12 tips to help you change your life for the better
12 tips to help you change your life for the better

From Do Not Disturb to a second blanket.

12 tips to help change your life for the better: recommendations from netizens
12 tips to help change your life for the better: recommendations from netizens

A new interesting one has appeared on Reddit. In it, users share tips that have helped them significantly improve their quality of life. Here are a dozen of the most popular comments.

1 … “You need to overcome yourself and understand that no one cares about what you do and how you look, as a rule, no one looks at you - and even if they do, what difference does it make to you? No one, except close people, will be able to understand how you live and why you do something, so why try to justify every action in front of strangers? When I started living this way, it became much easier for me to live. I just try to remain a good person and only care about the opinion of myself, my loved ones and my therapist”, -

2 … "Permanently put the smartphone in the" Do not disturb "mode with the admission of calls from contacts. It saved me from endless unwanted calls ", -

3 … "Finally buy a good kitchen knife" -

4 … “Stop hanging out with toxic friends. After years of communication, it can be difficult to accept that the person is not at all the same with whom you initially began to be friends. My childhood best friend grew up to be selfish and manipulative. We saw each other after work almost every day, and every time I felt disgusting. Everyone asked why I continued to communicate with him, and I constantly made up excuses. When I nevertheless found the strength to say goodbye to him, I realized that it should have been done 10 years ago,”-

5 … “Breathing exercises are important. Focus on deep breaths. Just 10 minutes is enough for my mood for the day to completely change , -

6 … “Take yoga. I'm not young anymore, but I started in 2005, when I was 56. I won't say that I am very good at it, but classes allow me to remain flexible. More importantly, thanks to yoga, I became much calmer and more peaceful , -

7 … “Sleep together? Buy separate blankets. You have no idea how much the quality of sleep improves if you do not wake up, because you are half pulled off the blanket. It is also a great solution if one of you prefers lighter blankets, while the other can sleep normally only under heavy ones."

8 … “Buying quality clothing that fits you well is worth it. You will finally stop suffering in the morning because this shirt does not fit well, on this stain, you were in this yesterday, and this one simply does not want to be worn. In the end, thoughts in the morning set the tone for the whole day , -

9 … “Use dental floss. No one advised me to do this, and as a child I did not go to the dentist, which I now greatly regret. Aging is not very pleasant anyway, but the realization that you have gotten dental problems that could have been avoided, and even worse,”-

10 … “Automate simple, routine tasks - for example, using macros. It may seem that the difference is small, but gradually you will realize that you are saving a lot of time , -

11 … “If you have animals, buy a robot vacuum cleaner. You don’t have to clean your fur every day, and that’s awesome.”

12 … "Start going to bed when you feel like it, and do not wait until lights out", -