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New Android Apps and Games: The Best of August
New Android Apps and Games: The Best of August

The most interesting and useful news on Google Play this month.

New Android Apps and Games: The Best of August
New Android Apps and Games: The Best of August


1. MelonDS

MelonDS is an emulator of the famous Nintendo DS pocket console. She, by the way, still has a lot of fans. The program allows you to run most ROMs ever made for NDS. The application has the ability to save the state of the game to resume play later, as well as a dark theme and customizable virtual buttons.

2. SwirlWalls

A very curious application with interactive wallpapers. SwirlWalls draws a variety of abstract spiral patterns on the screen that rotate when you touch its surface. If you want to make your smartphone look more stylish and unusual, try installing this program.

3. Tweet2Pic

When you flip through Twitter and come across a very funny tweet, you may have a natural urge to post it on your social media page or send it to all your friends to laugh with you. Tweet2Pic allows you to copy a tweet as a picture so you can post it anywhere without any problems. If necessary, you can turn the screenshot into dark mode or hide the attachments to the original tweet.

4. Tilla

Today, by subscription, we can get everything we want: music, movies, TV shows, games, cloud storage and much more. Tilla is a beautiful and sophisticated application for managing services that require a fee. Very useful to control costs. The program has a simple but nice interface and does not contain ads.

5. Noto

Noto is a simple note-taking program, which, however, has several significant advantages over similar applications. Firstly, it does not require registration and stores all your records in the smartphone's memory, without trying to send data to remote servers. This is important for those who care about privacy.

Second, Noto is open source, so it is more trustworthy than proprietary applications. And, finally, the program has a beautiful interface, a good text editor, built-in search and the ability to organize notes in multi-colored folders.

6. Smart Cursor

A very useful app - especially for those with small hands. Install it, grant all the necessary permissions, and then swipe from the bottom right edge of the display. And a cursor will appear, which can be used to control the Android interface where you cannot reach with your thumb. This is very convenient when you hold your smartphone with one hand.

7. BitCodept

There are a dime a dozen QR code scanners on Google Play, but BitCodept stands out due to its user-friendliness and nice interface. It looks simple but stylish. The program is ad-free and absolutely free. It not only decodes the QRs you captured, but also saves them for the future so that they do not get lost. In addition, BitCodept is able to generate its own codes for any text that you enter.

BitCodept - QR Code Scanner DrBros Dev



1. Unimime

A platformer with a very peculiar physics. You play as a stereotypical mime clown who rides his unicycle. The problem is that he does this not on solid ground, but on the rooftops of some cartoon city with an atmosphere reminiscent of Paris. Mime constantly strives to fall somewhere and manages to be smashed to death even in situations where you would not have received an abrasion. The game is addictive but challenging and requires a fair sense of balance.

Unimime - Unicycle Madness Roflcopter Ink GmbH


2. PIPES: Zen Garden

A minimalist puzzle in which you place pipes so that they supply water to withering plants. The task is complicated by the fact that the number of moves is limited. A great way to kill time on public transport.

PIPES: Zen Garden


3. Antiyoy Online

An addicting strategy game with simple graphics and simple rules. But in order to win in it, sometimes you have to really strain your head. You must conquer lands on a procedurally generated map, establish an economy, build farms and recruit troops to defeat enemy forces. There are two versions of the application: Antiyoy for playing against the computer and Antiyoy Online, where you will have to compete with people. The first one should be installed in order to practice.

Antiyoy yiotro


Antiyoy Online Yiotro