does not hinder movement, can be put on and taken off without problems, the fingers are completely bent in it.
  • Smooth out the glove you are wearing. If something squeezes, dangles or wrinkles, then it's not your size. The desired one fits like a second skin.
  • The length of the fingers of the glove and yours must match. This means that there is no empty space inside the glove, neither between the fingers, nor at their tips.
  • The skin stretches over time. Therefore, if you have a choice between a slightly tight glove and a slightly loose one, choose the one that is tighter.
  • The fewer seams on leather gloves, the better: whole leather products last longer and stretch more evenly than pieces sewn.
  • For the winter, it is permissible to buy an accessory half a size larger: so there will be warm air between the fingers and the material. Let such gloves not sit as flawlessly as autumn gloves, but your hands will not freeze.

If it is not possible to try on, then choose gloves that match your size according to the table. Read reviews about the product and the seller in advance. Make sure your purchase can be returned.

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