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10 questions that will change your life
10 questions that will change your life

Even if you don't find the answers right away, the very questions asked at the right time can change you, reassure you, or give you support.

10 questions that will change your life
10 questions that will change your life

1. Who do I spend time with?

If a child is friends with peers who do not strive for anything, we believe that he himself will not achieve anything in life. But for some reason, we do not take into account that this also applies to adults. If your buddies tolerate unloved jobs or lead unhealthy lifestyles, you too are likely to make similar decisions. Think about your friends and colleagues: do they inspire and support you, or, on the contrary, pull you down?

The same applies to what you read, see what you think about. Over time, our life begins to resemble our environment, so choose it carefully.

2. Can I influence this?

According to Epictetus, the main task of a philosopher is to distinguish between what he can control and what cannot.

We usually spend a huge amount of time on something that does not depend on us in any way. We can control our actions, thoughts, feelings. There are no other people, weather, external events. But the attitude towards people, weather and external events is quite amenable to our control. By learning to discern this, you will no longer be upset about what is not in your control.

3. What does my ideal day look like?

Without knowing this, you simply cannot build your schedule in a way that makes you comfortable. Think back to the most enjoyable days of your life. What did you do? Ideally, your work, personal life, home should help you live as many days as possible.

Lead a lifestyle that allows you to be yourself, rather than constantly pretending to be someone else.

4. To be or to do?

Such a question was asked by the military strategist John Boyd to his potential assistants. Which path will you choose? Will you strive for success or will you focus on a higher goal? Are you fixated on your job title, fan base, salary, or focus on what really matters? What have you chosen so far?

5. What do I miss when I spend time worrying and fearing?

Various life problems cause us sadness, anxiety, fears. The only way to cope with these problems is to try to keep those feelings in check. So the next time you notice that you are immersed in negative emotions, remind yourself of the high price paid for them. After all, being distracted by them, you miss something important.

6. Am I doing my job?

Do you even know what this case is? You can work tirelessly, to the point of exhaustion, and still not do your job. We often delve into small matters, do someone else's work, or just procrastinate. All this creates a feeling of being busy, but does not bring us closer to what is important to us.

7. What is most important to me?

If you don't know what is important to you, you cannot know if you are giving it enough time and energy. Whatever it is - family, money, work - you must know and accept it. Only then will you stop comparing yourself to people who have completely different priorities. Only then can you abandon the race for "success" and achieve that state of calm that Seneca called "the certainty that you are on the right track and do not get lost, looking at the footprints of people crossing your path."

8. Who is it for?

If you create something, sell something or try to attract people, you should definitely know the answer to this question. You need to know your audience. Think, “What do these people want? What do they want? What can I offer them? Don't rely on luck. Ask this question and try to find a clear answer.

9. Is it really that important?

Given the transience of life, does what I think, worry, argue about really matter? Unfortunately, most often the answer is no.

Remember to ask yourself this question to avoid wasting time. Take the example of Marcus Aurelius and remind yourself that at this very moment you can die. Let this determine your actions, thoughts and words.

10. Am I who I want to be?

We are what we do. So as you do something, ask yourself, “Does this reflect the kind of person I want to be? How do I see myself?"

How we do one thing speaks to how we do everything else, about who we are. Therefore, try to ask yourself with every action, every thought, every word, whether this corresponds to who you want to be.