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3 habits that will help you do more
3 habits that will help you do more

Why is it important to plan even morning trips to the bathroom, and not to listen to the problems of others?

3 habits that will help you do more
3 habits that will help you do more

Time management is a great helper when it comes to improving health, productivity, or personal growth. Three simple habits can help you manage your time properly.

1. Make a checklist for the most important periods of the day

A checklist is a great time saver because it helps you keep everything under control. When compiling such a sheet, pay special attention to morning and evening - the periods that define the present and the next day.

Right after waking up, it's easy to waste time checking email and social media. Therefore, include in the checklist even the obvious things: brush your teeth, have breakfast, plan your day. Write down the 3-5 things you need to do first, no matter what.

2. Determine the desired result before taking on the job

Whatever you are working on, you need to know why you are doing it. A specific goal will allow you to clearly formulate actions to achieve it, without wasting time on secondary things. The desired result, albeit an approximate one, perfectly motivates to work.

3. Get rid of all unnecessary things

You've probably noticed that some people seem to suck out your energy, and some objects, smells and sounds, on the contrary, have a positive effect on your condition and work. Therefore, it is important to listen to yourself.

If something or someone is draining you, get rid of it.

For example, don't waste precious time listening to complaints from toxic people and restoring your peace of mind afterwards. Better to spend it for the benefit of yourself and your business.

Also, get rid of everything that brings imaginary pleasure, but in fact does not bring you closer to your goal. For example, a smoke break does not help to calm down and gain strength for a new jerk. It only takes up working time and is harmful to health.