Life hack: how to make drainage at a summer cottage
Life hack: how to make drainage at a summer cottage

He will save the house from subsidence in the rainy season and melting snow.

Life hack: how to make drainage at a summer cottage
Life hack: how to make drainage at a summer cottage

Drainage at the dacha collects sediments and groundwater and drains them in the right direction. The correct system will prevent soil from soaking and thereby protect the basement from flooding, and the foundation from subsidence.

The site will be freed from surface water by shallow ditches along the foundation. A layer of sand can be poured on the bottom, and plastic or concrete trays can be placed on top. In order for the system to protect against groundwater, these steps will be needed.

  1. Mark the location of the drainage ditches. They can run parallel to the foundation or diverge from it with a network diagonally. Drainage can be brought out to a well on the site, a reservoir, if there is one nearby, or into a specially installed drainage well.
  2. Dig trenches. The depth of the ditches should be about one and a half shovel blades. The rainfall should have a slope that will allow water to drain off and not accumulate.
  3. Lay out the geotextile layer. It will protect the drainage from the ingress of earth and sand - prevent the formation of silt. A margin of 20-30 centimeters should remain at the edges.
  4. Fill the bottom of the trenches with gravel, expanded clay or rubble. The layer is about 10 centimeters high.
  5. Lay the perforated pipe. This is an optional step for areas with high water tables. The pipes must be placed on top of the drainage material.
  6. Add a layer of sand. He must close the drainage material and the pipe, if any.
  7. Roll up the geotextile. The coating should be dense, without holes or gaps.
  8. Close the trenches. With soil and turf, fine gravel, grates or in another way.

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