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Why mosquitoes bite you most often
Why mosquitoes bite you most often

Scientists have figured out what exactly makes you so attractive to mosquitoes.

Why mosquitoes bite you most often
Why mosquitoes bite you most often

If you are more often than others in the role of a donor for mosquitoes, it is because they like you more than others for a number of reasons. But the good news is that some of the things that attract winged bloodsuckers can be eliminated.

Various types of mosquitoes have been studied in numerous studies. As it turned out, their preferences may differ depending on the species. Nevertheless, the results of these studies allow us to draw some conclusions about what exactly these annoying bloodsuckers are greedy for.

Who is the tastiest

  1. Mosquitoes prefer those who breathe out more carbon dioxide, in particular overweight people and pregnant women.
  2. In the body of those who play sports, lactic acid is produced, which is released with sweat and attracts mosquitoes.
  3. In one study, mosquitoes were more likely to bite those who drank beer than their sober companions.
  4. People with blood group I like mosquitoes more than others.
  5. Certain genes make some of us more attractive to little vampires. For the same reason, some people react more strongly to mosquito bites than others.
  6. Those with more bacteria on their skin are less interested in mosquitoes than people with less bacterial diversity.
  7. In some of us, the body secretes substances that attract mosquitoes, while in others, on the contrary, natural repellents are produced. Scientists have yet to figure out why this happens and how it works.
  8. The mosquitoes that carry malaria are more likely to bite pregnant women than non-pregnant women.
  9. Mosquitoes like women more than men. At the same time, irritation at the site of the bite in women, as a rule, is more pronounced.

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