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Not just for students. Why work at McDonald's will appeal to employees of all ages
Not just for students. Why work at McDonald's will appeal to employees of all ages


White salary, the ability to plan for the future and combine work with personal affairs, educational programs and other benefits.

Not just for students. Why work at McDonald's will appeal to employees of all ages
Not just for students. Why work at McDonald's will appeal to employees of all ages

1. Stability and security


has more than 800 enterprises in Russia. The company employs over 60 thousand people, making it the largest employer in the country's food industry.

Having settled in, you can be sure that your salary will be paid on time, you will be provided with leave and paid sick leave. The company complies with the requirements of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation - an agreement is concluded with each employee from the first day of his work. Students can take study leave to take exams. And if you are planning children, it will keep the job for you during parental leave.

Salary varies by region. For example, in Nizhny Novgorod, you can earn up to 35 thousand rubles before taxes, in St. Petersburg and Vladivostok - up to 43 thousand rubles. If you are in Moscow, you can apply for a salary of up to 51 thousand rubles before taxes.

2. Fast career growth

There are many stereotypes around career building. Someone is sure that it is impossible to achieve success after 40 years. Someone thinks that it is impossible to move up the career ladder without connections. And someone is convinced that you can get a good position only after having worked at the enterprise for ten years. These negative attitudes make it difficult to move forward, but many of them are far from reality.

All directors of enterprises once came to the company as ordinary workers and gradually moved up the career ladder. If desired and diligent, an employee can grow into a manager in just three months, and in six months - to an assistant director of a fast food company. Career building is available at any age, not just if you are looking for a summer job.

3. Flexible working hours


People no longer want to choose between work and family. They want to build a career, have a strong relationship and still leave time for hobbies. You don't have to choose. The company can be a great place for a student, for a young mother, and for an adult who is looking for a stable job.

The minimum shift lasts four hours. The employee can make a convenient schedule for himself: for example, on Monday work from 8 to 12.00, and on Tuesday, when there is an opportunity, from 10 to 18.00. And to save time and money on travel, you can choose an enterprise near your home or university. This will allow you to devote more time to personal matters: family, study or hobbies.

You can work more. Some businesses have an Any Full Time Opportunity program. In agreement with the restaurant director, an employee can take a shift from 7 am to midnight and receive a bonus. In Moscow and the Moscow region it is 10 thousand rubles before taxes, in other regions - up to 7, 5 thousand rubles.

4. Friendliness and openness

A friendly atmosphere is important in work, and this is by no means an empty phrase. Social Connections Affect To Be Happier at Work, Invest More in Your Relationships / Harvard Business Review on employee engagement, increase productivity, and protect against burnout.

We strive to create a comfortable and friendly atmosphere so that employees go to shifts with pleasure and make friends there. All employees can participate in the annual program "Growing Talents" - the best will go for an internship at the central office of the company and may even stay there to work.

The organization has a system of rewarding the best employees of the month. And employee-students can receive a personal scholarship to pay for their studies.

5. Educational opportunities


63% of workers cite the Study of Professional Motivation and Job Satisfaction / Hays the opportunity for professional growth and the development of new skills as the main intangible factor of motivation. Additional knowledge helps to be in demand as a specialist.

A training system has been developed that allows you to acquire the skills necessary for running a business and managing personnel. Before becoming a director of a company, a manager must complete 2,000 hours of courses. The company trains the future director in the basics of marketing, jurisprudence, financial literacy and the nuances of labor law. All employees have the opportunity to learn English.

You can get additional knowledge online and offline. Each employee chooses the intensity of training himself, depending on the time and desire.

6. Leadership development

The company pays special attention to the development of leadership qualities: strategic thinking, the ability to build a team, mentoring. Webinars are held twice a month for employees. For example, you might learn how to build a personal brand, negotiate, or become a top-notch public speaker.

To do this, we have created an online platform "". Collected here are webinars on the development of flexible skills that will help not only in work, but also in life. This year, the company implemented a scholarship program in which everyone, not just employees, could participate. As a result, 500 students received an award from 30 to 70 thousand rubles.

And every year the company holds a "", where top managers share the secrets of success, tell what tasks their department solves, and charge them with motivation.