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6 myths about a real man
6 myths about a real man

Everything flows, everything changes, and only stereotypes remain.

6 myths about a real man
6 myths about a real man

Myth 1: a real man is a breadwinner

A man must rush at the head of the flock, whether it be hunting a mammoth or fighting for a quarterly bonus. A woman, always barefoot and pregnant, does not leave the kitchen and does not know what the apartment bills look like. What if a woman chooses a career, and a man prefers to do housework?

Truth: masculinity is not determined by the level of income

And also the ability to change a wheel, make repairs or knock out a summer vacation. In a couple, both make decisions, and keeping track of children and the house in general can be much more difficult than working in an office. And who is the real man after that?

Myth 2: a real man does not feel pain

Men do not experience pain - neither mental nor physical. A man should take a blow below the belt with a smile, and from the news of parting with a partner come to indescribable delight. Still, now you can rush to all the bad.

Truth: Different factors affect pain threshold

This is a genetic predisposition, and the general physical condition of the body, and the level of stress. Men do take physical pain a little easier because they are protected by testosterone. However, women have estrogen, which can raise the pain threshold in critical situations.

Do not forget about modern opportunities for sports: today some women are in better physical shape and can give a hundred points a head start to men. As for the mental pain, everything is individual and does not depend on gender.

Myth 3: a real man doesn't cry

There are, of course, a couple of situations when it is allowed to shed a mean man's tear. When you are cutting onions, standing by a fire or watching a Russian football team play. In other cases - no, a real man does not cry.

Truth: men can cry

They have lacrimal glands and everything they need to cleanse their eyes with moisture. They are simply brought up differently and from childhood they are told about the need to be strong and keep emotions deep inside.

Myth 4: a real man doesn't need anyone

Only he, his lonely den and, perhaps, a faithful dog. A real man doesn't like to talk, so why does he need company? As for the women, they are in the house only for housekeeping. Washing, cleaning, cooking - no more.

Truth: men love company

Men even sleep better if they fall asleep in the same bed with a woman. Scientists have long concluded that married men live longer than single brothers. Women care about the health of their partners and try to fight their bad habits. As for friends, the gatherings and joint fishing and hunting trips were invented by the men.

Myth 5: a real man does not obey a woman

And therefore he works exclusively at a construction site under the leadership of Petrovich. Obeying a woman is the lot of weaklings.

Truth: the gender of the boss doesn't matter

Male executives have their strengths, but women have long proven their worth as executives. They are more likely to compromise, listen to advice, and have a more flexible mind. Obeying such women is a pleasure.

Myth 6: a real man is a perfect lover

Only champions are allowed in the sex league, and if you cannot boast of the cherished 18 centimeters and a long tongue, you have nothing to do on the pleasure field. A real man knows everything about sex and can satisfy any woman with just one glance.

Truth: everything comes with experience

Men are not born with a sex guide in their heads. However, like women. An intelligent and attentive person who thinks not only about his pleasure becomes a good lover or mistress.