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Two De'Longhi gadgets to cook like a real chef
Two De'Longhi gadgets to cook like a real chef


These gifts will make life comfortable and turn every day into a holiday.

Two De'Longhi gadgets to cook like a real chef
Two De'Longhi gadgets to cook like a real chef

Together with we have chosen a cool technique for everyone who appreciates the taste of life.

Compact electric grill

  • Why: to cook steaks as good as in your favorite restaurant.
What to give an esthete: a compact electric grill
What to give an esthete: a compact electric grill

One device for different dishes

A grill pan, waffle maker, toaster and crepe maker can easily replace all of this and help save space in the kitchen. There is a possibility that for some time the owner of such a device, in principle, will forget about the existence of the stove. If you need it, it’s just to cook soup or pasta, and the rest will be easier and faster to grill.

De'Longhi Grill CGH1030D supports three operating modes. In contact grill mode, the food is sandwiched between two plates and fried on both sides at the same time. An open grill increases the grilling surface - you can cook on both plates at once. The grill oven is an option in case the lower part of the dish needs to be fried thoroughly, and the upper part only needs to be warmed up. For example, you can use this mode to warm up burger buns.

Using the grill, you can grill vegetables and different types of meat - even chicken, even cutlets for burgers. And also make pancakes for breakfast (it is convenient to bake several at a time on large plates), make Viennese waffles or reheat sausages for homemade hot dogs. De'Longhi Grill CGH1030D comes with three sets of interchangeable plates: for waffles, smooth for pancakes and scrambled eggs, and also grooved so that delicious stripes are obtained on sandwiches or steak.

By the way, about steaks: with such a grill, the meat will turn out tender even for a novice cook. Sear mode heats the plates to the maximum temperature and seals the juice inside the piece.

Personal chef in smartphone

Calculating the time for a perfect roast is a star problem. It is worth distracting for a few minutes, and instead of medium, it's already well done. You have to go to the tricks and first fry the steaks over high heat, and then bring them to readiness in the oven. But the grill is easier. The De'Longhi MultiGrill mobile app will tell you which mode and temperature to choose for meat or other products, depending on the number of portions and the desired degree of roasting. If there is no inspiration to come up with what will be for dinner today, the application will also help out with interesting recipes.

Convenient to cook and wash

Setting the table quickly for a family dinner or a party with friends is not a problem. It is convenient to prepare food even for a large company. For example, in the open grill mode, you can grill 12 chicken thighs at the same time or cook an impressive portion of seafood with vegetables. A separate heating element is inserted into each plate. It distributes heat over the entire surface to ensure that the dishes are cooked equally in the center and around the edges. Thanks to the autonomous heating of the plates, it is convenient to choose the right temperature for different products.

The grill is equipped with rubberized legs, so it will not slide on the table, and the handle remains cold even after prolonged use. Finally, after a large-scale cooking, you do not have to wash the entire kitchen: the fat flows into a special tray, and the non-stick plates can be easily washed by hand or in the dishwasher. The kit includes a spatula for cleaning the plates.

You can buy such a grill on Ozon - with a promotional code LIFEHACKER from February 20 to March 31, there is a 10% discount on it.

Automatic coffee machine

  • Why: so as not to waste time on trips to the coffee shop.
What to give an esthete: an automatic coffee machine
What to give an esthete: an automatic coffee machine

Drinks made just for you

A coffee machine is a great gift for a person who cannot imagine a morning without a portion of cappuccino and knows by heart the menu of all coffee houses in the area. Sorry, coffee shops, but now you can brew a fragrant drink at a personal barista who knows exactly what kind of coffee you like. All you need to do is select the coffee beans and indicate the type and degree of roast, and the Bean Adapt system will select the required amount of beans, determine the appropriate degree of grind and water temperature, which will allow you to extract the maximum taste.

In the morning every minute counts and the last thing you want to do is wait until the coffee is ready. With De'Longhi Primadonna Soul ECAM 610.75, you don't have to waste your time: the coffee machine can simultaneously prepare two portions of espresso at once. And you will not need to fiddle with the settings: the machine supports up to 5 user profiles and remembers the preferences of each family member.

Easy to manage and care for

With the De'Longhi Coffee Link app, you can give commands to the coffee machine from your smartphone. This opportunity is especially valuable in the morning: even from bed, select the appropriate parameters of the drink in the application, and when you get to the kitchen, a cup of hot coffee will already be waiting for you there.

When it's time to empty the grounds container, replace the water filter or descale, a reminder will appear on the display of the device and in the app. Milk and grounds containers, drip tray, pre-ground coffee funnel and beverage outlet attachments can be washed by hand or sent to the dishwasher. And with the Clean function after making a latte or cappuccino, it is easy to clean all parts that have come into contact with milk: the device will treat them with hot water and steam.

Coffee and more

If you want to experiment, in the De'Longhi Primadonna Soul ECAM 610.75 catalog you will find 21 ready-made recipes for coffee drinks. In addition to the standard espresso and Americano, there is, for example, a cortado with a frothed milk cap and Over Ice, a cold coffee drink with a rich taste.

The coffee machine can prepare a lightly frothy espresso drink directly for a large group. The set includes a carafe for coffee with a capacity of 1 liter. You can even brew tea with Primadonna Soul. She will select the appropriate water temperature, depending on the type of drink, in order to fully reveal its taste: 70 ° C for white tea, 80 ° C for green tea and from 90 to 100 ° C for black tea.

And one more pleasant thing: from February 20 to March 31, when you buy a coffee machine on Ozon, you will receive an electric grill as a gift. To pick it up, click on the button below and click on the box "There is a set!" on the product page.