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Why not pay alimony is disgusting
Why not pay alimony is disgusting

Even animals take care of children until they get to their feet. But people are sometimes worse than animals.

Why not pay alimony is disgusting
Why not pay alimony is disgusting

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Do not pay child support - steal from a child

The total alimony debt in Russia has long exceeded the 100 billion rubles mark and continues to grow. Moreover, we are talking only about those cases where compulsory payments for the child were demanded through the courts. The bailiffs initiated more than 800 thousand enforcement proceedings for the enforced recovery of alimony.

Negligent parents from the Krasnoyarsk Territory owe their children 7, 3 billion rubles, from the Saratov region - 1 billion. And one Muscovite (there is no typo, one person) did not pay the children 118 million. It is impossible to say what amounts were passed by the courts and the FSSP.

Not very convincing? Let's do it this way: Russian fathers robbed their children of more than 100 billion rubles.

This money could be spent on food, clothing, education, medicine, additional activities - everything that forms a decent quality of human life. When a father does not pay child support, he deliberately denies his child a normal life.

Why are the fathers at once to blame?

Not paying alimony is disgusting, but why are the fathers immediately to blame?
Not paying alimony is disgusting, but why are the fathers immediately to blame?

In general, the law does not allow any discrimination in this matter: parents are obliged to support their children, and gender does not matter here.

You can go out of your way, coming up with a gender neutral designation for defaulters of alimony, so that no one is offended. But let's be clear: men don't pay alimony. And men are also ready to cut off the toes, just not to give a penny to "this creature-former" for the maintenance of their own child.

If you are not - well, look at your fellow Y-chromosomes with contempt. It is they who form the statistics that cast a shadow on you.

According to the bailiff service, 83% of enforcement proceedings for the recovery of alimony were initiated against men. At the same time, the average defaulter is young and able-bodied, often far from needy. It is from such bailiffs that foreign cars are taken away, it is they who are not allowed abroad - and far from the CIS countries.

Women who do not pay child support are usually alcoholics or so poor that they simply have nothing to take from them. But they rarely engage in cheating with certificates, a decrease in income and other types of forgeries.

But even so, public opinion is loyal to the father who abandoned the child, but condemns the mother. So, once in the "Rossiyskaya Gazeta" published with the subtitle "Women and men have become equal in unwillingness to pay alimony." At the same time, the text itself says that millions of fathers evade their obligations. And mothers who do not pay child support - they just are. But this is enough for the author to draw a conclusion about "equality".

A child doesn't need much, it's a child

How much is required to spend on a child per month, no one will say for sure - the numbers for each case will be too different. Let's take the cost of living - it was carefully calculated for us by the state. According to the government, it is possible to support a child for 9,950 rubles. But the minimum is for that and the minimum is that it is impossible to live on it.

On average child support, the child will not be able to live - only survive.

Moreover, Rosstat indicators are usually overly optimistic; for many men in the provinces, this average salary is an unattainable bar. And women are paid another 30% less - and not at all because they work worse. Accordingly, it is possible to provide a more or less decent - not luxurious - life for a child only if you throw off.

What if your ex spends everything on a new guy?

Not paying child support is disgusting, but what if your ex spends everything on a new guy?
Not paying child support is disgusting, but what if your ex spends everything on a new guy?

From these excuses, one can compose a Talmud the size of War and Peace. The former will buy a mink coat for alimony, go to the sea, support her lover and will not start working, because it is convenient to sit on the ex-husband's neck.

If your last name is not on the Forbes list, come down to earth: your alimony is not even enough for food.

Unfortunately, the FSSP does not give the size of the average alimony. Let's count ourselves. The average salary in Russia is 43.4 thousand rubles. Alimony for one child is a quarter of income after deducting income tax, that is, 9, 5 thousand rubles. A Just Russia deputy Oleg Shein gives an average alimony figure of 1.6 thousand rubles, but this is very outdated data. The truth is most likely somewhere in between.

And this is very little. A woman who manages to live comfortably with a child with this money is a real Wonder Woman, Gal Gadot can wipe herself off. Buy a mink coat or go on a cruise for that amount? Stop using what you use, it takes you away from reality.

I have alimony for two children - 6 thousand rubles. Enough only for a tutor. Dad does not officially work, so the bailiffs have nothing to take from him. Well, at least so.

Christina has been divorced for over seven years

Parents have to pay in half for the child, but what about the mother?

Although, by law, parents have equal rights and bear equal responsibilities in relation to their children, the assessment of this contribution is not regulated in any way.

Therefore, counting money, do not forget to monetize the number of wiped snotty noses and kissed broken knees. And at the same time, do not forget about the problems with finding a job due to possible sick leave, lost earnings because of them, a break in work experience due to maternity leave, an additional work shift in the form of attending parental meetings, cooking, cleaning, washing.

Come on, take on 50% of all the work of caring for a child, then we'll talk. Moreover, the mother of the child is likely to spend more money on him than you do.

My parents separated when I was eight. Then my father dematerialized from my life. He paid alimony regularly, but only because the accounting department at his work deducted a quarter of his salary even before it fell into his hands. There was not enough money even to buy me boots or sneakers. But my father, apparently, thought that this was enough. The volume of his non-material care for me from the moment of parting with my mother is zero.

Galina has not seen her father for over 20 years

Fathers do a lot for their children, but the judgment is on the mothers' side

Not paying child support is disgusting, but fathers do a lot for their children, why is the court on the side of mothers?
Not paying child support is disgusting, but fathers do a lot for their children, why is the court on the side of mothers?

Research says so: fathers take care of children on an equal basis with mothers, but not in Russia. Despite the fact that some dads began to notice children right from birth, and not when they hit 15, a significant part of the parenting burden lies with the woman.

For example, only 2% of fathers go on maternity leave. And given that there were only 600 men in the survey sample, the result seems significantly overestimated. You probably have 600 adult male acquaintances. How many of them were on maternity leave? We bet none? And those fathers who still go on maternity leave are driven not by care and love for the child, but by financial considerations.

80% of fathers leave a family with a seriously ill child. But mothers more often change jobs for less paid and prestigious ones in order to take care of unhealthy children, are involved in rehabilitation, and turn to funds. Heartless statistics say that if a child stays with his father and gets sick, then with a high degree of probability he will not be needed.

By the way, having achieved custody of children, a rare man takes care of them on his own. Most often, the child is pushed onto the grandmother or the father's new girlfriend. Argument: how will I take care of him, do I have to work? Just like the 5 million single mothers - they somehow cope.

And if the court's decision to leave the child with the mother is a reason to erase him from life, then the court did everything right.

We need to protect the rights of fathers

The so-called fathers themselves do a great job of it. However, if you want to touch the "beautiful", put a refractory mat on the chair, otherwise you will melt it. For example, there is such an "International Fathers Committee". It looks like a decent society, which discusses on the forum how cool it is to kidnap children, because they still don't understand anything. Beating up the grandmother leading her grandson to the kindergarten and taking the baby away is their story.

Such an organization is not the only one, but its members show its true face on forums and in VKontakte groups.

Are their children really interested? It is highly unlikely. The child becomes a bargaining chip to annoy the ex. Some individuals even count how many days and minutes the children lived with her to surpass this "record."

If you type the words "pay alimony" in different combinations into the search line, you will be immediately attacked by sites promising to teach you how to avoid it. The salary registered for the "uncle", income "in the black" - you never know there are options.

The most effective way to get negligent fathers to pay child support is not to let them go abroad. Money to pay debts is immediately found, because they are already paying for their comfort with it. Of course, all these people are simply torn from love for children and the desire to take care of them.

I didn't want this child at all

There are children from sex. When a child is born, the father and mother are responsible for the welfare of the child. There is nothing heroic in this, this is a starter pack for a normal person.

If you don't want children, you protect yourself, everything is simple here. You don't write about latex allergies, you don't delegate this task to a second party. And there is no need to make excuses by the animal reproductive instinct. Man in the XXI century does not pull on a wild beast. And pets, which begin to mark corners uncontrollably, are sterilized.

If you are one of the 11% of female child support defaulters, this also applies to you.