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4 ways to get down to business when you don't feel like it
4 ways to get down to business when you don't feel like it

Do not expect the right mood or a surge of energy. You can stop procrastination without it.

4 ways to get down to business when you don't feel like it
4 ways to get down to business when you don't feel like it

1. Eliminate emotions from the equation

Procrastination often turns into a cycle. We avoid some tasks, anxiety increases, from this we again postpone things for later.

According to some psychologists, there are two main reasons for procrastination. Some people are focused on progress and progress and perceive tasks as goals. They usually procrastinate due to lack of motivation.

Other people focus more on maintaining their current position, income, and position. They see tasks as responsibilities and procrastinate with fear: what if something goes wrong and they lose money or time?

Both reasons stem from our emotions. We expect that someday the moment will come when we will have enough desire or strength to get down to business.

But the truth is, you don't have to want to get started to get started.

You can, for example, pre-assign the exact date and time in order to take at least the first steps towards solving the problem. This will remove emotions from the situation, and this requires only a little self-discipline.

2. Move by inertia

Along with the cycle of procrastination, there is a cycle of productivity. Once you start completing a task, it will become easier to return to it each time. And after completing it, it will be easier to move on to the next one, as self-confidence will increase.

If you learn to maintain momentum in this way, you can achieve impressive results. Investor Warren Buffett - one of the richest people in the world - increased his capital by more than 12 times between the ages of 32 and 44. He retained this inertia and increased his savings by more than 70 times from 44 to 56 years. Now his capital is over $ 80 billion.

3. Create a winning streak

Another way to combat procrastination is based on our unwillingness to interrupt our winning streak. Get yourself a calendar and mark each day when you've successfully completed the tasks you need.

If you want to put off work again for later, just take a look at the calendar. A visual display of the days when you managed to overpower yourself will give strength and desire to move forward. After all, as we know from Newton's first law, moving bodies tend to maintain their speed.

This method was used, for example, by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. Early in his career, when it was difficult for him to force himself to work, he began Jerry Seinfeld's Productivity Secret / Lifehacker to mark the days in which he managed to come up with new jokes. He is now one of the most successful comedians in the world.

4. Generate motivation

It is widely believed that motivation is one of the main ingredients for success. They say that productive people are constantly motivated, so they achieve great results.

But writer Jeff Hayden believes Motivation is Overrated - The Motivation Myth by Jeff Haden / Sarah Cy / Medium that motivation is a product of work. She appears after a few hours of hard work. The desire to achieve goals arises after we take the first steps and see the first results.

This is another reason to stop waiting for the right mood, inspiration or surge of strength. Take action - even small victories add up to major achievements and bring you closer to your chosen goal.