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What things in the house need to be disinfected first
What things in the house need to be disinfected first

These items are fraught with special danger during the coronavirus epidemic.

What things in the house need to be disinfected first
What things in the house need to be disinfected first

1. Smartphone

You are constantly touching your smartphone - at home, at work, on the street. And it is quite possible that even this article you are reading from him.

Researchers found Cellular Telephone as Reservoir of Bacterial Contamination: Myth or Fact, Study of bacterial flora associated with mobile phones of healthcare workers and non-healthcare workers that there are almost more bacteria and viruses on the phone than on the toilet seat (because the latter is cleaned more often). Therefore, even if you wash your hands thoroughly, following all the instructions, your efforts will be nullified as soon as you touch the smartphone.

So it should be disinfected first. And you need to do this as often as possible. Scientists recommend using a napkin moistened with a solution of alcohol and water in a 2: 3 ratio for disinfection.

2. Keyboard


You most likely touch the keyboard regularly. But she, too, can Are There More Bacteria on Computer Keyboards Than Toilet Seats? be a collector of viruses and germs, especially if you are not using the computer alone.

The keyboard is full of nooks and crannies that are difficult to reach with an alcohol napkin. Use our guide to disassemble and clean it properly. Most importantly, do not forget to disconnect it from the computer first.

You can also remove crumbs and dust with compressed air, but for normal disinfection you need to wipe the surface with a cloth with 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. Just be sure to make sure that no liquid leaks into the keyboard.

3. Door handles and switches

We used to laugh at people who don't like to touch doorknobs. Now we understand that they were right all this time. According to Viruses Live on Doorknobs and Phones and Can Get You Sick-Smart Cleaning and Good Habits Can Help Protect You by Joseph Eisenberg, professor of epidemiology at the University of Michigan, it is quite possible to become infected by touching a dirty doorknob, cabinet door or switch.

Clean them with disinfectant wipes, paying special attention to the knobs and switches in the toilet and bathroom, because this is where we usually rush when we first return from the street.

4. Toilet flush button

Toilet flush button
Toilet flush button

Yes, the flush button on the toilet is the thing that family members touch many times every day, without washing their hands before. Not worth the risk, disinfect her too. This is how Dr. Chrissy Woods, an epidemiologist and infection prevention specialist at Mount Sinai Medical Complex in New York, advises How to Clean Your Home for Coronavirus.

5. Mixer handles

When we come home and start washing our hands, we somehow need to turn on the water, so that we still touch the valves or handles with dirty fingers. Unless, of course, a mixer with a motion sensor is used.

Therefore, after you return from the street and wash your hands, it does not hurt to disinfect the mixer and then wash your hands again. So Coronavirus FAQs recommend: What’s ‘Flattening The Curve’? Should I Travel? Dr. Mark Gendroe, chief physician at Beverly Hospital in Massachusetts, and Tanya Busch Isaksen, occupational health specialist from the University of Washington.

6. Pillows and stuffed toys

As a rule, we go to bed quite clean and undressed (or at least dressed in pajamas). But on the sofa in the living room, we can easily flop in street clothes when we return home tired.

This means that pillows and stuffed animals lying on the couch should also not be ignored: wash them more often in hot water using a disinfectant for washing.

7. Desktop


Now that many of us work remotely, it is important to keep our workplace clean. Clean the table surface with a disinfectant spray, then wipe it down. Think about the things you touch most often - drawer handles, organizers, and other items - and be sure to disinfect them too.

8. TV remote and game controllers

The more time you spend at home due to quarantine, the more you watch TV shows and play games. Therefore, disinfect your TV remote and your console gamepads, if you have one. Remove the batteries from the device, then wipe it with a clean cloth dampened with 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. Carefully clean the buttons with a cotton swab with the same solution.


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