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Where to study in Russia: 7 cities that are cool to be a student in
Where to study in Russia: 7 cities that are cool to be a student in

They have cool universities, and there is still a place to have fun and practice.

Where to study in Russia: 7 cities that are cool to be a student in
Where to study in Russia: 7 cities that are cool to be a student in

1. Novosibirsk

Rental price per month: from 7,000 rubles.

Where are the best universities in Russia: Novosibirsk
Where are the best universities in Russia: Novosibirsk

In 2019, Novosibirsk took 92nd place in the list of the best student cities in the world in the QS international university ranking. This list is annually compiled by the British company Quacquarelli Symonds. For a city to be included in the rating, it must have universities that demonstrate high results in several areas: research, quality of teaching, career potential, attracting foreign students and teachers. Also, the compilers of the rating take into account the reputation of universities in the academic environment, the prices and quality of life in the city, the activity of employers in hiring graduates and other factors. Students' feedback is also taken into account. In addition to the Siberian capital, only three Russian cities were included in the QS rating.

Novosibirsk is the largest scientific center in Siberia, so it will be especially liked by applicants who want to study exact disciplines.

Where to study

There are more than 20 universities in Novosibirsk. You can study to be a doctor at the medical NSMU, as an engineer at the agricultural NSAU, as a shipbuilder at the University of Water Transport at SSUVT, as an actor or director at the theatrical NGTI.

Novosibirsk State University

NSU ranks 228th in the world ranking of universities QS - higher than the Moscow State Technical University. Bauman and HSE. In another ranking of the best universities from US News Education, it is ranked 424 in the world and fourth in Russia. You can study at NSU in 27 areas. The faculties of physics, mechanics and mathematics, as well as the faculty of natural sciences are recognized as particularly strong. NSU is located on the territory of the local Academgorodok, there are also 38 institutes of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences, where students can practice their knowledge in practice.

Novosibirsk State Technical University

NSTU is also included in the international QS rating and takes the 801st place there. The structure of the university has two institutes and 10 faculties, the Faculty of Physics is in the world top. And NSTU is the only university in Siberia where people with disabilities can study.

Novosibirsk State University of Economics and Management

The university has four faculties, about 40 educational programs for bachelor's degree and five for specialty. The main directions at NSUUE, as you might guess, are economics and management, you can also study law, advertising, tourism.

Novosibirsk State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering (Sibstrin)

In Sibstrin, you can study everything related to architecture and urban planning, as well as sociology and economics. In total, the university has 11 directions for bachelor's degree and three for specialty.

What to do in your free time

Novosibirsk is a big city with a lot to see. Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, Museum of Railway Technology, Novosibirsk Opera and Ballet Theater - the largest theater in Russia. And there is also the Podzemka loft park - an art space where concerts, apartment buildings and exhibitions are held.

Even if you are not studying at NSU, you can get to Akademgorodok. There are many walking paths, a pine forest, the Novosibirsk reservoir, which the locals call the Ob Sea, a botanical garden.

Where to practice

In the Novosibirsk region, machine building, power engineering, metallurgy and the food industry are especially developed. There are also dozens of IT companies in the city.

2. Moscow

Rental price per month: from 14,000 rubles.

Where are the best universities in Russia: Moscow
Where are the best universities in Russia: Moscow

Moscow has 34th place in the QS ranking - the best result among Russian cities. It is not surprising: there is a huge number of universities in the capital, there are no problems with finding practice or entertainment.

Where to study

The choice of universities in Moscow is outrageous - there are more than 200 of them: RANEPA, MISiS, PRUE. G. V. Plekhanov, GITIS, Moscow State Conservatory, VGIK, RUDN, Moscow Architectural Institute and others. Many metropolitan universities are included in the world rankings.

Moscow State University

The best among Russian universities in many ratings: QS, US News Education RAEX, THE. Moscow State University has 40 faculties with a huge number of educational programs: from religious studies and art history to space research and nuclear physics. The highest paid lawyers are also graduated from Moscow State University.

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Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology

In the QS ranking, MIPT is ranked 281st. The university has seven directions and more than 20 educational programs: you can study computer security, physics, biotechnology, mathematics. By the way, MIPT graduates who work in the IT field invariably rank first in the ranking of the highest salaries.

Moscow State Technical Institute. Bauman

Baumanka graduates are in second place in the salary rating among IT specialists. In the QS ranking, the university is also breathing in the back of MIPT: it is in 282nd place. The university has 12 faculties, more than 30 areas of training for the bachelor's degree and about 20 for the specialty. There are also humanitarian specialties, for example, linguistics and sociology, and technical ones - nanoengineering, mechanical engineering, optical engineering.

National Research University Higher School of Economics

In the QS ranking, the HSE is in the 298th place. The university has more than 50 educational programs: political science, sociology, history and economics are especially strong.

Moscow State Institute of International Relations

In the world ranking of universities, MGIMO takes 348th place. The institute has 20 educational programs: you can master journalism, economics, international relations, political science, international law. Graduates of the Faculty of Economics of MGIMO receive the highest salaries.

There is always a lot of competition for Moscow universities, so applying to the budget is not an easy task. But to study on a paid basis is quite real. If there is no money for a tower now, you can take an educational loan.

What to do in your free time

You won't be bored in Moscow - there is no doubt about it. The capital has a huge selection of museums and galleries, many of which can be accessed for free with a student ID. There are city parks, historical buildings and monuments. Evenings can be spent in one of the many theaters in Moscow or in a bar, club or pub, which are also abundant in the city. Many world and Russian musicians also give concerts in Moscow.

Where to practice

Finding a place for practice in Moscow will not be difficult. The largest Russian companies and offices of international corporations are located in the capital.

3. Tomsk

Rental price per month: from 7,000 rubles.

Where are the best universities in Russia: Tomsk
Where are the best universities in Russia: Tomsk

Another city from the QS University Ranking. Tomsk has 73rd place in it. It is the oldest research center in the eastern part of Russia. And the only city in the country, the charter of which says that the scientific and educational complex is a city-forming one.

Where to study

There are eight universities and four branches in Tomsk. There is a university of radio electronics TUSUR, an architectural and construction TGASU, a pedagogical TSPU.

Tomsk State University

The oldest university in Siberia and one of the best in the world: it is ranked 250th in the QS ranking. TSU has 22 faculties and institutes - you can study to be a journalist, sociologist, radiophysicist, mathematician. The strongest areas at TSU: materials science, physics, chemistry.

Tomsk Polytechnic University

TPU has the 401st place in the QS rating. And in the ranking of the best universities in Russia according to the RAEX agency, it is ninth: it is the first in the list after Moscow and St. Petersburg universities. There are 10 schools in the structure of the university. TPU is considered the best university in Russia for training engineers and is one of the world's top universities for training physicists.

Siberian State Medical University

In 2019, Siberian State Medical University entered the top ten medical universities in Russia. The university has 11 areas of training: from management and pharmacology to medical biophysics and cybernetics. In 2020, the Siberian State Medical University has 800 budgetary places: this is more than in other medical universities beyond the Urals.

What to do in your free time

Tomsk is a small city, but cozy. You can walk along the embankment of the Tom River, look into the botanical garden or sit on the shore of the White Lake: it is located right on the territory of the historical center of the city. There are no problems with nightlife in Tomsk either: there are several dozen bars, clubs and cafes.

Where to practice

The main industrial spheres in Tomsk are mechanical engineering and metalworking, electric power engineering, forestry and woodworking industries, chemistry and petrochemistry. And there are more than 100 IT companies in the city.

4. St. Petersburg

Rental price per month: from 10,000 rubles.

Where are the best universities in Russia: St. Petersburg
Where are the best universities in Russia: St. Petersburg

St. Petersburg is ranked 66th in the QS Best Student Cities ranking. In the northern capital, there are not only cool universities, but also excellent architecture and developed infrastructure.

Where to study

There are more than 80 universities in St. Petersburg with cool educational programs and an interesting history. For example, the First St. Petersburg State Medical University is the first educational institution in Russia and Europe where women could receive higher medical education. Bryullov, Repin, Surikov, Serov and other famous artists studied at the St. Petersburg State Academic Institute of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture.

Saint Petersburg State University

Ranks 225 in the ranking of the best universities. The full-time department at St. Petersburg State University has more than 120 educational programs. The university is included in the world subject rankings in several disciplines, including mathematics and biology.

Saint Petersburg State Institute of Film and Television

The SPbGKIT trains specialists for work on television and in films. In total, the university has nine educational programs for bachelor's degree and 11 for specialty.

St. Petersburg Polytechnic University

One of the largest technical universities in Russia. In the QS rating SPbPU is on the 401st place. The university has more than 60 humanitarian and technical educational programs.

Saint Petersburg State University of Economics

SPbGEU appeared in 2012 due to the merger of three economic universities of St. Petersburg: FINEK, INZHEKON and GUSE. It is one of the ten universities with the highest salaries for graduate economists. SPbSEU has 22 educational programs for bachelor's degree and two for specialty.

What to do in your free time

You can walk along the streets of the city for hours, looking at the architecture and monuments. The main thing is to get a good raincoat to be ready for the surprises of the St. Petersburg weather. On a day free from studies, you can go to one of more than 200 museums, go to the New Holland region or Peterhof, get to other cities of the Leningrad Region: Vyborg, Gatchina or Priozersk. Evenings in St. Petersburg can be spent in numerous bars and pubs or at performances in renowned theaters. Many of them offer a discount for students.

Where to practice

Machine building, shipbuilding, metallurgy, printing, and the production of electrical equipment are well developed in St. Petersburg. Also in the northern capital is the head office of VKontakte.

5. Kazan

Rental price per month: from 9,000 rubles.

Where are the best universities in Russia: Kazan
Where are the best universities in Russia: Kazan

Kazan was not included in the QS rating, but nevertheless it is great to study there. The city is beautiful, it has many universities and a rich cultural life.

Where to study

There are about 30 universities in Kazan, including the Kazan Institute of Culture, Kazan State Medical University, Kazan State Agrarian University, Kazan State Academy of Veterinary Medicine.

Kazan Federal University

In the QS ranking, KFU is in 370th place, and in the ranking of Russian universities from US News Education - in 10th. This is one of the oldest universities in the country. Education for undergraduate and specialty at KFU is carried out in more than 100 educational programs.

Kazan National Research Technical University

There are more than 50 educational programs at KNRTU undergraduate degree: from nuclear energy and chemical technology to costume design and tourism.

Kazan State Power Engineering University

One of the three specialized energy universities in Russia. There are 21 educational programs in the full-time department of the KSPEU undergraduate program: among the technical ones, there are also a couple of humanitarian programs, including sociology, advertising and public relations.

What to do in your free time

Walk along the embankment of Lake Kaban, see the Kazan Kremlin, the Kul-Sharif mosque, the Old-Tatar settlement and other sights of Kazan. Go to the center of modern culture "Smena": lectures and festivals are held there, book and vinyl shops, a coffee shop, and showrooms are open. Attend a performance at the Corner creative laboratory or a party at the Werk music art space.

Where to practice

The oil industry, mechanical engineering, chemistry, and light industry are well developed in Kazan. It also houses one of the largest technoparks in Russia, IT Park.

6. Yekaterinburg

Rental price per month: from 8,000 rubles.

Where are the best universities in Russia: Yekaterinburg
Where are the best universities in Russia: Yekaterinburg

A large, beautiful and actively developing Ural city.

Where to study

There are more than 20 universities in Yekaterinburg, including the Ural State Conservatory, pedagogical, forestry, agrarian and mining universities.

Ural Federal University

UrFU is ranked 331st in the QS ranking, 13th in the ranking of Russian universities by US News Education. The university appeared in 2009, when the Ural State Technical University and the Ural State University merged. There are 147 educational programs at the full-time department of UrFU. The university is included in several world subject rankings, including in philosophy, archeology and mathematics.


One of the leading architecture and construction universities in Russia, the only one in the Ural Federal District. UrSAHU has faculties of architecture and design, an institute of fine arts. You can study urban planning, painting, animation, costume design.

Ural State Medical University

USMU has six specialty educational programs, including dentistry and clinical psychology, and one for undergraduate studies in nursing.

What to do in your free time

Take a walk on Plotinka, look at the Sevastyanov House, go to the Yeltsin Center and the Vysotsky Museum: there you can go up to the observation deck and see the whole city from above. There are no problems with entertainment in Yekaterinburg: there are many bars, cafes, clubs, theaters and concert venues.

Where to practice

Mechanical engineering, metallurgy, and energy are well developed in Yekaterinburg.

7. Samara

Rental price per month: from 6,000 rubles.

Where are the best universities in Russia: Samara
Where are the best universities in Russia: Samara

A large and pretty city on the banks of the Volga. At the end of 2019, in Samara, they thought about building a campus with research laboratories, canteens, and a library.

Where to study

There are more than 20 universities in Samara, including branches of other cities. There is the University of Economics SSEU, the University of Telecommunications and Informatics PSUTI, the Institute of Culture SGIK, the University of Railways SSUPS.

Samara National Research University Academician S. P. Queen

The only Samara university that got into the international QS ranking - 591st place. The main profile of the university is aerospace technology, but at the same time it also teaches law or management. In total, the SSAU structure includes seven institutes and one faculty, each of which has from 14 to 39 educational programs.

Samara State Medical University

It is in 13th place among medical universities in Russia. SamSMU has six areas in the specialty and one in the bachelor's degree.

Samara State Technical University

SamSMU has 13 faculties, 2 institutes and more than 100 educational programs. You can master, in particular, oil and gas business, architecture, food production.

What to do in your free time

Walk along the Volga River embankment, look at the Polish Church, go to the Art Nouveau Museum, the Space Samara Museum and Stalin's Bunker, visit the Victoria Gallery of Contemporary Art. In the evening you can sit in one of the cafes or bars in Samara and treat yourself to the famous Zhigulevsky beer.

Where to practice

There are several hundred industrial enterprises in Samara. The most popular areas are metalworking, mechanical engineering, food, aviation and space industries. The city also has a Rossiya chocolate factory.

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