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"How much will I get paid?": 7 main questions about calculating sick leave in 2020
"How much will I get paid?": 7 main questions about calculating sick leave in 2020

Let's figure out how much money you will receive if you have to drop out of your work schedule due to health problems. Together with we talk about the nuances of calculating sick leave.

"How much will I get paid?": 7 main questions about calculating sick leave in 2020
"How much will I get paid?": 7 main questions about calculating sick leave in 2020

1. What does the size of the payment depend on?

This is simultaneously influenced by several factors. The key one is your average daily earnings (AOD). It is calculated for two calendar years preceding the year of incapacity for work, according to the following formula:

SDZ = salary accrued over 2 years ∶ 730 days

Important! The law establishes limits on accrued annual earnings for sick leave payments:

  • 815,000 rubles - in 2018;
  • 865,000 rubles - in 2019.

Taking into account these amounts maximum SDZ according to the above formula will be as follows:

(815,000 rubles + 865,000 rubles) ∶ 730 days = 2,301.37 rubles per day

This means that even if in 2018–2019 you earned more than a million rubles a year, you will still receive payments based on the limits.

And what if these two years you did not work at all or received symbolic sums, say, 10,000 rubles a month? However, you are entitled to sick leave payments. In this case, the average daily wage is calculated from the federal minimum wage, which is now 12,130 rubles. The minimum SDZ is then determined as follows:

(12 130 rubles × 24 months) ∶ 730 days = 398, 79 rubles per day

So, all sick pay will be based on your SDR. But he, however, will be limited to the above amounts.

Sick leave payments are unlikely to fully cover the forced downtime and your medical expenses. And if several family members fall ill, it will be even harder.

The policy "" from the VSK Insurance House will help to compensate for a significant part of the costs. If you get sick, you will receive a one-time payment for treatment, as well as up to 1,000 rubles for each day of hospital stay (from the 8th day) and up to 1,500 rubles in intensive care (from the 1st day). In addition, the policy will allow you to save money: it includes a coronavirus test, laboratory tests and online doctor's consultations 24/7.

2. How many days will I get paid?

sick leave calculation in 2020: how many days will be paid
sick leave calculation in 2020: how many days will be paid

It depends on the reason for the disability and how you are employed in the HR department. Let's say you are injured or just sick while working on a regular open-ended contract. By law, in this case, you will be paid for the entire period of incapacity for work. If you work under a fixed-term contract up to 6 months in length, then you will be paid only up to 75 calendar days within the framework of the document.

Alas, you are not entitled to any payments in case of illness while on vacation at your own expense. If it was an annual paid vacation, then the sick leave is calculated according to the general rules.

A temporary disability certificate can also be issued if a family member has health problems and you have to take care of him. Here, the number of days to be paid is also limited. For example:

  • Care for a sick relative during treatment on an outpatient basis - no more than 7 days for each case of the disease and a maximum of 30 days in a calendar year.
  • Caring for a child under 7 years old, at home or in the hospital, - maximum 60 days (90 days if the disease is diagnosed from).
  • Caring for a child from 7 to 15 years old under the same conditions - a maximum of 15 days in one period and no more than 45 days in total.

3. Is my insurance record important?

Yes, this is a significant parameter in the calculation: the longer your insurance experience, the higher sick leave payments.

  • Less than 6 months - sick leave is calculated based on the minimum wage.
  • From 6 months to 5 years - 60% of the average annual earnings.
  • 5–8 years old - 80%.
  • More than 8 years of experience - 100%.

If you have taken out a sick leave to care for a child under the age of 15, while he is being treated at home, then these coefficients are applied only for the first 10 days. The rest of the period is compensated based on 50% of the average daily earnings.

Recall that the calculation takes into account your earnings over the past two years. If at least in one of two years your salary was not paid (for example, you were on parental leave), you can replace this time. For example, take another year for which you had insurance experience. But if you want to change the period simply because previously the earned income was higher, it will not work.

Also keep in mind that there are limits on contributions to the Social Insurance Fund (FSS) for the replaced years. For example, in 2017, the amount was limited to 755 thousand rubles, which is noticeably less than in 2018 and 2019.

And one more important point: if you work part-time, then the amount of sick leave payments will be divided by two. The minimum wage as the minimum parameter for the calculation is used for a full working day. In your case, the lower limit will be half the minimum wage.

4. It's very complicated! Can I have a calculation example?

Let's say you have a cold and have been ill for 12 days. You have 10 years of insurance experience, income for 2018 was 854,000 rubles, for 2019 - 739,000 rubles.

For 2018, only 815,000 earnings will be taken into account: the rest exceeds the limit of contributions to the FSS. For 2019 - the entire amount, because here the limit is more than your actual income.

Your accounted profit is higher than the minimum wage, which means that we do not take it into account. More than 8 years of insurance experience means that 100% of the average daily earnings are paid.

According to the formula, you are supposed to:

(815,000 rubles + 739,000 rubles) ∶ 730 days × 100% = 2,128.77 rubles per day

In total, sick leave will be released:

2,128.77 rubles per day × 12 days = 26,193.24 rubles

Alternatively, you have been sick for 8 days. You have 3 years of insurance experience, in 2018 you received 120,000 rubles, in 2019 - 124,000 rubles.

(120,000 rubles + 124,000 rubles) ∶ 730 days × 60% = 200, 55 rubles per day

But this is less than the minimum wage calculation. This means that you will be paid at the rate of 398.79 rubles per day and the total will be 3,190.32 rubles.

Note that some regions have their own coefficients for the minimum wage. And if, for example, a 50% coefficient applies to the minimum wage, then they will pay one and a half times more (100% of the minimum wage, like everyone else, and another 50% from above).

5. What if I'm not sick, but just quarantined?

sick leave calculation in 2020: how much will they pay if quarantine is necessary
sick leave calculation in 2020: how much will they pay if quarantine is necessary

In this case, sick leave is open to representatives of the following categories:

  1. People who came to Russia from countries where cases of a new coronavirus infection have been registered.
  2. Insured with the FSS who live with people from clause 1.

The allowance is calculated according to the general rules. For persons from the first category, an application and a photo of documents confirming the trip abroad are required. You can apply for a sick leave on the FSS website. Muscovites can also do this on

Sick leave is also issued by phone. You need to call the clinic you are assigned to or the hotline in your area. If you test positive for COVID-19, you will automatically be given a 14-day sick leave - even if you feel great.

In addition, if your child attended a kindergarten that was closed for quarantine, you can apply for a sick leave to care for the baby while he is at home. The calculation of the amount here is the same as for the care of sick children. But the quarantine period is not included in those 60 days, after which the benefits cease to be paid.

6. So I can always count on sick leave payments?

Alas, no, and this is specified in the law. For example, you, being on sick leave, for some reason decided to violate the regime prescribed by the doctor and left the hospital without permission or even left the city. Failure to appear for inspection without a valid reason on a certain day will also be a violation. The doctor is obliged to note this on your certificate of incapacity for work, and from the date of such a violation, the benefit will be considered based on the minimum wage, and not on your average daily earnings.

And if you went on sick leave due to an injury or illness caused by alcohol or drugs, then the accruals, taking into account the minimum wage, will be generally for all days.

In addition, you may not be paid if you do not provide sick leave to your employer. But you have 6 months for this.

So, follow the doctor's prescriptions, come to the appointment at the appointed time and be sure to close the sick leave. And then you will definitely get everything that you are supposed to.

With the policy "" from VSK Insurance House, you do not have to worry about the fact that you will not have time to make an appointment with a doctor at a convenient time. You can schedule an online appointment and talk to your doctor from the comfort of your home. In the mobile application or in your personal account on the website, you can get support from a therapist, narrow specialists and even a psychologist. This is real help that is provided in a comfortable environment.

As part of the policy, you can also take tests. The COVID-2019 test is worth taking if you use public transport every day or work in crowded places. And if you have a personal car or you work remotely, you can undergo a full-fledged laboratory diagnosis instead of a coronavirus test. VSK has prepared comprehensive programs for men and women.

7. What if I quit and immediately fell ill?

Incredibly, even former employees are entitled to paid sick leave! If you come down with SARS, an injury, or anything within 30 days of your dismissal, you are eligible for sickness benefits. And the reason for dismissal does not matter. Even if you lost your job to reduce staff, having received all the compensation due, you still have to pay the sick leave. And it is not at all necessary that you close it exactly during these 30 days. True, the amount of compensation is fixed here: 60% of your average daily earnings, but not less than the minimum wage (in terms of the period of illness).