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18 things you should never do on a plane
18 things you should never do on a plane

Even tap water, soda, and a food tray can be dangerous.

18 things you should never do on an airplane
18 things you should never do on an airplane

1. Walk barefoot

Walking without shoes in public places is generally an extremely stupid idea, and especially on an airplane. A huge amount of all sorts of unpleasant substances visited the floor in the cabin - from spilled drinks to vomiting and even blood. Even though they wash it off later, it's all the same - brr …

We see passengers walking barefoot to the restrooms all the time. And we shudder at the thought of how many germs they collect from the floor. Never go barefoot to the restroom or galley, because we sometimes drop glasses and on the floor you can also run into broken glass.

Linda Ferguson stewardess

2. Drink iced drinks

It's in your best interest. You definitely don't need an upset stomach, do you? A study by the EPA (US Environmental Protection Agency) back in 2005 showed that 15% of the tap water in aircraft supplies is contaminated with E. coli. And in subsequent years, up to our time, the situation has not changed for the better.

True, now, at least, water for drinking from the tap is not poured for passengers. But ice cubes continue to freeze from potentially contaminated water.

Aircraft water tanks are old. They were tested and found a bunch of bacteria there. I guess that's why we distribute bottled water to passengers.

Linda Ferguson

3. Sit motionless throughout the flight

With frequent flights, people are at a higher risk of deep vein thrombosis (DVT). That is why people with similar problems, who often fly planes, are advised to wear compression stockings.

So once an hour you should get up from your seat and walk a little. Or, if you are uncomfortable wading past fellow travelers, you can at least change the position in the chair and bend your knees.

4. Wear contact lenses

It is best to remove your contact lenses and wear glasses before flying. The air in the passenger compartment is very dry and can irritate the eyes. Plus, if you're going to sleep on the plane, the lenses will only get in your way.

5. Turn off ventilation above the seat

Even if you feel cold, it's best to wear a sweatshirt rather than turning off the air blower. Dr. Mark Gendroe, in Travel + Leisure, said that ventilation is necessary to deflate airborne pathogens. On the other hand, HEPA filters used in air conditioning systems of aircraft do a good job of dealing with pathogenic bacteria.

6. There is food that has fallen on the tray

Just so you know, trays that attach to chair backs are not sterilized. So do not put cutlery on top of them or eat pieces that you accidentally drop.

A study by Travelmath found an average of 2,155 CFUs of bacteria per square inch on airplane food trays. For comparison, 265 units live on the flush button in the toilet. Bon Appetit.

As a rule, we wipe the trays once a day when the plane leaves for the overnight stay. These trays are used for a wide variety of things. I saw how parents changed diapers for children on such stands. And some also put their bare feet there.

Linda Ferguson

7. Use a blanket

So, airlines clean the tables where passengers eat only once a day. Will they be cleaner with the blankets they use to hide themselves? Of course not! The blankets and pillows that are offered on flights are also washed only once a day. Ideal home for germs and lice.

Passengers constantly wrap their legs in blankets. And blow their nose at them.

Linda Ferguson

8. Endure thirst

If your throat gets dry during the flight, the reason is not at all the salty snacks. According to the World Health Organization, the humidity in the cockpit is always low, usually below 20% (your home has an average humidity of more than 30%). This is due to the measures required to seal the passenger compartment.

So drink more. But not from the tap, as you yourself probably realized.

At each stage of the flight, the flight attendants try to drink ½ liter of water. It is very important.

Linda Ferguson

9. Drink coffee or tea

It may seem to you that drinking tea or coffee on the plane is safer in terms of sterility, because water is boiled for them. Still, it's better to choose other drinks. Caffeine, which is found in both coffee and tea, also promotes dehydration and has a diuretic effect. And to the toilet, as you will soon find out, it is also better not to go on the plane again.

10. Drink a lot of alcohol

If you do not like flying, then you can surely have a drink in flight for courage. But this is not worth doing. Alcohol also dehydrates the body. In addition, it has a diuretic effect and suppresses the immune system, which has yet to fight bacteria on the tray in front of you. Finally, people get drunk faster in the air. And in general it is uncivilized to fly drunk.

One glass of booze in the air is like two glasses on the ground. Therefore, in order not to get the passengers drunk, we often dilute or underfill alcohol.

Linda Ferguson

11. Touching the toilet flush button

The toilet on the plane is teeming with germs. Therefore, when you are done, press the flush button through a paper towel. Then wash your hands and use another towel to turn off the tap and open the toilet door. She recommends doing this, and she is a Stanford M. D., so she probably knows what she's talking about.

12. Fall asleep against a window or wall

It is unhygienic in any form of transport - airplane, train or bus. It is not known who before you leaned against the window, sneezed or coughed on it. The walls and windows of airplanes are not washed very often.

I often see many people wipe all around their seat with disinfectant wipes, but that doesn't help much. Personally, my rule, thanks to which I never get sick, is not to touch my mouth or face with my hands on the plane.

Linda Ferguson

13. Wear shorts

Try not to choose shorts, short skirts or dresses for the duration of the flight. Nobody disinfects the seats, like everything else on the plane. It is risky to touch bare skin.

14. To be ashamed to tell the flight attendant about feeling unwell

Are you unwell? You don't have to endure. Call a flight attendant and tell her that you are not feeling well. Flight attendants know how to provide first aid in emergency situations and even learn how to deliver a baby before being allowed to fly.

15. Sit in the middle seat

If you can choose your seat, avoid middle seats. It is not very pleasant to be sandwiched between a couple of fellow travelers, especially if they are obese. You should choose a place by the window if you want to sleep all the way, and closer to the aisle so as not to wade through neighbors on the way to the restroom. Obvious isn't it?

16. Neglect sunscreen

Scientists estimate that civil aviation pilots receive about the same amount of ultraviolet radiation in an hour of flight as in 20 minutes in a tanning bed. Therefore, use sunscreen, especially if you are sitting by the window. Among other things, it will moisturize the skin, which is important given the dry air in the aircraft cabin.

17. Fall asleep before takeoff

If you want to go to bed - fall asleep after the plane takes off. Taking off can still wake you up, in addition, in a sleepy state it is very difficult to equalize the pressure in the ears. To keep them from getting stuck, open your mouth or swallow a few times. Or chew gum.

18. Drink soda

Pressure drops during flight lead to increased intestinal gas production. Therefore, drinking carbonated drinks, as well as champagne, is not worth it, otherwise an awkward situation may happen.

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