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How to cool a room in hot weather?
How to cool a room in hot weather?

What to do if there is a real scorching heat outside the window.

How to cool a room in hot weather?
How to cool a room in hot weather?

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How to cool a room in hot weather?

Beimbet Balgarin

Collected some proven tips on how to get through the heat.

How to cool the room

1. Open all doors inside the house

To keep the rooms cool, air circulation is necessary. You can also turn on the fan. This will keep air moving and prevent sweat from accumulating.

2. Keep blinds or curtains closed

Up to 30% of the heat comes from the windows. Close your shutters, blinds or blackout curtains and you will immediately feel that it is much cooler. This is especially true for rooms with windows facing the sunny side.

3. Turn on the hood in the kitchen and bathroom

If you are taking a hot bath or cooking in the kitchen, be sure to turn on the hoods in these areas. They will help get rid of steam and hot air, and with this, additional degrees.

4. Open all windows at night

In the evening, the temperature usually drops slightly, and in some places the difference between the maximum and minimum temperatures can reach ten degrees. Do not miss the opportunity to take advantage of this and try to build up the night coolness for the first half of the day. To do this, open all the windows in the house at nightfall. You can even arrange a kind of wind tunnel with a draft. Just close the windows before sunrise, before the temperature starts to rise.

5. Humidify the indoor air

This can be done with a special moisturizer or using a regular spray. Spray water every 40 minutes. Just don't overdo it, too humid air can make things worse.

6. Make a long-term investment

Take some action ahead of time. For example, line your house with trees that will give shade, equip special awnings over windows, or at least buy modern heat-reflecting films - they create an effective heat shield for the room.

7. Buy an air conditioner

If the heat in your area is a constant phenomenon, then air conditioning is the simplest and most effective solution. Lifehacker has how to choose an air conditioner and out of 10 mobile devices that are suitable if you live in a rented apartment or just don't want to drill the walls.

How to cool yourself

1. Drink cold and wear light clothing

Our ancestors lived for thousands of years without any air conditioners and during this time have developed many ways to survive in hot weather. Just start cooling your body, not the room around you. Cold drinks, light and loose clothing, bandages on the head and wrists moistened with water are used.

2. Do not eat heavy foods

On especially hot days, it is better not to overeat and choose light food, so that the body does not have to intensively digest what has been eaten and generate additional energy.

3. Take a cool shower

A long cool shower or bath will help lower your core temperature. In the process, you will also get rid of the sweat and fat accumulated during the day, and this will allow your skin to breathe better.

4. Sleep without clothes

This makes it easier for the body to cool down. If you can't sleep without everything, choose 100% cotton clothes. This fabric allows the skin to breathe and wicks moisture away from it.