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How to love your body?
How to love your body?

Make a deal with your body and work on your personal boundaries.

How to love your body?
How to love your body?

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How to love your body?

Evgeny Filin

Thanks for a very rare question. Usually I hear: "How to love yourself?" And often, when you start to understand what “yourself” means, it turns out that we are talking about a figure, face, hair - in general, about an external image.

The body really can be different. And this is not a matter of inconsistency with the standards of beauty constructed in society. The body can fail: be ill, be unbearable, not able to swim, grow old, lose weight or get fat catastrophically. How to accept yourself then?

Make a "deal" with the body

The body is not only how we look, but also what we can do with it. The heart pumps blood, the lungs breathe, the legs walk, the liver ensures normal digestion. Think about how the body helps you, what functions it does well, and what functions it does not. Can you (or someone else) help your body perform better?

The essence of the "deal" is to agree with the body in what it helps you, and in what you - it. For example, if you are overweight, the body helps you digest food, and you make it easier for him and choose a lighter diet.

If you have sore joints and it is difficult for you to walk, then the body helps you think, solve some problems, and you take care of it, treat it, do special exercises.

Choose your option and go for it! After a while, you will notice how you began to feel and understand your body better, and this is the first step on the path to true love.

Work on personal boundaries

Every time you come across criticism or sidelong glances, ask yourself the question: "Is this what I think or other people?" This method will allow you to separate your own values, feelings and opinions from others.

Around us there are many social constructs that say, "how to look in order to …" For example, "thin are sexy" or "a person in the body looks more solid." On public opinion, as on fertile soil, our negative beliefs grow.

Try to write down at least five of your beliefs about what you think you do not correspond to. For example: "Guys don't pay attention to me because I have very small breasts" or "With this weight I can't be graceful and dance."

Now open a search engine and for each belief, find stories of people who have achieved the desired success in their bodies. You can even collect these stories into a document and open it whenever you feel powerless and desperate. Turn on your imagination and think about what parting words each of the selected people could give you.

And remember: there are no quick results. So a little patience and you will succeed!