10 extraordinary TED talks from eccentric speakers
10 extraordinary TED talks from eccentric speakers

Each TED talk touches in its own way: hot topic, scale, humor. This compilation highlights a showcase element through which presenters talk about their unusual interests and hobbies.

10 extraordinary TED talks from eccentric speakers
10 extraordinary TED talks from eccentric speakers

Neurorevolution is not far off

Greg Gage, PhD in Biomedical Engineering, has been studying the human brain for 13 years. Of course, neuroscience is a very complex, but extremely exciting and promising discipline. And she can work miracles even at home. For example, right on the TED stage, Greg connects two people with wires, as a result of which one of them becomes a puppeteer, and the other becomes a puppet. Decide for yourself what it is: a nightmare or the salvation of mankind.

Cyborgs are already among us

“I used to pick clothes to look good. Now I dress to sound good,”says Neil Harbisson, the world's first officially recognized cyborg, about his life. Yes, in 2013, an antenna-implant was integrated into the occipital bone of a young man's skull, which converts color frequencies into sound frequencies. With its help, Neal can “hear” and distinguish colors, which he could not do before due to a congenital disease. Moreover, the cyborg activist has learned to "see" ultraviolet and infrared light, which is beyond the power of the ordinary human eye.

Beatboxing isn't just a backdrop for hip-hop

One of the pillars of hip-hop is called beatboxing. Indeed, popular music culture is inextricably linked to the art of imitating the drum machine. However, musician Tom Thum clearly shows that beatbox is much more versatile. Standing applause is a vivid confirmation of this.

How to properly hug a glacier

It's hard to compete in out-of-the-box thinking and creativity with Kate Hartman, artist and creator of specific media. Try to invent something like a muttering hat or an intestinal hearing aid. Having met such a quirk on someone's body, you will probably think about a bad cosplay. In fact, everything is not so simple. Kate's non-standard gadgets have a secret purpose.


Japanese talent Black (Black) humbly mentions that it took him only four years of hard training to ascend to the first step of the podium in the world yo-yo competition. That being said, it would be curious to know how many bumps the young champion got on the road to excellence.

Difficulty drawing on egg yolk

“This is the magic of Photoshop,” some will say. “These are paints on canvas,” others would argue. And nobody will be right. The work of Alexa Meade does not fit into the usual framework of art. The artist creates mesmerizing visual effects by painting portraits directly on living models. If it were not for the video from the workshop, it would have been impossible to figure it out at all.

Why do we need man-eating mushrooms

Artist Jae Rhim Lee belongs to a group of people called decomponates. No, this is not a sect with an infernal bias, although they promote a special method of burial in a special burial suit. On the contrary, they are for world peace and endless life on our planet. How to explain all this - let the speaker herself tell.

How to calculate the speed of sound with an oscilloscope and a ruler

Astronomer, programmer, writer and teacher Clifford Stoll made history with the capture of the German hacker Markus Hess, who worked under a contract for the Soviet KGB. This story took place in the late 80s and had a huge resonance in the United States. Still, it was about the nuclear safety of the entire American people. And by the appearance of a scientist, you can't even say that he is a hero of the nation. On the other hand, the speech and behavior of the speaker on stage directly indicate the originality of his personality. In general, watch to the end.

30 years in the profession are worth a lot

Showmen Dan Holzman and Barry Friedman have won the Juggling World Championship four times. Unfortunately, it was not possible to find out about the format of the competition, so it is unclear whether they give marks for artistry there. But, be that as it may, the duet "The Brothers Raspini" knows how to ignite the audience and keep its attention with sparkling comments. By the way, jugglers make a living by performing together at corporate parties.

What is more important: head or hands?

In 1988, Lennart Green impressed professional judges so much that he was mistakenly disqualified from international competitions held under the auspices of the International Federation of Illusionists. The Swedish magician was charged with cheating with the spectators in the hall. Three years later, the master repeated the trick in harsher conditions and became the best card magician in the whole world. Now Lennart is willing to share his tricks with the general public.