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10 easy ways to hack your dream
10 easy ways to hack your dream

Listen to your body. And these tips will help you fall asleep faster and always be awake.

10 easy ways to hack your dream
10 easy ways to hack your dream

1. Use the bedroom only for sleeping

Do not watch TV or sit in front of a computer in this room. Or at least limit the amount of time you use electronic devices. Hang up blackout curtains to keep out light from the street. Ideally, your bedroom should be dark, quiet, and cool.

2. Sleep at about the same time

The more stable your sleep schedule, the better. It's okay if sometimes it moves within one hour. But if possible, go to bed and get up at the same time every day.

3. Do not eat or drink two hours before bed

Don't overeat in the evening. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, and sugar in the first place. It is generally best not to consume caffeine after 2pm.

4. Meditate or listen to relaxing music before bed

The subconscious mind does not turn off during sleep. The mood before falling asleep affects the quality of sleep and the state of mind after waking up. So think about something positive. For example, think about what you are grateful for. Or imagine your last beach vacation. Remind your body of the sense of peace that you experienced then.

5. Create a comfortable environment

Choose your mattress and bedding carefully to keep your body relaxed and rested while you sleep.

6. Take calcium and magnesium an hour before bed

They help if you don't sleep well. You can also take melatonin. Just do it with care, its effect is very different from person to person. It is better to check with your doctor first.

7. Put a nice melody on the alarm

Choose a song or sound that cheers you up. It's easier to wake up this way.

Ideally, you need to let the body wake up when it is ready to wake up itself. Of course, this is not always possible. But if you stick to a regular schedule, you'll get used to waking up without an alarm.

8. Stick to a schedule consistently

Create an ideal schedule for yourself based on your lifestyle and stick to it at all times. Naturally, there will be situations when it will have to be violated. No one is immune from problems and surprises. Meditate, exercise, or yoga to recover from stress. Then go back to your schedule.

9. Keep a notebook handy

Worrying about forgetting something important will not relax you. Write down everything that comes to mind so that these thoughts do not interfere with your sleep.

10. If you have children, create a sleep schedule for them

Make it fun for the kids to get used to. Or reward them for sticking to the schedule.

All people need a different amount of sleep. For some, it is more convenient to sleep once a day, for others it is more convenient to break sleep into several intervals. For example, sleep 5-6 hours at night, and then another hour and a half in the afternoon. Many creative people prefer polyphasic sleep. Listen to your body and create a schedule that suits you personally.

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