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10 male erogenous zones every woman should know about
10 male erogenous zones every woman should know about

A detailed roadmap to a happy ending.

10 male erogenous zones every woman should know about
10 male erogenous zones every woman should know about

1. Penis

The most obvious and win-win option. Studies in Self-Assessment of Genital Anatomy, Sexual Sensitivity and Function in Men Using the 'Self-Assessment of Genital Anatomy and Sexual Function, Male' Questionnaire confirm that touching and stimulating the penis is the most effective way to induce arousal and help a man get orgasm.

The most sensitive area of the penis is the underside of the glans. It is followed by the lower part of the shaft of the penis, the upper side of the glans, the left and right parts of it, and the upper side of the shaft. Experiment with each one.

2. Mouth and lips

It sounds amazing, but in terms of the number of nerve endings, the lips are the second Topography of Human Erogenous Zones after the penis. They are very sensitive to The Mystery of Kissing and react to the slightest pressure, stroking and even temperature changes.

In addition, kissing promotes the release of hormones involved in intimacy and helping to induce feelings of affection.

3. Scrotum

Third place in terms of the strength of the reaction to affection. In the scrotum there is a mass of Urogenital Pain in Clinical Practice of nerve endings. However, there are no studies yet to find out which of the areas of the scrotum is most sensitive. So experiment on your own.

4. Neck

The male neck is often overlooked during sexual play. And it is completely in vain: many nerve endings are concentrated under the skin in the back of the head.

Try to lightly massage this area with your fingers - and you will feel goosebumps run down the man's skin.

5. Nipples

Of course, men's nipples are not as sensitive as women's nipples. However, they are the fifth most important erogenous zone on the male body. And stimulating this area will be a lot of fun.

6. Crotch

The perineum is the area between the anus and the scrotum. In this zone, the nerve endings Perineal Injury in Males are located, which, among other things, are responsible for erection and the transmission of a sense of sexual pleasure from the genitals to the brain.

The message is clear. If you are not familiar with this area, it is worth taking the time to research it. Stimulation of the perineum can give vivid sensations and cause arousal.

7. Ears

Massaging, biting gently, stroking gently - any gentle touch on the ears increases arousal and helps men experience an orgasm. The reason is again in the high concentration of Earlobe Rejuvenation of nerve endings in this area.

8. Buttocks

This is another sensitive spot, although not as delicate as other erogenous zones. Massage, spanking, stroking - all this increases blood circulation in the pelvic area as well. Therefore, touching the buttocks can increase sexual arousal.

9. Anus

The most controversial point on our list. But if a man is open to new ideas, massaging this area can turn his idea of orgasm upside down.

It's all about the prostate - a gland the size of a small walnut, located at a depth of about 5 centimeters from the anus. The prostate is often called the male G-spot: massage it increases Are There Health Benefits of a Prostate Massage? sexual desire, increases the pleasure of intercourse and makes ejaculation easier. At least for some men.

10. Whole body

Every person is different, so figuring out where a particular man's hot spot is can be a fun and relationship-strengthening game. Here you should not concentrate on a limited list of the most promising erogenous zones, and here's why.

The largest organ in the human body is the skin. There are millions of nerve endings under it, their "map" is unique. When we have sex, the skin is one of the most involved organs in this process and complements the sensations. She shouldn't be ignored. Stroke your partner's body, cuddle up to him, cover with kisses - this will make your erotic game even brighter and dizzying.

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