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30 things to start a change for the better
30 things to start a change for the better

Changes in life take action, but sometimes you just don't know where to start. Here are 30 tips to help.

30 things to start a change for the better
30 things to start a change for the better

1. Be honest with yourself

Don't lie to yourself - both about what is right and what needs to be changed. Be honest with yourself about your accomplishments and who you want to become. Eliminate lying to yourself from all aspects of your life. Because you are the only person you can always count on.

Explore yourself to understand who you really are, without illusion or self-deception. Do this once, and then it will be easier for you to understand how you live, how you want to live and how to achieve it.

2. Don't be afraid of problems

Your problems do not characterize you. Your personality is determined by how you react to them and how you are used to dealing with them.

In most cases, problems don't get solved until you start doing something about them. You don't have to devote all your time to it - start doing something.

Tiny steps in the right direction are much better than no movement at all.

3. Spend time with the right people

The right people are the ones you enjoy communicating with. These are people who value you and support you on the right path. They make you feel alive and not only accept you for who you are in the present moment, but are ready to unconditionally accept who you want to become.

4. Make your happiness a priority

Your needs are very important. If you don't value yourself, don't look after yourself, and don't think your needs are important, you're only making life harder for yourself.

Remember, you can take care of yourself without neglecting the needs of others. And when your personal needs are met, you are much better able to help those who need your help.

5. Be yourself, honest and proud

If you try to be someone else, you are losing yourself. Stop it, feel free to be yourself. Embrace your personality filled with ideas, strength and beauty. Be who you feel, be the best version of yourself.

6. Learn to notice and live in the present moment

A miracle is happening right now. Now is the only moment in your life that you can be sure of. Now is life.

So stop thinking about what great things you will accomplish in the future and stop worrying about what you did or didn’t do in the past.

Learn to be in the here and now and experience life as it flows, without going back in your thoughts and without running ahead. Appreciate the world for its beauty right now.

7. Begin to appreciate the lessons to be learned from mistakes

Mistakes are normal; they are stepping stones to progress. If you are not mistaken, then you are not trying hard to achieve something and not learning.

Take risks, make mistakes, lose, fall, then get up and try again. Appreciate the fact that you push yourself forward, learn, grow, and correct your mistakes.

Significant achievements are almost always led by a winding path full of failures and falls. So the next mistake that you were so afraid to make may be associated with the greatest achievement of your entire life.

8. Be nice to yourself

If you had a friend who spoke to you the way you sometimes allow yourself to be spoken to in your mind, how long would you tolerate him? If you berate yourself mentally or even out loud, you are allowing other people to treat you the same way.

If you don't respect and love yourself, no one will do it.

9. Enjoy What You Have

Many people think that they will be happy if they reach a certain level in life - the level at which other people live, for example, the boss in a separate cool office or an acquaintance who built a mansion on the beach.

Unfortunately, this is not easy to achieve and will take time. And when you finally do this, you will come up with new achievements that are not enough to be happy. And so you will work all your life to achieve something new, while not enjoying the fruits of your labors at all.

Learn to relax and enjoy what you already have. You can do a little gratitude practice every morning - just think about what you have and feel grateful for it.

10. Learn to find happiness on your own

If you expect someone to make you happy, you are losing a lot. Just smile because you can. Choose happiness for yourself. Be happy with yourself, with who you are right now, and may your path to tomorrow be filled with positive.

Happiness is often found exactly when you decide to find it, and where you choose to do it.

So if you make the decision to find happiness in the present moment, chances are you will.

11. Give your ideas and dreams a chance

In life, there is rarely a chance, more often you yourself have to find it. You will never be completely sure that your idea will work, but you can be one hundred percent sure that if you do nothing, the idea will definitely not work.

In most cases, your ideas are worthy of trying to implement them. And it doesn't matter how it ends: success or another life lesson. You win anyway.

12. Believe that you are ready for the next step

You are already ready! Think about it. You already have everything you need for the next small step forward. So embrace the opportunities that are opening up to you and accept change. It is a gift that helps you grow.

13. Start building new relationships

Forge new relationships with reliable, honest people who respect you and accept your changes. Choose friends you will be proud of, people you admire and who will reciprocate your love and devotion. And pay great attention to what the person is doing. His actions matter more than his words and the opinions of others about him.

14. Give a chance to the people you meet

It sounds harsh, but you can't keep friends with everyone. People change, and so do priorities. While some relationships are a thing of the past, others are growing stronger.

Appreciate the opportunity to forge new relationships by ditching old ones that have served their purpose. Forge new relationships, realizing that you are stepping into unfamiliar territory.

Get ready to learn, be ready for challenges, and always be ready to meet someone who might just change your life forever.

15. Compete only with the past version of yourself

Be inspired by someone else's example, value other people, learn from them, but never compete with others. It's a waste of time.

You are constantly in competition with only one person - with yourself.

You compete to defeat yourself, to become even better. Set yourself the goal of breaking personal records over and over again - only this kind of competition will benefit you.

16. Learn to rejoice in other people's victories

Begin to notice what you like about other people and tell them about it. Recognizing that the people around you are wonderful leads only to good. So be happy for those who are making progress. Root for them, sincerely wish them victory, and sooner or later these people will start rooting for you.

17. Support yourself in difficult situations

When times are tough in your life, remember to cheer yourself up. Take a couple of deep breaths in and out and remind yourself that going through hard times will make you stronger.

Remember your victories and achievements, everything that is correct in your life. Concentrate on what you already have, not what is missing.

18. Learn to forgive yourself and others

Everyone has ever been hurt by their wrong decisions or by the actions of other people. And while it is normal to feel painful about such an experience, sometimes the suffering is too prolonged. We experience this pain over and over again and this only prolongs the unpleasant period in life.

The only cure for this is forgiveness. And this does not mean that you erase the past or forget about what happened. This means that you allow resentment and pain to disappear and leave this event in your memory as a useful life experience, nothing more.

19. Start caring for others

Show concern for others, show them the right path, if you know it. The more you help others, the more they help you. Love and kindness always return.

20. Listen to your inner voice

If this helps, discuss your ideas with loved ones, but make the final decisions based on your intuition. Be honest with yourself, say what you must, and do what your heart tells you.

21. Monitor your stress levels

Calm down, breathe deeply. Stop and redistribute your forces in order to then move forward again with a clear understanding of the goal.

When you're overwhelmed with work, a little respite can refresh your mind and boost your productivity. In addition, taking short breaks gives you the opportunity to look back and assess whether all of your actions were aimed at achieving a goal.

22. Begin to notice the beauty of small things

Instead of waiting for big events like weddings, childbirths, promotions or winning the lottery.

Look for happiness in small moments, seemingly insignificant things that happen every day.

A cup of aromatic coffee in the early morning, delicious toast and the smell of homemade food; the happiness of sharing the moment with those you love; the joy of holding your partner's hand. Learn to notice these little pleasures and your life will be much more enjoyable.

23. Learn to Accept Imperfections

Remember, perfect doesn't mean good. One of the biggest challenges for people who want to improve themselves and the whole world is learning to accept things as they are.

Sometimes it is much better to accept the world and people as they are, rather than trying to fit them into incredible ideals. This does not mean that you need to settle for a mediocre life, abandoning any changes. It's just that sometimes it's worth accepting things even when they're not perfect.

24. Move towards your goals every day

Whatever you dream about, start getting closer to it, without missing a single day. Every little step, little action, and achievement brings you closer to your goal.

Many of us at least once in our life think about the need to follow our vocation, but only a few really begin to work on it. To work on this means to gradually and steadily move towards the ultimate goal.

25. Be open about your feelings

If you are suffering, give yourself time to get over it. But do not close and do not try to drive your suffering into the far corner of your consciousness. Talk to loved ones, tell them the truth about how you feel, let them listen to you. This simple way of letting your feelings out will be the first step to getting through suffering and feeling good again.

26. Take charge of your life

Accept your choices and mistakes and be ready to correct them. If you don't take responsibility for your life, someone else will, and then you will become a slave to other people's ideas and dreams, instead of being a pioneer on your own path.

You are the only person who can control the consequences of your actions. Yes, it will not always be easy, each of us will have many obstacles. But you must take responsibility for any situation in your life and overcome these obstacles.

27. Actively Maintain the Most Important Relationships

Bring honesty and real joy to your relationships with the people you love - just tell them how much they mean to you, and do it regularly. You may not mean much to all people, but to some you are everything.

Decide for yourself who these people are and take care of them as the greatest treasure.

Remember, you don't need a certain number of friends - you need friends that you have confidence in.

28. Focus on what you can control

You cannot change everything, but you can always influence something. Spending your energy, talent, and emotions on things that are beyond your control is the best way to feel powerless and frustrated. Therefore, direct your energies only to those things that you can change.

29. Focus on opportunities and positive outcomes

Before a person can do something, he must believe that he can do it. A great way to avoid negative thoughts and destructive emotions is to generate positive emotions, which are much more powerful.

Listen to your internal dialogue and change negative thoughts and attitudes to positive ones. Regardless of how the situation unfolds, focus on what you want and then take the next step forward.

You cannot control everything that happens to you, but you can control your reaction to what is happening. The life of any person includes positive and negative moments, and your happiness and success in life depends on which moments you focus on.

30. Realize How Rich You Are Right Now

American writer Henry David Thoreau once said: "Wealth is the ability to fully experience life."

In difficult times, it is very important to see all the good that you have.

You don't go to bed hungry, you don't have to spend the night outside, you have a choice of what to wear, you are unlikely to sweat all day and not spend a minute in fear.

You have unlimited access to clean drinking water and medical care. You have internet access, you can read.

Many in our world will say that you are damn rich, so be grateful for everything you have.